January 26, 2011

Be My Valentine - Blog Gift Swap!

Get ready for some fun, gal pals!
After hosting the super awesome Mitten Mixer mitten swap in December, I figured it was time for us to have a little Valentine's Day fun! Who wants to join me for my Be My Valentine blog gift swap? I knew you would be excited!!


.:: About Be My Valentine ::.

Sign-up, get matched w/ a buddy, shop for a valentine care package, and swap via mail!

1) Interested? Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to be elligible.

2) Leave a comment below that includes your first name and e-mail address.

3) Also in your comment leave at least 5-10 "favorites" of yours.

Example: Meg's Faves

- Candy/Snacks:
Dark chocolate anything, Clif or Luna Bars, healthy snacks

- Magazines:
InStyle, Cooking Light, Glamour, Real Simple, Martha Stewart

- Colors:
YELLOW!, green, pink

- Hobbies:
Baking, cooking, working out, dancing, crocheting

- Girly things:
Nail polish, lip gloss, lip balm, home decor, face masks

4) I will send your buddy's e-mail address to you via your provided e-mail address. You then can exchange mailing address information once you're in contact.

5) Shop for your valentine goodies {price max: $15} and send your buddy's valentine by February 7th.

Sign-up closes on Monday, January 31st @ Noon (CST)!


.:: Pretty Please ::.

Spread the word about the [Life of Meg] Be My Valentine gift swap! We want as many people as possible to join us in spreading the love! The picture above or the button below is for your use in a post or on your sidebar. Please add a link directly to this blog post so that your friends can easily join us in the fun!


So who's totally excited?!
I know I am! I already have a vision of the super cute valentine gift that I want to buy/send to the buddy I get matched up with! Valentine's Day isn't just for significant others! My prayer is that the Be My Valentine blog gift swap helps spread love to anyone and everyone!

Lots o' Love!


  1. Sign ME up too!

    Name: Meg

    E-mail: megnificentlife@gmail.com


    - Candy/Snacks:
    Dark chocolate anything, Clif or Luna Bars, healthy snacks

    - Magazines:
    InStyle, Cooking Light, Glamour, Real Simple, Martha Stewart

    - Colors:
    YELLOW!, green, pink

    - Hobbies:
    Baking, cooking, working out, dancing, crocheting

    - Girly things:
    Nail polish, lip gloss, lip balm, home decor, face masks

  2. me!!!!!

    blogginginpa@ gmail.com

    -candy: choc with caramal or mint,(please no conversation hearts- I think they are gross tasting!). Snacks: ??? surprise me!

    -magazines: food/cooking, working out, fashion

    -colors- blue & purple

    -hobbies- watching tv/movies, cooking, photography, wine

    -other- starbucks! nail polish, house things, I dont know surprise me! cutesy valentines day stuff for my house?

  3. ok Im gonna talk about this in a post instead of the sidebar button because when I tried to post the button it came out GIANT on my blog!!

  4. I would love to join the swap!
    Name: Chas
    Email: awomanshaven@hotmail.com

    Candy/Snacks: Luna Bars (chocolate peppermint <3), varieties of trail mix,biscotti for dipping in my coffee, anything carmel

    Magazine: Better Homes & Garden, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Romantic Homes, Country or Cottage Living, most decor mags...Where Women Cook, Somerset Life...old issues are great also.

    Colors: Red, Robins egg blue, turquoise, white, black, pink,

    Hobbies: Photography, Crafting, Cooking, Collecting beachy stuff {shells, beach glass, stones}, reading & handmade bookmarks.

    <3 Look forward to finding out my partner

  5. WOO HOOOOO! Gift swap. SO EXCITED!

    Sign me up, girlfriend. I've been waiting on this post all morning!


    Alrighty, let's see...

    Snacks: dark chocolate, for sure. anything with peanut butter. healthy snacks, too.

    Magazines: Any gossip mag, Women's Health, Cosmo, any decorating/cooking mag.

