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January 27, 2011

Date Night... Guess Who's Excited!

I seriously cannot contain myself any longer!
Why you ask? Well because the most handsome man in all the world is taking me out on the town tonight, of course!

I love date nights with BF. Whether we stay in and watch a movie in sweats, or he picks me up for a night out, any time with him is always fun!

Well tonight we plan to go see this...

Have any of you seen it yet? I know my dear friend Rachel @ Simple Little Joys said it was too funny and had a wonderfully sappy ending {my fave!}.

...and before the movie I could really go for one of these...

...and perhaps a post-movie healthy treat?

Well, one thing is for sure, he spoils me in every sense of the word. When BF and I spend time together he can make me laugh so hard my sides hurt for days. FOR DAYS.

And I love that after all this time I still get the butterfly feeling right before he comes to pick me up. And of course I am all about getting prettied up just for him - yay for a great excuse to dress up!

Now I am daydreaming about what outfit to wear... HELP!

Cheers to a fun evening!


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  1. Yesss No Strings Attached was amazing!! It really is so funny throughout the entire movie, your BF will like it too!

    Good luck finding something to wear! It's about 60 degrees here in Texas so I don't know how much help I will be for you :)

  2. That yogurt looks so yummy!!! My fiance saw that movie and thought it was so good!

  3. Go for something bold girl! No one ever wears bold colors in the winter..and I LOVE them..I wear them all the time :)
    Have fun! Going to see 127hours in OKC on Satuday! Im excited about that one :)

  4. Date nights are the BEST! I can't wait to see that movie. Enjoy your night girl!

  5. I'm totally jealous!!! It's been too long since me and my man have had the chance to go out on a date! WAY too long! :-) Have fun and enjoy those butterfly feelings!

  6. I just saw the movie the other day and I really liked it a lot! I could definitely use that fro yo right now :)

  7. You should be excited, LOVED "No strings attached!" HAVE FUN GIRL!

  8. Ahhh, I can't wait to hear what you think about it. You're gonna love it. And you're gonna love watching Ashton for that long, I promise :) It's too funny.

    Thanks for the shoutout--you always know how to make this girl smile :) SO excited about the V-Day swap! I'm SO ready to start shopping! You are precious as usual to host all of us! Hope your Thursday has been FAB!

  9. Hope you have a fantastic date night. It sounds like you will be :)\

  10. I can't wait to see that movie!! Hope you have a great time!! I love date night!!

  11. I want to really see this one. It looks like a fun.
    I am your new follower. You can follow me back at Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.

  12. awhh this post is so sweet! and makes me wish my boyfriend was sitting next to me right now!!
    i've heard that movie is good! i wanna see it!

  13. How fun! I actually saw this movie last weekend and loved it! I am sure you will have a great time!

  14. It's been ages since DH and I have had a date night -- literally years -- sigh.

    I do hope you had a great time! I really want to see that movie, it looks so funny!

    I'm a new follower also.

  15. I really want to see that movie it looks pretty funny. Love your blog I am a new follower!


  16. I haven't seen that movie yet but it looks good and OH that salad looks delicious.
    ENJOY your night out and have fun.

    Stopping by for comment love chat
    Drop on by

  17. Awww... have fun!! That movie looks so cute, I love Natalie Portman. You have to see Black Swan if you like her, it's so good.

  18. I want to see that movie!
    New follower

  19. Was checking out your blog! What a cute site! I am sad that I missed the Valentines Swap! What a great idea! Maybe next year. Looking forward to reading more :-)


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