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December 6, 2010

Want More Followers? Mingle Monday is Here!

Good morning, good morning!
How's your Monday morning going? I sure hope your week is off to a great start already!

Well, for those of you who need a boost, Mingle Monday is here to put a smile on your face! If you're new, please read through the few rules and join us! We're so happy that you are here!

ALSO! If you haven't signed up for the latest fabulous giveaway - hop to it, sister! you only have the rest of today to sign-up! Winner will be announced tomorrow (see below for details)!! :)

Will you pretty please with sugar and sprinkles on top do me a favor? Please add this cute little Mingle Monday button to the bottom of your post today and mention you are a mingler! That would, quite simply, make my day so happy!

Mingle 240


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter.

3) Go visit 2 blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the visited blogs and answer the weekly fun fact:

This Week's Q:

{ What's your favorite holiday treat?! }


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **


Wishing you a wonderful week!


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  1. If you are leaving a comment... I just simply love you to pieces! Thanks for being such wonderful and faithful minglers!!

    My Weekly Question Answer...

    My favorite holiday treat is homemade sugar cookies iced with fluffy buttercream frosting! Oh yum! Attempting gingerbread people this year - excited! :)


  2. Happy Monday Meg. I've put your button at the top of my blog with its own title. :)
    My favourite holiday treats are my Mothers' home made suasage rolls. No one can make them like her. They have a little magic ingredient which she won't divullge...knowing her it's probably something alcoholic...and herbs. YUMMY. I've tried to make them but they are not quite the same.

  3. I visited a sorta fairytale and seeking starbucks! Loved them both!!

    Weekly Question Answer: I love gingerbread man cookies and peanut blossoms!

  4. Your button is on! Hmmm. Favorite holiday treat is menudo. Some people think it's gross but I just love it.

  5. My favorite holiday treat? I'm going with peppermint cheesecake :)
    Creative Flair - has a cute post on making glittered trees. These would be too messy at my house. I'm sure the dogs would eat them, but such a cute idea!
    Synfully Delicious - she wrote about her secret shopping plan as a way to buy christmas presents. Totally legit IMO. Hubby doesn't have to know everything ;)

  6. Visited Seeking Starbucks and Synfully delicious! Both fabulous, inspiring blogs!
    My favorite holiday treat.... hmm... Christmas sugar cookies I think! Yum!

  7. Loved the blogs I visited today. I read about Eminem and the Grammy's at Faye'sbook and about a Martha Stewart Christmas craft at Creative Flair . . . fun! And so glad the holidays are here--listening to Christmas music right now. :)

  8. I visited Desperately Seeking Starbucks and am so jealous of her lazy weekend! In the middle of the Holiday season even better! And Synfully Delicious she has a fun blog, with a little cc/bf predicament she wants some help with!

    My favorite holiday treat is sugar cookies, decorating them is half the fun!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I went to Life on A Stick where she posted her least favorite Christmas songs along with some adorable pictures of her daughter.

    Following that, I went to Embrace the Moment where, although she is a Sooner, she had an awesome Christmas wish list :)

    My favorite holiday treat--- hmmm... it would be hard to pick! Probably some warm apple cider!

  11. Hello once again!
    Today I've visited Missy Salsa and she posted about her how her season is getting pretty busy, lots to do, little time but I am sure she'll make it.
    Also I visited Life on a Stick and she posted some hilarious Christmas songs.
    As for the Christmas treats, last year I discovered the Hershey's Kisses Candy Cane and they have become my most favorite treat!

  12. Yea for Mingle Mondays!!!

    I went to visit Desperately Seeking Starbucks and Life On A Stick, love both of these blogs! Great writing and great humor! :)

    My favorite holiday treat, hmmmm... such a hard question!!! Anything with chocolate!!! I would have to say the Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. Yummm!

  13. Hello!

    I visited A Little Bit of Everything. I loved her food pictures and the awesome restaurants she's gone to.

    I also stopped by Life on a Stick, her latest post about bad Christmas songs is really quite funny and fun to read.

    My favorite holiday treat is eggnog! yumm

  14. I visited Life on a stick and connected over a shared date.
    Then I went over to Such life in the Tropics and got a good suggestion for a movie for me and hubbs to share!
    Fav holiday treat? Hmmmm....probably cider and my mom's spice cake!

  15. Really enjoyed the blogs I stopped by today from Mingle Monday. They were all very funny and so honest. Especially loved the Christmas theme that a couple of them had this morning.

