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January 24, 2011

Mingle Monday is HERE!!!

Why hello friends!
As most of your Mingle Monday veterans know, this is a little later than usual... oops! But don't worry, I have a good excuse! As most of you know I work for one of the nation's largest cancer non-profits, so I was tied up with a wig appointment for one of the world's sweetest cancer patients! She found the sassiest red wig we have, found out it was free, and is now a super happy camper! :)

{ Made my day.. life is so sweet! }

So anyway, if you are new to [Life of Meg] or Mingle Monday, may I personally say thank you for taking the time to visit! I love that you are here!

Who's excited to Mingle it up? Let's get YOUR blog growing!


Let's let everyone know how much fun we're having! Please pay it forward by using the button below in one of your posts today. I can't tell you how much it MAKES MY DAY when I see posts with the Mingle Monday button in it... you guys are seriously the BEST!

Mingle 240


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit 2 other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Feel free to answer the weekly question...

** What was the best highlight of your weekend? **


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **


Have a sunshine and puppy dogs kind of day!


  1. So excited for Mingle Monday! The highlight of my weekend was being snuggled up on the couch with my husband while he watched football. Not my ideal thing to watch, but I'll take the time with him!

    I'll check back later to see other blogs!

  2. The highlight of my weekend was my fiance's wedding band coming in on Friday! It's the little things that are exciting, especially when the rest of the weekend was spent reading for classes...

    I first went to "Life with the Edwards" where Rebekah had a relaxing weekend, even got to give a facial to her husband!

    Then I went to 25 Before 25, who posted for Miscellany Monday. Among other things, it is very much cold there, but she is still going to go run tonight. Brave girl!

  3. Back to Mingle Monday...(it's been a couple months...oopss....) Great to be back and the first two blogs to enter I had never heard of before!! Loved Rebakah over at Life with the Edwards we have the whole military/air force wife thing going for us and it's going to be blast checking in with her!
    I also discovered christy from 25 before 25 and love everything about her blog!! Can't wait to follow that girl... :)
    Have a great week!

  4. I love Mingle Monday! I am really enjoying your blog.

    I am new to the blogosphere, but I love Tara at That's Why Her Hair Is So Big. Her blog posts are always interesting and funny.

    I am also loving Moore To Love. Her blog posts have been a lot of fun to catch up on!

  5. The highlight of my week was finishing 2 books over the weekend on top of finishing my homework :) Total nerd weekend, but loved it!

    Blogs I visited
    Best things in life - she saw No Strings Attached which I've been contemplating on going to see. I love Ashton and the previews look cute....I want to see it!

    Blonde...Undercover Blonde - Made a trip with her 80# labradoodle, now that's talent! I have a hard enough time with a 40# shepard. Also she shared her chapstick addiction, takes a strong girl ;)

  6. I am glad Mingle Monday came thorough. With the latest health concern, I was a little worried. Glad you are well.

    My weekend highlight would be getting all things ready for my 6 year olds Star Wars birthday coming up. Which even involved me creating a Death Star...oh yes...more on that this week on my blog. :)

  7. Hi there I visited The Best Things in Life .. she is starting photography and has some adorable pics posted of her first opportunity to do it as a job... must not miss!!

    Then made my way around to Houston Hurdles ... she has a fab idea ... but you'll have to visit to find out..don't miss it!!

    stay warm everyone , its minus 20 here in the great north..HHLL

  8. I'm going to mingle when I get off of work!! :)

  9. stopped by: a woman's haven--she has the prettiest craft!
    and Words by Katie--her blog is so cute!
    my highlight of the weekend-sleeping past 6am :(

  10. Yay for Mingle Monday! I checked out A Beautiful Ride today, and she had such an inspiring quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson on there. I also love/need a good quote...helps to get through the day. I'll check back later to check out another blog.

    And the highlight of my weekend? It definitely wasn't my friend breaking up with me, of course. But I did have an amazing day yesterday with true friends, trust, and wine. It doesn't get any better than that :)

    Have a beautiful week, Meg.


  11. Thanks for the linky!! Your button is on my sidebar...

    LOVING Virginia Beach housewife's redo on her guest room simple, but beautiful - and LOVE that brick wall!

