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January 15, 2013

Little Letters

Good morning, lovelies!
I hope your day is off to a nice, worry-free start. It's Tuesday, and yet I find myself holding my breath for the weekend already.

I have to say that life is so good right now. So many fun moments, overwhelming blessings and a lot to be thankful for.

My heart is happy, and happiness equals little love letters on this Tuesday morning...

.: Dear Monday Night Family Dinner Gang :.

You are insanely fun. Even on the most relentless Monday work day, you add a little sparkle to my eyes. Thanks for the delicious food and silly game playing. But even more importantly, thank you for the friendships. You truly are my family and I love you.

.: Dear Coffee :.

You are my rock and morning salvation. I don't know what I would've done without you at 6 a.m. this morning. 3 cups later, you're my absolute hero.

.: Dear Parentals :.

This weekend was pretty fun hanging with you. I'm more than ready for your final move to Kansas City next week so we can hang out all the time. I see lots of breakfast dates while we watch the doggies wrestle each other. And although you have a tendency to explode Diet Coke cans in our fridge, I'm looking forward to our roomie reunion super soon.

.: Dear Wedding Dress :.

Although you make me antsy, I'm excited to wear you. I'm working on getting a little stronger first, but in the end, I have to be confident at any size. Adam is going to love you, and we are going to boogie the night away!

.: Dear Spa Date :.

I am so pumped to have Friday off to relax and unwind. Looking forward to and hour and a half of pampering. And that flavored water you have near the steam room always makes me feel like I've lost 5 lbs. Awesome.

.: Dear Bachelorette Weekend & Co. :.

I am so ready for you! Although everyone is so sneaky while sis has planned an awesome party, I am actually quite giddy to be surprised. Looking forward to sweats, ponytails, girl talk, sappy movies, wine pong, sassy gifts, and lots of snuggling.

.: Dear Bella Beast :.

You're adorable. I've know this since the first day I saw you 4 years ago, but lately you've been such a snuggle bug. I just love how you want to follow your mommy all over the house and really like to be right next to me. Your crazy puppy antics and floppy ears make my heart smile. Wubs ewe, Beastie Bear!

.: Dear Future Hubs :.

Thanks for granting mercy during last night's tickle war, so I wouldn't pee my pants. And in case you weren't sure, I still swoon over that cute little side grin of yours. I'm pretty pumped about our first round of pre-marital counseling tonight. Can you believe this is real?

53 days. 53 days until I get to promise you my forever. 53 days until your house becomes our home. 53 days until I'm Mrs. Adam Evans... and I'm counting the seconds.


Happy girl right here. Beyond blessed.

Do you all have some things you're grateful for today?

PS - Don't forget to check out the week-long Mingle Monday Blog Hop! Go get yourself some new followers, girlfriend!


  1. cute post! i'm excited for the weekend too! i'm already drained from this week!
    53 days to wedding? congrats! these days will zip by!

  2. Awwww... Meg I love this list of letters!! So sweet and full of truth!! Excited to watch these 53 days go by and read all about the fun you are embarking on!!

  3. Love these! You are going to look stunning in your dress :) I absolutely loved our pre-marital counseling sessions and it did such much for us. 3 1/2 years later we still bring up certain lessons from those sessions!

  4. You are too adorable Meg! Here's to hoping that the next 53 days go by quickly for you (I promise they will!).


  5. 53 days will be here before you know it!! so exciting!

  6. Your days before the wedding are going to zip by so fast! So excited for you with all of the wonderful things going on :)

  7. Sounds like you've got some awesome things coming up! I'm grateful for a SNOW DAY! :)

  8. Oh a spa day sounds absolutely divine!!

    Love your letter to Adam, so sweet. His cute little side grin, adorable!


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