    Colors: pink, yellow, turquoise, black...really any color :) love anything bright!

    Hobbies: working out, baking, reading, painting, is wine a hobby? haha

    Randoms... I love OPI nail polish... I love anything really :)


  6. Looks like fun!!!
    Name: Jami

    E-mail: jami.bowling83@gmail.com


    - Candy/Snacks:
    Skittles, Snickers, Chex Mix, Cashews, any chewy candy

    - Magazines:
    Martha Stewart, People, any good recipe mags!

    - Colors:
    pink, green

    - Hobbies:
    Cooking, reading, walking, collecting cute stuff for my house

    - Girly things:
    Nail polish, lip gloss, lip balm, eye shadow...anything really!!

    I love surprises and surprising people...this will be fun!

  7. YAY! The mitten swap was so fun and I use my mittens like every day! :)


    - Candy/Snacks:
    Swedish Fish, Luna Bars, Peanut Butter M&Ms

    - Magazines:
    Yoga Journal, Allure, InStyle

    - Colors:
    Purple, green

    - Hobbies:
    Working out, reading, ice skating

    - Girly things:
    Nail polish, Softlips, face masks, deep conditioners

  8. Sign Me Up!!! (Boy, I'm nervous!)


    SweetTarts/Reese's Peanut Butter Cups/Chex Mix





  9. Sounds like fun! I'm in. I did the mitten swap and loved it.

    Venassa - thebestdays@live.ca

    - Candy/Snacks:
    Any chocolate or candy - just no fruit or black candy.

    - Magazines:
    Redbook, any decor magazines, scrapbooking

    - Colors:
    Pink, blue, purple

    - Hobbies:
    Scrapbooking, reading, writing, photography,

    - Girly things:
    Lipgloss, eyeshadows

  10. This sounds like fun!

    Rachel - alifesolovely@gmail.com

    - Candy/Snacks:
    Dark chocolate & sour gummies

    - Magazines:
    Real Simple, Self, and other work out/health mags

    - Colors:
    Yellow, Pink, Blue

    - Hobbies:
    Reading, Blogging, Scrapbooking, crocheting, cooking

    - Girly things:
    I love nail polish, coffee, and unique jewelry

  11. Yay! I missed the mitten swap so I'm so glad I caught this one!

    Name: Natasha
    Email: messier.7@gmail.com

    Candy/Snacks: Reese's pb eggs/cups, key lime biscotti, Swedish fish, Luna and Clif bars, Skittles, healthy snacks, dark chocolate, milk chocolate with mint, caramel, peanut butter/nuts, fruit.

    Magazines: Real Simple, Martha Stewart, any cooking magazines (Cooking Light, Cooks Illustrated), decorating magazines.

    Colors: Red!, purple, turquoise

    Hobbies: Cooking, baking, reading, spending time in nature, bicycling/working out

    Girly things: Nail polish, face masks, deep conditioners, lip gloss, lip balm

    I like animals especially dogs

    I'm very excited! :)

  12. Omg, I LOVE this idea!


    M&Ms, Andes Mints, Gummy Worms

    Gardening mags, People

    Pink, Purple

    Reading (love books!), gardening, cooking

    -Girly Things/Other:
    Lip Gloss, Starbucks, Earrings, Anything sparkly :)

  13. This sounds like fun! I'm already involved in another swap that week but I couldn't pass this up! I'd love to join :)

    D - Simplymedb@blogspot.com

    Candy/Snacks: Anything peanut butter & sour watermelons

    Real Simple, Martha Stewart

    - Colors:
    Red & Purple

    - Hobbies:
    Baking, cooking, scrapbooking, puzzles (I know, such a nerd!), reading

    - Other:
    Lip gloss, cute post it's/notepads for work, surprise me :)

    Can't wait to find out who i'm parterned with!