    ...and what a beautiful blog "where we love" has...the yellows are so pretty...and she met fabio...AND she met Ellen...wowsers....

  12. Can't wait to "mingle" once my work day is finished. I'm too busy at the moment! ;)

  13. I'm commenting twice because I linked up my wedding blog here as well :)

    first of all, I'm in love with love everyday...that little yellow birdy is adorable and her projects are DIVINE!! Love them!

    ...and you've got to check out happy girl's header and post...inspirational, cheerful and beautiful to boot!

  14. This is my first time participating in Mingle Monday, I'm so excited! I stopped by Words by Kate, what a positive lady, I love finding blogs that are uplifting! Also, A Woman's Haven, she had a super cute craft tutorial and a giveaway going on!! I had such a busy weekend but the best part was cuddling on the couch with my family last night, such sweet little moments!

  15. Yay for Mingle Mondays! I stopped by Love Everyday and read through her tutorial for the cutest memo board. Seriously, I can't wait to try my hand at making one!

    I also headed over to visit Heather at Blonde...Undercover Blonde and read about her love and need for chapstick (of which I can totally relate, haha). :)

    Oh, and the highlight of my weekend? Scouting out an 80s cover band on Friday night with the boyfriend and our recently-engaged friends. Think long hair, leather pants, and lots of eye liner. It was AWESOME!

  16. This is my first time at Mingle Monday and I love it, such a great way to find awesome new blogs! I stopped by A Beautiful Ride and Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls and I love them both for similar reasons, they are very inspirational and make me feel all warm inside with their lovely insights to life :)

    The highlight of my weekend was STAYING IN on a Saturday night for once, with my flatmate and my boyfriend, making amaaazing homemade pizzas and watching a silly movie (Willow!) while it rained outside.

  17. HI! I'm glad to be back to blogging so I can participate in Mingle Monday.

    I went to Happy Girl first....loved her blog. She is currently training for a sprint triathalon which is AWESOME! I am training for a mini-marathon so I felt like we had that in common right off the bat.

    I also went to visit Houston Hurdles. Her first post was about a squash recipe that sounded delish! I am a big cooker so I will definitely be checking her blog out again for more great recipes.

    Thanks Meg!

  18. Thanks for hosting Meg. I discovered that Katie from Words by Katie enjoys the Bachelor too. I look forward to following her on Twitter during the show. I also discovered a few other ladies that I look forward to learning more about. Fun Monday and helping me to procrastinate from what I really should be doing. Haha!

  19. Trying to link up my blog but having no luck! :(

  20. Hooray for mingle monday! I stopped by Love Everday who had an AWESOME ribbon board tutorial, and Love is Home who's blog is just so stinking cute I'm not sure I can handle it. Check these ladies out!

    My weekend highlight was the SLUMBER PARTY I had with 7 of my other friends. Yes I am 20 years old and yes we had a slumber party complete with hide and go seek in the dark, truth or dare, face masks, and a giant cuddle party on the huge couch my friend has. It was a blast. I love feeling like a kid again!
    stay well,

    a beautiful ride

  21. I visited Houston Hurdles where she blogged about how she gets a different veggie each week at the grocery store to try a new recipe with - such a great, healthy idea! Wish I wasn't so picky so I could do the same. :-/

    I also visited A Beautiful Ride where she listed the "good" things that she liked today. I think we should all start our Mondays out that way. We ALL need positivity on a Monday since it's such a blah day! ;)

  22. So far I've looked at "The New Me". Lots of fun pictures and a great variety of posts!

  23. Also stopped by "Steady Stream of Chatter" and loved it! It had a nice layout and she's a lovely writer.

  24. Oh, and the highlight of my weekend was chopping my hair all off!

  25. Hey there!! The highlight of my weekend was watching my son play his little heart out at basketball:)

    Today I stopped by Brunch with Amber, she just updated her blog and it looks fab!! I also checked in over at Words by Kate and was excited to find that I am not the only one who loves me some Bachelor!!!

    Have a great week, thanks Meg!!!!!

  26. Thanks for Mingle Monday! What a great idea!! The highlight of my weekend was getting to see my parents. They live four hours away, so anytime I see them it is a treat!!

