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January 10, 2011

Mingle Monday: Snow Day Edition

Greetings from snowy KC!
While nestled on the couch in my cozy PJs and a warm cup of joe, I am happily watching the fluffy snow fall. Beautiful.

I think the fact that 2 of my besties are visiting from OKC and are now snowed in with me makes my snow day that much sweeter. My cinnamon swirl coffee cake is in the oven and it's smelling YUMMY! Don't worry, recipe coming later! ;)

So, I am so thankful you stopped by for a visit! Ready to Mingle?


Let's let everyone know how much fun we're having! Please pay it forward by using the button below in one of your posts today. Naturally, we want all of our favorite peeps to join us, so let's start the new year party right!

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How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit 2 other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Feel free to answer the weekly question...

** What would you do if you got a snow day? **


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **


Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Hello Meg, LOVE MINGLE MONDAY!!! I am here early this time, so I will be back later for a browse around new blogs...
    To answer your question: Since I live in the Caribbean is highly unlikely that I'll get a snow day, but if I did; I will go out an play in the snow until I am super cold, then I will come inside the house, have a hot shower and then make myself a delicious cup of Hot Cocoa, then I'll just hang out inside with my husband and 2 dogs!!!
    Have a great day :)

  2. Yay for Mingle Monday! Two friends from OKC?? I'm from OKC, but now live in CA. I visited A Life of color and she has a post about staying in while snowed in. I also visited High Heeled Life and she has a post up about returning home from a trip and some updates.

    If I had a snow day, I would spend it inside! I hate getting out in the snow. I love to be cuddled up inside watching movies and eating comfort food!

  3. Yes!! I used to live in OKC before I moved to KC for my dream job (big incentive that my hottie BF lived here too!).

    My ideal snow day?

    - puzzles
    - coffee/cocoa
    - homemade warm food
    - girly movies
    - card games
    - sledding
    - snuggling with pup
    - roaring fire
    - jammies
    - watching the snow fall

    L.O.V.E. snow days! :)

  4. Hi Meg! Thanks again for hosting Mingle Mondays. Today I stopped by Life of Color and was happy to see that she's planning her first giveaway this week {as am I}. I also visited Life with the Edwards and got to see some adorable pictures of Rebekah with her friends. Hopefully she gets to see them soon!

    And I don't get snow days {since I live in Southern California}, but I can guarantee that if I did, I would lay in bed at home and watch TV all day. I would do absolutely nothing productive!

  5. Happy mingle monday!

    I visited Fayesbook and totally agreed that Ryan Reynolds [while hot] maybe doesn't deserve the title of "sexiest man alive." I also stopped by A Life of Color, where I loved the picture and motto she had posted.

    If I were to get a snow day [which does not happen in Houston], I'd immediately run outside to play and build a snowman. Then I would go back inside and curl up on my couch with cocoa, a blanket, a movie, and most likely my big sleeping cat!

  6. I learned from happy girl that catching up with old friends and friend's kids are cute (: & then I visited Life of Eden and learned that I really want to start cooking yummy food more!

  7. Ok Meg, I am back, today I visited: "The Call her Meghan" and I can totally relate to just crawl in a nook a read a book on a snow day.
    Also I visited Happy Girl and I love the list she wrote about things she learned over the weekend, she sure does look like a happy girl!

  8. I didn't have a chance to visit two blogs yet, but I have them open on my desktop and will visit and write soon! On snow days I bake, cook and read blogs!

  9. Glad that you are enjoying snow, too! What a better snow day to have than to be snowed in with 2 of your besties?

    This week I visited:

    Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls - I follow Aiden's Hair by Aiden blog, but hadn't checked out her new one, yet. Love it! She and I share the same affinity for old movies.

    Mutual Weirdness - I love the 30 day project Alex is doing. Her post with facts about her is fun, too!

    We were lucky enough to have a snow day yesterday! I worked on planning for my soccer team, played with Ava and played in the snow. Fun day!