  14. I already signed up for one V-day Swap, but you can never have too many swaps! :)

    Ashlee ouashlee@gmail.com

    Anything Chocolate with something inside of it (caramel, nuts!). I'm always looking for new yummy healthy snacks.

    Anything with recipes, Real Simple, Martha Stewart

    Pink and Yellow!

    Things I <3:
    Football, Running, Cooking, Reading, Cupcakes, Office Supplies, My Chihuahua, Anything Sparkly, and Surprises!

  15. I'm so in!! I love this idea my dear bff! I'll blog about it tomorrow. You know my e-mail : )

    Reece's, cheese-its

    Real Simple, Romantic Homes, InStyle

    WHITE!!, soft gray, light green or blue, cream

    decorating, shopping, searching for vintage home decor things, blogging, writing

    I love candles, body lotion and any beauty product that's all-natural, especially if it's lavender or rosemary scented : )

  16. I love it! This is going to be so fun! Is it ok to just list some favorite things? :)

    Erin Ward - erinellenward@hotmail.com

    Some favorites: notecards, kitchen utensils, bookmarks, cute flats (size 10), dove chocolate, actually - any chocolate, anything cupcake related, fiction books, nail polish, People magazine, anything with polka dots, or just surprise me! Yay! :)

  17. What an awesome idea, I'm in although I live abroad, so I will be happy to send a gift, but my buddy must be patient because I doubt it will be by Valentine's... I'll try my best!

    Mariasol Danziger-mariasolha@yahoo.com

    Candy/Snacks: dark chocolate, luna bars, exotic flavored teas.

    Magazines: Bon Appettit, Shape, Traveler, Islands.

    Colors: Red, blue or brown.

    I love: coffee, dogs, cats, the beach, scuba diving, crochet amigurumi, photography, nail polish, post cards.

  18. hehe....me Me ME!!

    Joanna Sterrett

    LOVE:- Anything Dark Chocolate,Snickers,and swedish fish.
    - Bridal Mag. and Organization Mag.
    - Colors are: Hot Pink,Lime Green, and Vintage Yellow
    - I love anything vintage!
    - Bling Jewelry and Big earings!
    - Nail polish, jounals, stationary

    whatever is really fine!

  19. Yes please!! My email is deviledmegsmail (at) gmail.com

    Snacks: any sort of "gummy" candy - bears, worms, cherries. Sugar candies like sweetarts, jelly beans, etc.
    Colors: pink, yellow, green
    Hobbies: baking, cooking, drinking wine (sometimes drinking WHILE cooking and baking)
    I love nail polish, face masks and all those "girly things"... I love anything really :)

  20. Hi Meg! I'm a new follow from FTLOB. Your page is so pretty and I love the Vday Swap you're doing :) Hope you'll come visit!


  21. This sounds like so much fun, I'd love to join!


    Candy/Snacks: anything chocolate, sour patch kids
    Magazines: cosmo, instyle, vogue
    Colors: turquoise, yellow, red, any color
    Hobbies: working out, reading, photography
    Girly Things: lip gloss, scarfs, earrings, starbucks, home decor

  22. This is so fun Meg! If I wasn't already doing two other swaps, I would definitely sign up. Next time!

  23. sounds like lots of fun! My first Bloggy Gift Swap! WooHoo!

    here's my info:

    Bernadette - Bern425@aol.com


    - Candy/Snacks:
    chocolate and I have a serious addiction to sweettarts & gummy bears :)

    - Magazines:
    InStyle, Redbook, Glamour, Real Simple

    - Colors:
    Red, blue, browns (earthy tones)

    - Hobbies:
    reading, writing, shopping!!!

    - Other things I love:
    books, lip gloss, cute stationary, notepads, note cards or notebooks, colored gel pens, starbucks, yummy scented body lotion, scented candles, cheesecake & cupcakes :)

    Bernadette - http://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com

    BTW I'm a new follower of the blog Meg - love it! So excited I found you & get to start off with some fun!