  27. Thanks again Meg for hosting! This week I stopped by 3 blogs:

    -- Greer’s Gossip – what a cute blog; she is starting a recipe blog also.

    -- Bruch with Amber – she just had a great blog makeover, so stop by and see her new look

    -- Seattle Stevie – she just got a cute new haircut…love it!

    The highlight of my weekend was spending time with some of my good girlfriends. I went to a jewelry party on Sat, then went to see No Strings Attached with one of my best friends. We had a great time, and it was a really cute movie!

  28. Highlight of my weekend---the fact that I didn't have 9 million things going on and took some time to enjoy my family! (Oh, and Buffalo Wild Wings!)

    I stopped by Brunch with Amber---I was instantly drawn to her blog b/c we share a name! She just got a blog makeover and it's very cute! Go check her out!

    Also stopped by The Bird in Boots and read about her dog, Abby, who is apparently into hunting squirrels :) Silly puppy!! Very cute puppy too!

  29. It's Mingle Monday again! The BEST part of my Monday by far :D

    I went to Seattle Stevie--cute haircut and told some interesting stories.
    I also went to Brunch with Amber--she has a new layout and it's really nice. I like the name of her site as well. It's so inviting :)

    The highlight of my weekend: It was my husband's birthday on Saturday so we got to just hang out on his day.

  30. Highlight of my weekend was a seriously tough hilly bike ride with a friend and her mom, I couldn't believe I finished it!

    I visited Tri-ing to be athletic. Julie has the most hilarious caricatures of her triathlon training and adventures. It's way fun to read, but makes me wonder if I should be doing one myself haha!

    Also visited You me and baby makes three. Cameron and I have something totally in common- we both pig out on chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants!! She's a girl after my own heart lol

  31. Yay Mingle Monday!

    I visited A Peek at My Life - and she has what might be the cutest dog ever!! (I can say that since I don't have a dog of my own! haha).

    I also stopped by Tri-ing to be Athletic, which is one of those artsy blogs that makes me feel entirely inadequate!! She has all these hilarious cartoons that tell stories. It's amazing.

  32. I visited A Steady Stream of Chatter and loved learning about a very ambitious boy that it is her life. I like her style of writing, it definitely engages readers and keeps us interested.

    I also visited The New Me and loved reading about the current events in her life. Her blog has a ton of pictures and list which makes it not only easy to read but fun to follow along with.

  33. I visited Tri-Ing to be atheltic..the illustratins and pictures on her blog are hilarious and very creative!

    Then I visited Wedding of the Season, which is an awesome wedding blog, that even gave me some great ideas for my own upcoming wedding!

  34. Hi
    This is my first time for the Mingle Monday and I love this idea. I just started blogging and really want to find people to follow and for them to follow me! I really enjoyed number 39. "Saying I do". I was able to think back to fun memories of planning my wedding by reading her blog!

    My highlight from this weekend was celebrating my husbands birthday!

  35. I just took a cyber stroll and found "from suns to moons" she has cool fashion tips and puts together various fun outfits. However, my favorite part was her writing! She Likes David Sedaris and it comes through in her prose. Witty and fashionable i encourage people to take a look.

    HIghtlight of the weekend was watching my 50 year old Aunt boogie on the dance floor at her birthday party...Terrifying yet fun :D

  36. Hi everyone! Man, I haven't been here in a while. It's great to see some new blogs.

    First I visited "Sara's Organized Chaos". Loved her VLOG. She's so cute and seems like a fun girl. Wish I had the guts to do video myself!

    I also visited "A Nest for All Seasons". This is the perfect kind of blog for me. Lots of how-to's and tutorials to beautify your nest. Great job!

  37. Stopped by Saying I Do..very cute blog!

    also stopped by Brunch with amber...she is a great blogger!

    Thanks for mingle monday! Love it!

  38. Highlight of the weekend? Definitely watching the steelers advance to the super bowl:)
    I visited 25 before25 and greer's gossip this week and enjoyed both!

  39. The highlight of my weekend was watching my sister win her hockey game on Saturday (:
    I visited Life with the Edwards, she listed some things she was loving. I lve how she loves the little things in life!
    I also visited Houston Hurdles, & I love how she is already excited for Valentine's Day!


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