    My favorite holiday treat? Hmm...that would probably have to be pecan pie or any yummy Christmas sugar cookies. : )

  16. I stopped by Fayesbook. I loved reading a blog post from a girl who has wonderful taste in music!
    Then went to Kimchee's blog and literally laughed at the post on the hiking heels. Too funny.

    I love peppermint bark this time of year!

  17. Today I stopped bty Belle In Bows ... fabulous blog ... and the cutest HairyBaby!!!

    I also visited Glitter Trees... you must check out the custom boots she has done... fabulous!!
    Have a great week everyone!! HHL

  18. I checked out The Kimchee Chronicles and A Little Bit of Everything. They were awesome! It was great to find some new blogs I can relate too!

    My favorite holiday treat is Christmas cookies. Yum!

  19. My favorite holiday treat is peppermint mocha from Starbucks...yum!

    I loved A Belle in Bow's photos of her concert and Embrace the moment's sweet leter to santa!

  20. My favorite holiday treats are the Pillsbury sugar cookies that come frozen and ready-to-make. They're probably horrible for them but I looked forward to hem every year! And today, I visited Biocoastally who has an absolutely beautiful blog and even better blog posts :] I also visited Falling Off a High-Heeled life for a wonderful post about Christmas.

  21. Hi everyone! I'm a little late coming to Mingle Monday today, but I still wanted to check out some of the wonderful blogs.

    First there was "Hair by Adrian", who found some wonderful pictures which make me want to try going red sometime!
    Then I was off to "Creative Flair" to learn a neat idea to create Christmas decorations, which looks fairly simple and I may just have to try it!

    Great blogs!!! :)

  22. My favorite holiday treat is spiced apple cider from Starbucks... yum!

    I stopped by Desperately Seeking Starbucks and learned how I SHOULD be spending my weekends :)

    I also visited Life on a Stick and thought the post about bad Christmas songs was cute

  23. I visited Second Street East and loved her most recent project! Her blog design is super cute too! :)

    I also stopped by This Freckled Lemonade and just loved her sense of humor!

    My favorite holiday treat would have to be Oreo Truffles or peppermint fudge! I'm so excited to make both! :)

  24. Favorite holiday treat are those delicious frosted sugar cookies! YUM!

    I stopped by This Freckled Lemonade...that girl is hysterical! She wrote about how life would be if she really had 100+ followers on a daily basis and how creepy that would be. I heart her blog!

    I also stopped by The Luckiest in Love and enjoyed her little fashion show she had while she was trying to find a dress for her holiday party this weekend. She picked a super cute red dress and it sounds like they had a blast at her new hubby's work party!

  25. Today I stopped by Hair by Adrian which was a super cute blog not just about hair but about other things as well. It was fun to look at and read through.
    I also stopped by Fayesbook which was fun. Today she had a nice post about the grammys coming up which I thought was interesting. Her other post are also funny and definitely my kind of thing. Happy Monday everyone!
    stay well,

  26. Hi MEG! I'm always excited when I see new people have joined in on the mingling.

    Today I checke dout "Color me neurotic" - she blogged baout pancakes with strawberry topping. YUM!!

    I also read Growing Rowan leaves. Her blog is a sobering reminder that life is attime difficult but we have to keep our head up. She's very brave to share her story.

    And you already know what my favorite holiday treat is...Cupcakes!! I love mint chocolate and peppermint anything!

    Stay Calm Have a Cupcake

  27. I visited Synfully Delicious and Kimchi Chronicles. Such cute blogs. Fav holiday treat? That's a tough one! I like to make something new every year, but I always look forward to spiked egg nog and Christmas cookies.

  28. I stopped by A Beautiful Ride, A Belle In Bows, and Bicoastally (guess I like the letter B). All 3 blogs had some sort of Christmas cheer, which put me in a great mood this morning!

    And speaking of Christmas cheer, my favorite holiday treat is my mother's homemade cheese log. Cream cheese, onions, jalapenos (and other secret ingredients that she won't even tell me) rolled up in cheese and spread on crackers. Deeelish.

  29. I stopped by A Beautiful Ride and This Freckled Lemonade, both super awesome blogs!

    Allie of Beautiful Ride hasa post up with a list on it, and I a such a sucker for lists!

    Lacey of Freckled Lemonade has the most amazing and funny doodles to highlight all her posts. I died laughing while reading her Drive Thru blog..hehe

    My favorite holiday treat is my mom's homemade rocky road candy. I could probably sit and eat an entire tray of the stuff, it's that good! Also, I posted a blog about Mingle Monday, (thanks for the sweet comment Meg!)

  30. HI Megs! I did not take part in Mingle Monday this week, but wanted to let you know that your button has a permanent spot on my photography blog. :) Love your blog and love YOU!


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