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November 16, 2012

Celebration Time + Weekend Wishes

Raise your hand if you're overly ready and excited for the weekend...
Yay! Me too. Like big time...
Fridays always make me super happy, but especially today. Birthday weekend has arrived and I'm ready to have a reason to just celebrate with friends and family! We've got quite the celebration agenda.


Tonight, we are rounding up the gang to hit the town for a swanky dinner, and then we're heading back to Adam's house for yummy German chocolate cake and drinks! I wouldn't be shocked if we rocked out to Spice Girls Pandora station and broke out beer/wine pong for a fun evening with tons of my favorite people! If catch phrase was included I wouldn't hate it... just saying.


Tomorrow morning, I am heading out to breakfast with the world's greatest group of small group girls. They crack me up, so a little brunch (while clad in yoga pants and a messy pony) will be such a fun way to start the morning!

Saturday night, we're headed back over to Adam's house with our crazy k-state friends to watch the big game. I'm planning to be overly ambitious and make tasty Wildcat themed purple sugar cookies. I know... I'm just out of control.

I'm super pumped about Sunday! Bud (Adam's "pet" name) and I are headed to lovely Crate & Barrel to begin our wedding registry. Shockingly, we're both way too excited - we love C&B!


Sunday evening is church with our little church family, and then enjoy a relax night... and probably some Christmas decorating! Ahh!

Monday - Birthday Time!
I took Monday off (which is my actual birthday)and the entire week of Thanksgiving. So I am planning to sleep in, get in a nice workout to start year 26 off right, and then my little sis is coming into town for a Breaking Dawn - Part 2 date with me! So excited!

That evening, Adam is taking me out on a birthday dinner date, and then I will probably request to watch a Christmas movie. Yes, I know Thanksgiving hasn't hit yet. And yes, I listen to Christmas music all year round, so Christmas is always acceptable in my book! ;)

Thanksgiving Week

Heading home with sissy on Tuesday after she gets out of class. I'll be in Wichita celebrating Thanksgiving with family until after Black Friday shopping! Then I'm driving back to KC to catch a flight out to Phoenix for several days with Adam and his fam. Meredith, my almost sister-in-law's 2nd wedding reception is that Saturday!


So anyway, I'll be around next weekend!! Be prepared to join me on my birthday for some Mingle Monday time! I have lots of great posts lined up!

I will also be having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale over at my Cozy Couture - Custom Crochet Headwraps Etsy shop!

What are you crazy kids up to this weekend?! :)


For those of you who've been asking for a tiny bow headwrap....
* NEW *  Minnie Bow Headwrap in my Cozy Couture Etsy shop! 



  1. It's my birthday weekend too! SO FUN!!! I hope that you have an amazing weekend celebrating!!! It sounds like you are set up to have a great time!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. This sounds amazingly fun! You get to have fun, see family, go out for swanky meals, and then relax! YES! I have family in Wichita too! Craziness. Have a wonderful b-day, weekend, and holiday!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Especially the Spice girls Pandora station part
    Have a great one!

  4. Have a wonderful birthday weekend and week! Sounds like a nice time!

  5. What a fun birthday weekend!!! Enjoy!!! xoxo How exciting to be celebrating your birthday and your wedding registry!!!

  6. Happy early birthday! Mine is on Tuesday! Enjoy your time relaxing!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Sounds like great fun. Here's to more to come this year!


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