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November 30, 2012

My Weekend Outlook

Why hello there, Friday!The week sure flew by fast... I guess that's what happens when you take Monday off to be in sunny Phoenix. :) That was mean, wasn't it? Yikes... super sorry to all of you who suffered through...

A) a Monday
B) a freezing cold Monday.

Don't worry, I'm back to chilly Kansas City and I'm slowly getting my life together. Being on vacation in Wichita and then Phoenix for the Thanksgiving holiday left piles of laundry and lots of work e-mails to catch up on.

Thank goodness for the weekend.

Can I get a "Preach it sista!"?

Pretty stinking excited about a weekend at home! Getting my other half back tonight after a week long trip to Seattle, and lots of fun things to look forward to with friends!

{ Weekend Outlook }


We're off to sweet little Jasper's first dance recital! Little Jasper Jane is the daughter of my dear friend Ashley, so "Auntie Meg" (as I like to call myself) is going to surprise JJ with some pretty flowers! She's totally going to melt my heart. I seriously can't wait.

Adam gets home from Washington, and I've missed that man! It doesn't matter if I spent a solid 4 days with him and his fam in AZ, I think I missed him the second he dropped me off at the airport. Pretty sappy and gross, huh? Love turns you into a complete lunatic, my friends. And I am one happy loon! ;)

Probably grab some dinner and a redbox and chill at Adam's casa. I hope his roomies are home - I've missed them while everyone was out of town!


I think Saturday morning Zumba is calling my name. T-minus 3 months 'til wedded bliss, people. And I'm going to rock my sassy dress, so it's time to get serious!

My other faux niece, Princess Sophia Ann (as Auntie Meg calls her), is getting her first photo with Santa ("SANTA!!! I know him!!" - name that movie). So her mommy, my fabulous friend Karen, and I are going to make a morning of it. That calls for some holiday Starbucks drinks and seriously baby snuggle time.

I have baby fever.

And no, after we get married, we're on the 5 year plan  (if you must know)... so don't you even go there! My mom already "subtly" hints that she doesn't want to be an old lady grandma, so 5 years is too long for her (ha!) ;) So I get my fill via friends/fam!

Anyway, that should be a blast! Then future hubs and I may go browse for wedding bands for him. Just saying that makes my heart beat a little faster. Seeing a ring on that finger of his may make me melt into a puddle of mushy-ness.

Then we're going to watch K-State whoop up on Texas! ;)


Some of my favorite girlfriends are coming over for a crafty afternoon. I can't wait to catch up, enjoy some healthy snacks, and just hang in yoga pants... mmmm.

Sunday evening we're off to church with our little Heartland family, which is always a time I look forward to every week. Getting re-centered. Having my heart softened. Worshipping hand-in-hand with Adam. So thankful.


Welp, there you have it! A very relaxing weekend planned with lots of wonderful company!

What are you up to this weekend, friends?



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  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! I am hoping to get caught up on laundry and housework and then get our Christmas decorations up around the house!

  2. Welcome back to the cold! My piggies are freezing right now!

  3. Mine will be in my dorm room writing papers and studying. :(

  4. You are SO adorable! :) I love hearing you talk about how in love you and Adam are. It makes me happy :)

  5. hi, I'm in kansas city too! well, overland park. :)


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