  24. Sign me up:
    Jana www.adoctorandanurse.com adoctorandanurse@gmail.com


    Candy/Snacks: dieting so keep it light but I do like wasabi almonds. Yum!

    Color: Everything pink.

    Magazines, Victoria, Romantic Homes

    Hobbies: reading, digital scrapbooking, photography, healthy cooking

    Other stuff: earrings, scarves, starbucks, organizers, recipe cards, pretty smelling lotion, glittery stuff

  25. Hi Meg ~
    I'm probably the oldest 'girly gal' to sign up for this swap, but it sounds like so much fun. I enjoy putting together swaps/gifts/pkgs for other people, as well as receiving surprises in the mail.

    Victoria ~ varesh@iu12.org

    Candy/Snacks ~ swedish fish, jelly bellies, gummy bears & biscotti

    Magazines ~ People and Victoria

    Colors ~ white, cream, tan, gray

    Hobbies ~ reading on Kindle, blogging, making shabby vintage greeting cards

    Girly things & stuff ~ silver hoop earrings, scarves, Starbucks, Post It Notes, surprises!!!

  26. This looks like so much fun!!

    My name is Erin and my email is ebarrett1022@gmail.com

    Erin's Faves!

    Reese's Holiday Specials (like the hearts or Christmas trees or pumpkins etc.) gummy bears!

    Magazines: Redbook, Cooking Light, Real Simple, US Magazine, People, and Cosmopolitan

    Colors: Royal Purple is my favorite but I also love emerald green and magenta

    Hobbies: cross stitching, blogging, baking, cooking, reading, and playing Boggle or Hidden Object games on the computer

    Girly Things: Lip Gloss or Balm, Hair Twist Ties, any kinds of clean/fruity/fresh smelling lotions or body washes (I don't have a sense of smell so I love anything) face masks, or anything to help for rough dry "winterized" feet

  27. So fun!


    - Candy/Snacks:
    Butterfinger, Oreos, Starburst, marshmallows

    - Magazines:
    Any gossip mag, Martha Stewart, home/decor

    - Colors:
    Green, pink, teal, orange, purple - I like 'em all :)

    - Hobbies:
    Photography, baking, crafts, reading, shopping

    - Things I love:
    Penguins, owls, Starbucks, office supplies (random, I know!), cupcakes, vintage stuff, Sephora

  28. Thanks to Heather Davis I've found and fell in love with your blog! Sign me up!


    -candy/snacks: dark chocolate, russel Stover's marshmallow heart, Branch's valentines message hearts

    -magazines: any celebrity trash magazines :)

    -colors: pink, green, yellow, purple and orange

    -hobbies: basketball, spin, outdoor activities, music (aka iTunes), shopping and cooking

    -girly things: nail polish, nail polish, and nail polish...oh ya...lip gloss too!

  29. SO excited for this!

    Candy/Snacks: Mentos, Butterfingers, Skittles that come in the blue bag, cookies, chocolate cake, Chex Mix

    Magazines: Runner's World, Real Simple

    Colors: Orange, Pink, Blue

    Hobbies: running & marathoning, ballet, Broadway shows, going to the beach, bible study/devotions, reading, watching baseball, all things New York City, and these days all things pregnancy :)

    Girly things: painting my nails, tiaras (think Miss America <33), high heels (yes, even while 6 months pregnant), smell-good lotions and perfumes (especially fruity/citrus ones), necklaces

  30. Oh and email address is chlooeee@gmail.com! Thanks for hosting this Meg! :]

  31. I would love to be a part of this swap.
    Here's my favs:

    - Candy/Snacks: chocolate with almonds, hazelnuts or macademias (hard finding these around), like rich chocolates, like truffles, chocolate mint

    - Magazines: Women's Day, Cosmopolitan, anything crafty related, Taste of Home

    - Colors: green, blue, deep purple

    - Hobbies: arts and crafts, do a lot of paper crafts, baking/cooking, trying to be better at that,

    - Other things: vintage looking jewelry, pretty embroidered hankies, earrings, love vintage things.

