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November 15, 2012

Le Birthday Wishlist

November has flown by and I can hardly believe my birthday is approaching (next Monday)... where did October disappear too? My family, Adam, and his family have all been asking what is on my wishlist, and I usually have no clue.

I typically buy things for myself sporadically during the year, and usually when it's on sale, so I don't usually have a wishlist per se.

With our wedding quickly approaching, we've obviously been in save mode, which means zero shopping for this girl. I've kept my debit card has stayed safely tucked away like a good girl, so this year I can definitely think of a wonderful wishlist of a few things I've been dying to purchase the last several months!

However, I'd be perfectly happy with a birthday dinner party with friends (and throw in some wine pong!), a yummy German Chocolate Cake, and a cozy date with the future hubby watching Christmas movies and decorating.

It's the little things in life! :)

Until then a girl can dream, right...?!

{ My Big Girl Bday Wishlist }

1) Where We Belong - by Emily Giffin

I absolutely loved the "Something Borrowed" series, and this is the newest installment! We're headed to Phoenix next Friday, and this would be a great book to get lost in during our flight!

If anyone has it and would be willing to loan it to me, I'd be forever grateful! Can't find it at the inexpensive used book store yet!

2) Merona Melinda Suede Wedges (in camel!)

I have these amazingly comfortable wedges in black, and I'm dying for another neutral pair. If you haven't purchased these at Target, they are worth every single penny!

3) Clarisonic Mia 2

With the wedding quickly approaching, I would love one of these brightly colored Clarisonics to keep my skin clear, pretty, and soft. Blessed with lovely acne prone skin (hurray...), I would love to feel confident with a clear fresh face on my big day... and every day for that matter!

Adam and I bought one for my sister's graduation present and she loves it. Her skin looks incredible.

4) Michael Buble Christmas CD

Anyone who knows me has experienced my intense love for Christmas. I mean, it's November 15th and my tree would normally be up for 2 weeks by now! So, I would love to update my Christmas collection with the musical stylings and buttery voice of Michael Buble. Mmm.

5) Tickets to Billy Elliott the Musical in KC!

I had a pre-sale code to get great seats when this musical tour rolls through downtown Kansas City. I kick myself EVERY day for deciding not to spend the money on them that day. I absolutely love musicals, and this one is on my list to catch.

Pretty self explanatory really... I just want to live inside of C&B. Good thing we're heading there on Sunday afternoon to start our wedding registry (ahhhhhh!!!), and yes you'd better believe some Christmas items will sneak on our list! ;)

8) Giftcards, Giftcards, Giftcards

Honestly, I just want the luxury of being able to shop. Go buy a pretty top, some cute work clothes, a dress rehearsal dress, or some Christmas decor. It's killing me to be saving my "fun money" each month, but I know I would love to bless our families and wedding party by giving gifts as a small token for what great ways they bless us.

That being said, I wouldn't hate a spa day/Home Goods/Loft/GAP/Banana/Anthropologie/etc. purchase! ;)

9) A Blog Re-Design Package

This has been #1 on my list for at least the last 8 months or so. I would love to update my little blog to make it more reader friendly, be able to post larger quality photos, and personlize it with the professional photos we took for our engagement.

And if you're a kind hearted amazing modern graphic designer who loves designing free amazing blog domains out of the kindness of your heart, feel free to shoot me an email! ;)

(Yup, I've got jokes.)


{ What is on your birthday/holiday wishlist? }

Thanks for letting me dream my Thursday away, lovies!


For those of you who've been asking....
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  1. I love Michael Buble's Christmas album! It's seriously one of my favorites :) And I hope you get everything on this list my dear!

    Happy (almost) birthday Meg! xoxo

  2. I have those wedges and they're incredibly comfortable!!

  3. You will love the Mia...I'm seriously obsessed with mine!

    And Where We Belong is really good too. I borrowed it from a friend, or I would definitely let you borrow it. :(

    Don't you love just being able to make one giant list and saying "hey..this is my birthday AND Christmas list." ha!

  4. Hey girl. I have where we belong if you want to borrow or just have it. :). I have been doing this thing because I have so much books that I have been giving away. So just give me your mailing address. :)

  5. First of all - Happy Early Birthday! (I'll try to remember next Monday, but you can always give us a little reminder, right?) It's funny as we get older our want list becomes slim because we do go out and buy those things that we just think we are dying to have at the moment. However, some of the things on your list I need to think about adding to a list for my folks and his folks for them to get me for Christmas. We've told them we only want stuff for the baby for Christmas, but they refuse to not get us something, too. Thanks for the ideas... and I certainly hope you get some of the things on your list!

  6. I have way too many things on my wishlist! Yours seem pretty reasonable. My husband's birthday is next weekend and he just decided he wants to go to a restaurant and order whatever and however much he wants. Sounded good to me! ;-)
    Have a great b-day!

  7. I had to wait FOREVER to get Where We Belong from the library, but it was really good. And yes-- I'd LOVE a clarisonic Mia! Hope you get everything on your list. :)


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