  10. SO jealous of your snow day!! I love living in Texas but it makes me SO sad that I don't ever get to play in snow... of course because I am from Texas the temperatures that bring snow scare me anyways! If I had a snow day I would probably just play in the snow until I couldn't move I was so cold then sit by a fire and drink hot cocoa :)

    I went by "Twenty-Something in the City" who wrote about her first online dating experience... it wasn't great but I'm excited to hear about the next one she goes on!

    I also stopped by "25 Before 25" where I learned that Christy is reading Pride & Prejudice for the first time! This is one of my favorite novels so I approve :)

    Hope you are having a great day!

  11. Ooh, snow days! What's that like? If I ever had one I'd read magazines and watch T.V. from my comfy chair while drinking decadent hot chocolate!

    As for blogs this week I stopped by 25 before 25 and I'm so excited she's reading "Pride and Prejudice". Also stopped by Apples Falling and enjoyed her entry on eating all protein since thats what I'm trying to do to! Ready to try her crustless quiche recipe!

  12. Visited High Heeled Life: Love her blog and I am now a follower!

    I also visited Seeking Starbucks! So glad I found her blog!

    If I had a snow day! I would stay inside with a cup of starbucks coffee,good book,warm quilt,and a fire!

  13. Now following:

    Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls - love her title and header images!

    Desperately Seeking Starbucks - couldn't resist that title :)

    I'd LOVE a snow day! I'm in South Florida, never had one in my life. I'd probably spend it sleeping in, drinking coffee, and reading an entire book in one day.

  14. Hey there! I stopped by saying I do. Loved the flash mob video she posted. I also visited 25 before 25. I think her book challenge idea is awesome. I need to read more, especially the classics, as well.

    love, love, love snow days...lounging in pjs all day , drinking hot chocolate during the day/ wine at night, and of course taking baby boy out for his obligatory photo shoot

  15. This monday I stopped by 25 before 25 and Her Own Eden. 25 before 25 is a super cute blog and she is pretty much living the good life in Florida! I'm totally jealous :) Her Own Eden posted a great cake ball recipe which made me want some of my own! Both excellent blogs :)

    I LOVE snow days. I love to spend them outside playing around, sledding, going snowboarding, I love playing hard during the day and then spending the evening bundling up in home with some food and hot cocoa!

  16. I stopped by Words by Katie...her 101 list is fantastic...and They Call Her Meghan! She's young and adorable and I'm amazed at her 101 list!

  17. Hi everyone Happy New Year!!

    Today I visited Dance and Dream 4EVER - this is one amazing blog ... and Joanna is a warm and compassionate person. She is hosting a fundraiser that is close to any horse loving person.. pop on over and show your support! It wouldn't cost you anything to spread the word the word!!!!

    I also visited - life with the Edwards ... great blog .. and a today's post was a wonderful inpsiration .. pop on over and discover a wonderful blog!!!

    Meg.. snow days are made for hot chocolate and reading.... hugs..HHL

  18. Hi! I visited 25 before 25! What an inspiring girl! She seems to have so much going for her, and we share a lot of the same interests!

    I also stopped by Where We Love is Home. Such a beautiful blog...and so happy and cheery!

    I hope to have a snow day on Wednesday, and if I do, I will sleep late, relax at home with my puppy, some tea, and read!

  19. Hello everyone! Happy Mingle Monday!

    Today I checked out Happy Girls are the Prettiest - and I got her bio of 2010...quite similar we are.


    I love you this much made me get off the couch for a snack of cheese. Oh how I love cheese! Bleu Brie is now on my list of things to find.

    St. Louis is going to get hit with 3-7 inches tonight. Oh to have snow days again!

  20. I visted 25 Before 25. Can't believe she ran a marathon. Always inspired by those who can do that! Also envious she's in FL right now!

    I also visited Throw the Starfish Back. Cute blog! Liked her post on The Bachelor even though I don't watch it!

  21. Ok Meg, I must admit that I've come back throughout the day to catch more of the blogs that linked up and have found several new blogs to read--thanks for doing this :DD

  22. I visited I Love You This Much and thought her blog and her little family are so cute!

    I also visited Virginia Beach Housewife and loved her project post from today!