    I love swaps, this is the 3rd Valentines swap I've signed up for. I love putting together packages to send to partners. I usually have them done and sent out ahead of time. I love seeing what other people interpret from these questionnaires and send me too.
    I can't wait to get started.
    Email: weinkermeyer@hotmail.com
    blogs: http://www.weinkswonders.blogspot.com/ everyday life and
    http://thefrogprincess-ww.blogspot.com/ my art blog

  32. I'm SOOOOOOOO in!!!

    - Candy/Snacks:
    Charleston Chews and Reese's Cups

    - Magazines:
    Fine Gardening, Cooking Light, Real Simple

    - Colors:
    Eggplant, Robin's Egg Blue, White, Greens

    - Hobbies:
    DIY, gardening, learning to love working out :)

    - Girly things:
    Nail polish, lip gloss, lip balm, home decor, face masks...oh yes all of this and more :)

    I linked up here! http://anestforallseasons.blogspot.com/2011/01/blogger-love.html

  33. Sing me up! This is exciting!

    Jill's Favorites

    - Candy/Snacks:
    Chocolates of any kind1 Good and Plenty - Bubble Gum - Pretzles - Marshmallows - Almonds

    - Magazines:
    InStyle, People, Glamour, Cosmo, Martha Stewart

    - Colors:

    - Hobbies:
    Baking cupcakes, shopping , blogging, promoting my etsy shop

    - Girly things:
    Nail polish, lip gloss, lip balm, picture frames, puffy slippers, green tea, face masks

    My email is jillian.fontaine@yahoo.com
    My blog is Stay Calm, Have a cupcake: www.fontgirl.wordpress.com


  34. Ahh yay I couldn't be more excited!

    Kelsie's Favorites:

    Candy: Sour Patch Kids, Gummy Bears, Sour Punch Straws, Trolli Sour Worms.. see a trend?

    Magazines: People, Cosmo, Martha Stewart, Glamour

    Colors: Green, blue, pink

    Hobbies: Reading (from my new Kindleeeee), painting, baking

    Girly things: I love headbands. love them.

    My email is kelsiefennell@gmail.com
    My blog is jesus, bring the rain: www.kelsiefennell.blogspot.com

    can't wait :)

  35. Hello I am a new follower from the Weekend Blog Hop. I would love a follow back at

  36. Awww! I love this!

    Megan's Favorites:

    Candy: Dove Milk Chocolate, Twix, Jolly Ranchers. Pretty much anything EXCEPT Almond Joy and Mounds

    Magazines: Cosmo, Redbook, Marie Claire

    Colors: Green, grey and purple

    Hobbies: Photography, reading, baking..

    Girly things: Oh gosh....hmmm... Nail polish, jewel tone jewelry, pretty stationary, surprises!

    My email is missmeganrnblog@gmail.com and my blog is Making the Most of Megan : www.missmegan-rn.blogspot.com

    I'm so excited and can't wait to prepare a gift for one of y'all:)

  37. New follower from the Weekend Blog Hop!! Hope you can stop by www.HappeningsoftheHarperHousehold.blogspot.com

  38. Hi! I'm following your blog from the weekend blog hop! I'd love for you to stop by when you can. Have a great weekend!!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

  39. Okay, I want in!

    - Candy/Snacks:
    Peanut butter and chocolate, well, anything chocolate, gummies

    - Magazines:
    Real Simple, Martha Stewart, People

    - Colors:

    - Hobbies:
    yoga, shopping, wine

    - Girly things:
    comfy slipper, lip gloss, mani/pedis, spa anything

  40. Name: sarah

    E-mail: lovelyleo119@yahoo


    - Candy/Snacks:
    skiddles, sweet tarts, twislers, bliss dark chocolate, sour gummy worms

    - Magazines:
    InStyle (im not really a fan of magazines) Architecture magazines

