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January 4, 2013

Let's Play Catch Up, Shall We?

Friday is finally here!
Man, I love these super short weeks, don't you? I'm slowly playing catch up after my little blog hiatus over the holidays. There is so stinking much to catch you up on, so this post will be an info overload of sorts.

I have my finger crossed that you're wearing your spontaneous pants today, because this post may or may not be chalked full of random blurbs! :)

I hope you've already had your coffee this morning...


{ Quick Update }


.:: Newest Obsessions ::.

After Adam gifted me an iPhone for Christmas, I am now able to take quality photos and be engrossed in y'alls daily photos. This is too fun! Why on earth didn't I get on Instagram sooner? I'm so behind the curve.

+ Coffee Protein Shakes.
This little blonde definitely needs her fair share of caffeine in the morning to get going. Well, I've recently discovered the beauty of mixing my Tera's Whey Chocolate Protein with a splash of milk, handful of ice cubes, and a tablespoon of mocha coffee creamer. Heaven, I tell you. Pure coffee heaven.

+ Bachelorette Party Anticipation
My sister is the world's BEST MOH.
She may be 19, but that girl sure knows how to plan amazing shindigs! We're headed to Adam's family's cabin 2 weeks from today with 13 or my favorite people. I could not be more thrilled to have the surprises they've been planning revealed. Cannot. Wait.

+ New Heart Rate Monitor
I was given the HRM I had been lusting after over Christmas from my almost in-laws, and I am loving it!! You wear the HRM under your sports bra, and you wear the watch that calculates your exact calorie burn and heart rate.

It's amazing how wrong the machines at the gym are about calories (they said my burn was much higher, so now weight loss is much easier)! So glad I know my personalized exact number, and now push myself even harder!

.::: Wedding Update ::.

+ Invites Going Out Today!!
Over Christmas, my sister and two of my bridesmaids help me address every invitation (I owe them BIG time). I am in love with the way they turned out, and am so thankful my cousin is a funky graphic designer with modern off-the-wall taste like me! So SO excited to check that off the list! :)

+ My Dress Arrived
I tried on my dress after my wedding hair trial right before Christmas. Shockingly, the updo I went with (which was very pretty) didn't quite fit with my dress. Once I took my hair down, all was right in the world. My shoulders didn't feel so bare and I felt pretty.

I never in a million years thought my wedding do would be down, but it's just lovely with the dropped back of my dress. Can't wait to try out a new style!

+ We're Officially Registered
We checked off registering on our to do list over Christmas! We have a few things to add, but it feels so good to have that done. We both actually had a blast doing that together.

Adam may or may not have registered us for a little kids Big Wheel (see Instagram). Lordy, that boy is so sneaky!

+ Working on Little Projects
Now recruiting wedding helpers! I keed... I keed...
There are lots of fun crafty projects to do over this next month. Kids packs. Candy bag labeling. Framing signs. Finalizing other design items with my awesome cousin. I love projects!

.:: Misc. Items ::.

+ Roomies
I officially moved into my parents' new KC condo (yes, they're moving to Kansas City at the end of the month!) over Christmas. It's a great way to save money before the wedding and spend quality time with two of my absolute favorite people... Marlo and Juju (dad + mom).

+ Nesting
Adam's roomies, our amazing buddies, are all moving out of Adam's house by the end of February, which means we can begin painting/decorating! We could not be more excited to make his bachelor pad feel cozy and welcoming.

I've been scheming of home design inspiration via Pinterest, and we're both so excited. We're definitely on the same page and have the same taste in decor, so this will be fun and easy.

Not to mention, we've helped a million trillion dear friends paint in the last 3 years, so we have tons of project volunteers! I pay in donuts and beer in case you'd like to join our crew... ;)

+ Workout Junkie
Yup, it's finally hit me. This wedding is really going to happen in 65 days and I get to marry my very best friend in a gorgeous fitted gown. You'd better believe I am motivated to be the best me I can be! I can't wait to feel even more confident when I walk down the isle or am frolicking on the beaches of Antigua.

Join me on MyFitnessPal to be motivated together!


Welp, that about wraps up the life updates for the time being! I'm looking forward to a super mellow and relaxing weekend snuggled up with my dog and future hubs after a fun/busy 2 weeks!

Hang tight...
I have a killer Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe coming your way tomorrow! So good it'll make you wanna slap yo' mama...

Have a stellar weekend, you fabulous people!


  1. My wedding hair was down too. I never thought it'd be that way, but it was wavy, half-up/half-down and I loved it!
    Glad it's all coming together for you!

  2. Coffee protein shake? YES PLEASE! And yay for all the wedding excitement!

  3. ahhh i cant wait to see your dress, i am sure it is gorgeous! and i love it when brides wear their hair down!

  4. Are you going to Antigua for your honeymoon?! So exciting!

  5. I don't know what to comment on first!...the coffee protein shake sound super delish! And I love wearing a heart rate monitor when I run. It's nice to know it's giving you super accurate numbers! All you wedding updates sound awesome. I'm sure you will have oh so much fun in a few weeks when you get together with all your girls!!

  6. Wahoo for you on everything! What an exciting time!

    First of all, welcome to Instagram.

    Heart rate monitor: NEED.

    Wedding Stuff: so freaking magical lady! sounds like you've got it all figured out!

    New House: I wouldn't know where to start!

    Enjoy it all! So happy to hear an update!

  7. I love random updates! Sounds like you have a lot going on but have it all under control. Can't wait for the recipe tomorrow!

  8. Wow, TONS of awesome things going on here!
    I'm really intrigued by your fitness watch...might need to invest in one soon :)
    Yay for being able to "nest" before you move in--it's a lot of fun! :)

  9. I don't even know where to begin. I HAVE SO MANY comments for this post! Let's see--

    First off, SO GLAD you have Instagram now. Now we're bff on every aspect of social media.
    And I've been planning like crazy for my sister's bachelorette and it's stressing me out big time, but I think it's going to be fabulous. Cannot wait to hear deets about yours!!!

    Second, I'm planning on buying that HRM soon--gotta get my rear into gear!

    All of the wedding updates just make me want to squeaaaal!!!! I am just so excited for you and I am so looking forward to hearing all about the most wonderful wedding day ever! I so wish I could be there!!!

    I wanna come help you decorate!! WHY don't we live closer together?!?!

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  10. Such fun things await you in the coming months!! I'm just tickeled for you!

  11. My hubby says to trust the heart rate monitors on the machines, I say no so a friend is letting me borrow hers and if I like it I'm going to buy one because I need to be tracking better.

    And yay for the wedding stuff - can't wait to hear all about it.

  12. Coffee Protein Shakes sound amazing.

  13. Yay for your dress!! I loved putting my dress on before the wedding! And yes, instagram is super fun!! :)


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