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January 25, 2011

Valentine's... HELP!

Ello loves! I hope your Tuesday is going super well so far. I had an extremely early oncology board meeting, so I have been up since 5 a.m. and have consumed 2.5 cups of coffee! Woo!

Okay, as most of you know February is waiting for us right around the corner. I cannot tell you how much I love this holiday {or all holidays in general?}.

BF and I have consciously chosen to show each other how much we love each other in sweet little and big ways throughout the year, so I am not in it for all the fuss and hub bub {don't get me wrong... this girl does like a surprise bouquet of fresh flowers or yummy chocolates}, it's just not our focus.

So... we would rather spend quality time together making a new and super sweet memory than get caught up in stressful expectations. At the end of the day I just want to spend the day enjoying life with him by my side. But this year, I need help!

{ Dear BF, I am beyond flattered that you read my blog every single day, however, this is where you need to please stop reading, Mmmkay? I sure love you though!}

I am seriously the luckiest gal, ya'll... *siggghhh*. Okay enough mushy gushy. So BF is an awesome planner and we are going to be spending our Valentine's Day celebration at one of my favorite upscale KC eateries, Cafe Trio.

He also knows that i have been eyeing these beauties for awhile and strongly hinted that i would be receiving these from Cupid :)

So my question is... what do I get him?? He is seriously so ridiculously good at present purchasing... and I love it, but I want to have a good, fresh idea too! Being the sappy girl I am, I've already done the cutesy/artsy memory book, framed photos, etc., so I need major help! Please send any ideas my way!

Thanks friends! You're seriously a lifesaver!


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  1. my bf and & like to do stuff together, especially since he is SO hard to shop for too! What has worked for us--signing up for a cooking class together or tix to a fun play/musical!

  2. i have those toms! i love em!! for something for him... i think has some cute things?! good luck! let us know what you decide on because i need some suggestions too! ha

  3. Those Toms are SO cute, LOVE them. I sure hope Cupid got the hint! ;)

    It's hard, once you've been together for so long, you start running out of ideas, even if you are creative!

    This year, for my BF I did a photo shoot. It was very tasteful, fun and classy. With a few of his favorite things. Once they are edited and ready to go, I plan on sharing some on my blog, so be on the look for that! That's an idea! I hope you figure something out!

    By the way, IDK if I'm overlooking it or if you just don't have one, but I was wanting to put your button my "blogs i adore" page on my newly designed blog and I can't find it! :( let me know if you have one!


  4. For boy presents I love to give tickets. Give him some outing that you'll both enjoy and remember forever - concert perhaps. My man, he's a sports fan, so I take him to games. A fun date night is a memory factory. HOpe you figure out something good!

  5. I got my hubby a gift certificate for a massage and then when he got there, he got an envelope telling him wher eto meet me for dinner. He totally loved it and it was probably our most fun date. :)

  6. Tickets to a sporting event or concert are always a win! Good luck!

  7. A gift my husband always loves is a gift cert. to a local spa to get a massage - or last year I actually surprised him with a couples massage.

    I've also made him a coupon book in the past which included massages (head, back, feet), chores & cooking meals or breakfast in bed - he loved that!

  8. Buying gifts for my husband is always difficult. I know what he likes, but when it comes to Valentine's Day, it's a little harder. So I don't really know what I'm going to do!

  9. Custom Converse or Toms? Custom art frame. I make these. Just ideas.

  10. For me and my boyfriends anniversary I made him T-shirts. I bought the shirt and some iron on transfer paper and put a photo of his dog on one and some other things that his likes.

    I've also made one for my dad with his guitar on it. Its personal and he will use it all the time :)

  11. Take a look at this link:

    She repurposed cream soda bottles into fun snack bottles. I think I'm going to do this for Adam--thought it was a neat idea!

  12. You are both wonderfully blessed .. I agree there is no need to out stress into a specific day .. by spreading the love through the days of the year is the best feeling... the just for no reason gestures are the best.

    How about planning a BF afternoon... plan somethings that you knwo he would love (sport outing, or on TV, bake/cook his fav food, a pampering bubble bath - men like them to...) anything you do from the heart is what matters.. good luck..xo HHL

  13. If you like to do fun/creative stuff, I did this for my bfroend after we were together for 5 months so it was so hard but done and he LOVES it still and we look back at it and have good memories and laughs -- A cute jar, and gift wrap old fashioned cardboard little match boxes, wrap each one in fun valentine paper, then on a small piece do 25 or 50 things I love about you then put it in the box (like a fortune cookie) and put all the fun boxes in the jar! Its way cute but lots of work but not expenisve and very thoughtful if he likes that type of thing. If you decide to do it you can email me with questions

  14. Those TOMS are cute!! I love the lace up ones too. The hubs and I don't do Valentines Day really. I don't know how all out you go, but the best gift I ever gave my husband (in my opinion) was when I surprised him with ticket to a concert that was at a casino that is about a hour away. I told him we were going to get gas, then pulled onto the interstate and wouldn't tell him where we were going until we were almost there. I let him open his present then and it was the tickets plus we were staying the night there. He was really surprised. But it isn't about WHAT you get him, but the thought you put behind it. If you don't want to spend much $, you can always do cute coupons for things- neck rubs, making a dinner he likes, etc.

  15. Hi Im saying hi after finding you on Paislet Passions.
    I'm a new follower! Cute blog!
    I have done a Valentines day count down every year so far and the husband loves it! I start on February first and each day there is either a treat or a compliment or a little service.. massage from me, free night to play video game... sleep in... etc. I always get something else for the actual day but the count down has been really fun and its so cute how excited he gets about it. Good luck!
    Please take a look at my little blog if you have time.

  16. Hi! Love your blog, I've had you on my reader for awhile now and am just catching up!

    Here's what I got for my BF -

    a pair of Motorola bluetooth headphones. Sweatproof (important) and wireless stereo sound for workouts, and also an ability to answer calls via the headphones! Don't know if he has an iPhone, but I think it's an awesome guy gift if he likes to work with his!


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