    - Colors:
    RED bight fire engage red! :), black, white, yellow, and purple(i dont like pink)

    - Hobbies:
    drawing, photography, reading, art haha

    - Girly things:
    OPI Nail polish, eye shadow, hair clips, candles :)

  41. I would love to sign up...


    1. Gummy candies, Junior Mint, and Dove Milk Choco.

    2. Paper Crafts, Martha Stewart, Country Home

    3. GREEN, brown, blue

    4. Baking, Stamping, Reading

    5. Lip Gloss, OPI nail polish, candles (ocean scents, cinnamon)

    Great swap.

  42. newest follower here! would love for you to consider following me back.

  43. How fun!

    Syndal @ http://synfullydelicious.blogspot.com/

    - Candy/Snacks:
    anything chocolate! (tend to stay away from coconut though!)

    - Magazines:
    US weekly, glamour, bridal mags, Cooking Light, Self, Shape

    - Colors:
    purple! pink, blue

    - Hobbies:
    health care stuff (i'm a nurse), trying out new recipes, reading, movies, taking pictures, working out, dancing

    - Girly things:
    nail polish, mascara, pretty eyeshadows, fuzzy socks, costume jewelry of any kind

  44. Heck Yes!
    Name: Laura Wynn
    email: laura17.dance@yahoo.com

    - Candy/Snacks:
    healthy snacks, anything chocolate, popcorn, macarons!

    - Magazines:
    anything crafty. I more into coloring books, to be honest ;)

    - Colors:
    YELLOW!, green, blue

    - Hobbies:
    Baking, cooking, working out, dancing, crocheting

    - Girly things:
    Nail polish, notebooks, stickers, owls :)

  45. Sounds like fun, I'd love to join!


    Candy/Snacks: rock candy, it's the only candy I eat

    Colors: aqua, red, terra cotta

    Magazines: Martha Stewart, Scrapebook ones, cross stitch ones

    Hobbies: baking, cross stitching & sewing

    Girly/Favorite Things: lip gloss, nail polish, votive candles, bath n body works lotions, DMC threads for cross stitch since I have to go over 60 miles to buy any...live in a small quant town. Ric Rac...really any sewing stuff.

  46. YAY!! I am so excited about this!!

    My email is mcclintockb@comcast.net and my blog is mcclintockb.blogspot.com

    York Patti Mints, PB M&Ms, Sour Gummy Worms

    Cooking Light, the riveting US Weekly, Southern Living

    red, green, pink

    Baking, cooking, crafting

    Girly things:
    Candles, home decor, comfy slippers, stationary

  47. sign me up! i am new to your blog-- now following. LOVE LOVE this idea! how fun.
    my email:: cornflakedreams@gmail.com
    blog:: http://cornflakedreams.blogspot.com/

    annnd on to the faves::
    candy/snacks: reeces pieces, wildberry skittles(purple bag), vday hearts-the glossy ones- not chalky :)

    magazines: instyle, people, rolling stone, shape

    colors: yellow, gold, blue

    hobbies: blogging, working out, reading, baking

    girly things: stationary, lip gloss, nail polish, and stickers are pretty sweet.

    thanks for putting this together!
    xoxox jcd

  48. **** BE MY VALENTINE - gift swap is NOW CLOSED! ****

  49. Following you from "Meet Me Monday" blog hop! You can find me at http://thasuburbanhousewife.blogspot.com

  50. I am your newest follower...I love that your blog is so fun and has so much great giveaways........ I would love for you to follow me! I am always looking to meet new friends! :) http://kingstongirlie.blogspot.com

  51. Totally wish I would have found this earlier! Anybody odd man out?!?! Lol I will totally be here for the next swap though!

  52. I am quite LATe on this (lots of sickness!) but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing this! It was so much fun! I was so excited to get my package and I had lots of fun shopping for my partnet too! It was my first swap & I really enjoyed it! Thanks Again!


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