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January 7, 2011

Besties + Snow = Hello Weekend!

Why hello, my dears...
Having a good Friday? My goodness, let me just tell you what, this girl couldn't be more ready for a relaxing weekend! Who's with me?!

{Doesn't girl power feel good?! }

Naturally, a visual summary of my weekend for you...

Oh goodness, as you can tell I am in one antsy, squirrely, read-for-the-stinkin'-weekend mood! As the day has gone by, I have identified some good and not-so-good tidbits to share...

{ Not-so-good }

+ no calls from my neurologist
+ still worrying about test results
+ a massive weekend snow storm may prevent my bestie from coming to visit
+ no coffee for me this morning
(no idea how I made it through the morning)
+ work Biggest Loser contest starts Tuesday
(last chance for junk food for 3 months)

{ Mmm mm good }

+ it's Friday
+ Monday is a PTO day for me... hello long weekend!
+ payday popcorn
(every payday, we break out the popcorn machine to celebrate... love my job!)
+ post-work outing with the work girls
+ BF time... *swoon*
+ bestie JUST text me saying nothing will stop her from coming tomorrow!
+ good friend's bday dinner Saturday
+ snow
+ girly movies
+ wine and cheese night
+ trying new restaurants
+ r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g

Yes, I am ready for another amazing weekend {first big snow!} with a handful of my favorites! What are you up to this weekend?



  1. Yay for long weekends, and yay for popcorn Fridays! My company does popcorn on Fridays too! I hope you have a fabulous weekend.


  2. Well the good definitely outweigh the bad - have a great weekend!

  3. We have a long weekend, too! Enjoy it! I'm praying that the Lord gives you peace sweet friend! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You guys are great - thank for the sweet encouragement! Mucho amor!

  5. Sounds like your gonna have a BLAST this weekend! Im taking it easy...I need a break! LOL!
    Been praying for you! Hope you get the results back that you want!

  6. Hey Meg! I've stopped over from the LBS - your blog is adorable! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend and that the results turn out to be good. Wine and cheese night sounds fab, enjoy! Kat (your newest subscriber~).

  7. That sounds like the most fun job ever! :)

    Love that you post the "not so good" first, so you can focus on the positive last. :) Good for you!


  8. hiya! Lovely little blog you have here...I am your newest follower...and i'm not following just because we have the same name...ok..maybe that plays a part..but not entirely.. :)

    visiting from Across The Pond,

  9. I hope your weekend turned out amazing! That popcorn thing at work is such a cute idea!


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