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January 16, 2013

Future Home Sweet Home

With the wedding looming in the not so distant future (almost a month and a half out, people!), we are slowly getting ready to turn Adam's house into our home.

He has had some amazing roommates/friends over the last few years, and as they move out of Adam's house in the next few weeks, we're excited for their new adventures and ours!

I can't believe that his home will be "our home", and it's just now beginning to sink in.

While I live with my parents before the wedding, we're beginning to transform the house into a contemporary, personal, and cozy oasis. To have many of our projects done by the wedding, it will be a nice retreat after we return from our honeymoon trip and adjust to living with each other.

So weird.

So thankful for such a hard working man who has provided SO much for us. He even told me that he had waited to paint a long time ago when he bought the house, because he knew one day we'd be making this our home together.

Love that man!

Our home (which is so bizarre to say) was built in the 1970's, has 4 bedrooms, a wonderful living room area to entertain, and a nice big kitchen. Although the space is incredible, there are some features that aren't so lovely.

i.e. a wood paneled living room!

Yup, painting the paneling, lightening up the room, and adding out own style is project #1. Even painting sample colors over the wood gave the room a whole new look. I'm so excited!

Here is some cozy living room inspiration that we love...

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Also, I am thrilled to update the kitchen, especially since I love cooking. Adam has done extensive work gutting the bathrooms and kitchen, and it's just ready for a fresh coat of paint and modern twists.

We're planning to remove the 1970's architectural detailing, paint the cabinets white, the walls a deep shade of rich gray, and swap out the cabinet hardware. The result? A fresh and inviting space that relaxes and inspires creativity.

One of my favorite parts of the kitchen is the bay window that lets in tons of light. I can't wait to see the final look. We love these spaces...

Source: via Meg on Pinterest
Source: via Meg on Pinterest
Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Eventually, we'll get to painting the hallways a warm color, and all of the doors and trim pieces white. So fresh! Lots of cute projects that we like too to make it more personal.

We're excited to also paint the master bedroom so that it feel relaxing and calm. A soothing sage green with our brown Crate and Barrel bedding would be great! Can't get enough of these rooms...

Source: via Meg on Pinterest
Source: via Meg on Pinterest



Excited to share real life before and after photos in Feb/March! Have you redone a home before? How did you find your inspiration?

Let me know if you have any tips or great advice!



  1. I'm gonna have to pin this whole thing. I think we're home decor siamese twins.

  2. Working on your home together is a lengthy process! We have been living together for almost a year now and the master to do list is still very long. My best advice is be patience and try to see the big picture, don't get caught up in every little thing that you want to change at the same time.
    Can't wait to see all you decide to do!

  3. I can't wait to see what y'all do with the house!

  4. My kitchen is gray!! And WE LOVE IT!! The MR thought I was crazy when I said I want gray, but once the remodel was done and he saw the sharp white against the pearlized gray... He said... "I'm glad I picked that color!" HA! That's when I knew he loved it! Our master bath remodel left us with a beautiful sage green/gray and we love it too! I'm ready to start painting the rest of the house because the previous owner repainted every room builders beige. While it's fresh paint and looks good. I just want a little bit to color. =)

  5. love your inspirations. I'm an interior designer by profession so if you ever want a little advise or have a question just let m know! :)

  6. We are getting ready to tackle the basement! We bought a sectional last week, and now we need to figure out what color to paint, and how to add extra decor touches. I'm pretty excited!

  7. So much fun! Our house was built in 1921, so it's pretty old. We have wood paneling in two of the bedrooms and our back family room. Paint will do wonders for it and is much easier than replacing drywall. My best advice is to tackle one thing at a time and put lots of thought into what you want. Since our house is so old and outdated, we had A LOT of things we wanted to do. I'm not patient, so I tried to tackle many things at once and it was overwhelming!
    Excited for you!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS I am already in love with this house! I cannot wait to see how you put your fabulous twist on it...better have a guest room for me to come stay in :)

  9. You are one lucky girl, getting to decorate such a beautiful house! So excited for you, & eager to hear the details of what y'all decide on. So awesome!

  10. How fun it will be for the 2 of you to make his home your home together!

    I am loving all of the pins, especially the one with the pictures on the shelves all the way down the wall. Gorgeous!

  11. Owning a house is the best!! I highly suggest getting paint samples instead of just picking a color :) we learned the hard way

  12. I am also trying to get my house sorted lol. Its a lot of work but I hope you get on well.
    Hi I am a new follower and love your blog
    if you have time please pop over and visit me

  13. love all those ideas!! making a house a home is so exciting!

  14. So excited for you! Can't wait to see the before/after.


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