  23. I checked out:
    Sassy shoe diary- I'm so excited to hear about her nyc adventures (my fav city) and hear another runner's story! Plus, love her pics :)
    chasing the extraordinary- another runner that I'm excited to follow. she does an awesome job of talking a little about everything in life and makes it fun!

    PS I can't get your button to work on my blog
    :( I've tried numerous times to put it on there and it won't work...

  24. Hi Meg,

    I visited 20 something in the city - She's cute! and also went to Apples Falling. I really liked the people I found today :o) and If I had a snow day I think I would take my family to the snow to ski and have hot cocoa and a cappuccino for me!

    Thanks for sharing today

  25. Ahhh thanks again for hosting this wonderful blog hop Meg, it truly makes my Monday sweet! If I had a snow day, which will never happen here in the San Francisco Bay Area (you miss it, right?!) I would definitely spend it wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, with hot cocoa, my fur babies and the hubby!

    I visited I love you this much, and I was so excited to see her nutella rice crispy treat recipe, can't wait to try it out!

    Also visited Casa de Cowan, she wrote about eye brow waxing at home, such a great idea!

  26. Yay! It's my first time actually participating in Mingle Monday!

    I went by The best things in life and I really enjoyed one of her most recent posts about being a closeted Housewives of Beverly Hills fan. It made me feel not-so-alone in my shame when I find myself glued to that show.

    I also visited Words by Katie to find out that she had a whole post about her latest snow day too! Haha. I was also excited about reading her 101 in 1001 list because I have one too!

    And as for my snow day, it's been a while since I've had one since I now live in Florida but snow days are the perfect excuse to stay in pj's, drink hot chocolate, and watch as many movies/tv shows as possible.

  27. LOVE Mingle Monday. :) I visited Cassie at Twenty-Something in the City and was inspired to ALSO get back on track with eating healthy. Good luck, Cassie! You can do it!

    I also stopped by Urban Corner by Nancy and chatted about what we'd do if we had a snow day. :)

  28. I visited the luckiest in love and life with the edwards. Both blogs are great and they both seem like such sweet ladies. I'm following both of them now and hope to learn more about them and keep reading their blogs! I'd never heard of this until today when Laura from Saying I do posted about it! I'm glad she did :)

  29. Hi everyone! A little late this time, but I was able to visit the following:

    Casa de Cowan

    Words by Katie

    Desperatly Seeking Starbucks

    Snow days are great for cuddling up with some hot cocoa or tea, your pup and a good book by the fire!

    Thanks again Meg for hosting!

  30. Hi Meg--this is such a cool idea! I follow Watch MeGo Run and that's how I found your site :)
    I stopped by:

    Kimchee Chronicles
    My Urban Corner
    A Steady Stream
    Obscure Ponderings
    The Bird in Boots

    All such clever writers!
    I plan on heading over to Fayesbook next, since my mom's name is Fay :)

    What would I do with a snow day? Well, I got a snow day today!! So, I stayed in bed a little longer, threw on some comfy clothes, will do some baking, tidy up a little, and of course, blog!

    Love your site Meg! Best of luck with the Biggest Loser contest--I'll be following along to see how it goes!

  31. I am so behind on commenting, geez! This week has flown by, and I seriously JUST realized it was Wednesday. Gracious, me. Let's see...who did I visit this week??

    First up was "I Love You This Much" and I totally visited this one just because of the name, so precious. And that recipe--hello, delicious. Can't wait to try it!

    Second was "The Best Things in Life", and again, the name pulled me in--such good titles, people! We seem to have lots in common, so I'm definitely piling in with a movie and reading some more of these posts!

    Snow day...hmmmm...we don't get those often, but if I had one, I would most likely sleep haha---the life of a nightshift nurse! Hope your week is going wonderfully, my dear Meg. And I love that you're loving your mittens :) Don't ever forget how fab you are :)


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