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December 3, 2010

Pretty My Office: { Please Help }

Happy Friday to you! I am welcoming the weekend with open arms, that's for darn sure! My life feels a tad bit cluttered and disorganized lately and it's driving me nuts! I am dedicating this weekend to purging unnecessary clutter and regaining my sanity.

{ Case in point: My office }

As many of you know, I am a corporate girl living in a big girl's world. With the many projects and deadlines that have been going on lately, I feel like it's finally time to get organized and less boring!

I have a big beautiful office on the second floor of a historic downtown building in lovely Kansas City. I have a wrap around desk {that I love} with an attached bookcase and storage shelves. I also have this massive fabric covered bulletin board between my desk and shelves.

I feel very blessed to have an office with such amazing features, but it's quite blah and needs the MEGnificent touch. Ever since our office relocated to the gorgeous downtown area last spring {yes, it's been neglected that long}, I haven't taken the time to beautify my space. So... now is the time!

{ My Office Inspiration }

So, as always, I need your expert opinion! If you have prettied up your office, where did you get your ideas/inspiration from, and where did you buy your decor/organizers/etc.?

DIY {do-it-yourself} cheap ideas are gladly welcomed! For the sake of my sanity... please help me!

Happy Weekend!


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  1. I love that first picture! Have you looked at IKEA for anything? They usually have great prices!

  2. I gave you an award AND promoted Mingle Monday. I hope it increases your traffic for the fun blog hop! Check out your award at

  3. My first stop would be Ikea (online or in store). They have really cute and functional storage solutions.

    Also, try a craft store. Sometimes they have killer deals on just what you're looking for :)

  4. Whatever you decide, PLEASE share! My office is giant, and the actual furniture can't go anywhere, but I need help too!

  5. I would love to have any of these offices!

  6. My family is on mission support so im always trying to find stuff I can make on my own or for cheap! Check out Hobby Lobby! They have plain boxes that you can then decorate yourself! Also can make push pins and such!
    If your not THAT crafty or dont have them time they do have some there allready made up..OR...I would not mind doing some for you! For real...!

  7. Meg- we need some pics of your office for more inspiration!

  8. Oh those are great pics, great for inspiration. I'd say check out IKEA. Also, yes we need pics of your office!

  9. ikea and cb2 have great accessories..


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