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December 27, 2010

Mingle Monday: Where My Girls At?!

Good morning, dear friends! Welcome back to blogland, I know it's been awhile {way too long, actually!}. After such a festive and family-filled Christmas holiday, I am back to the same ol' same ol' just working for the weekend!

Becasue I am one of 4 out of 25 staff members in the office today, I thought that hosting some Mingle Monday fun would be a great way to cheer me and you up from the post-Christmas blues.

Let's let everyone know how much fun we're having! Please pay it forward by using the button below in one of your posts today. The more minglers... the merrier!

Mingle 240


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit 2 other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Feel free to answer the weekly question...

** What was your favorite Christmas gift this year? **


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **


The good news?! It's a short week and I'm super excited to ring in the new year! :)

Have a great week, my friends!!


  1. So very happy that you all are here to keep me company - a million gillion thank yous!

    My favorite Christmas gift?

    I can honestly say they were all amazing, but I am pretty pumped to have some new money for my big girl couch fund! :) WOOO!

  2. This is such an adorable idea, and it was lovely to "meet" two new bloggers this Monday morning! Thanks for the idea, Meg!

    As for my favorite Christmas gift... Hmmmm... I would have to say either my new pair of gray canvas TOMS (that I've wanted for months!) or all the books my parents bought me. What can I say? I love to read. :)

    Merry (belated) Christmas to everyone!!

  3. I'm new to Mingle Monday and already had a little snaffu...I blogged about the optional question instead of just answering it here! Oops! :)

    Anyway, my favorite gift this year was magazine subscriptions. I know, super exciting!

    Blogs I visited:

    Synfully Delicious- Lots of cute Christmas posts, and she had me laughing out loud ("loling" as I call it) by saying that when she dies she wants to come back as a diamond!

    Simple Little Joys- Cute to the max. Loved her Christmas posts and recaps of her trip to NYC. Definitely had me missing the Big Apple!

    Love this, will be back next Monday!

  4. Merry Christmas Meg and thanks again for another edition of Mingle Monday!!!
    Today I visited "Mutual Weirdness" and found out she got some magazine subscriptions as a Christmas present, that's a clever idea, I also love magazines.
    Also I visited "Simple.Little. Joys" and she had a great Christmas family style!

    My Favorite Christmas present this year was the fact that I got spend it with my Brother and SIL for the first time in many, many years!!!

  5. I love doing these blog hops so thanks for hosting. It's a great thing to do on a cold day.

    This Christmas I was a little spoiled with a new Canon Rebel camera. I also got Photoshop so I am excited to learn more about both.

  6. Happy Mingle Monday and Holiday time to everyone!

    My favorite Christmas gift this year was the tent that my hubby gave me...I can't wait to go camping!

    This week I visited:
    *Mutual Weirdness: adorable blog...her most recent post discusses her favorite xmas present...which I'd have to agree-is pretty great!
    *A steady stream of chatter: Hilarious and cute blog...her post about jeggings made me laugh out loud.


  7. I visited Rachel at Simple Little Joys and saw her beautiful posts about Christmas. She has the same nativity as I do {and it's most definitely my favorite holiday decoration}.

    I also got to visit Andrea at A Steady Stream of Chatter, and she made me LOL in my living room. Alone. I kind of felt like an idiot, but her post about her Christmas gift from her grandma was really *that* funny. She seems sweet and entertaining, so I'm definitely following her now ;)

    Thanks for hosting Mingle Monday Meg!

  8. I looked at Mutual Weirdness and A Steady Stream. They both were great! I'm looking forward to more posts from them. it's great that Mingle Monday is growing.

    My favorite Christmas gift was definitely my new camera. :)

  9. Can I just say I love Mingle Monday?

    My favorite Christmas gift this year was nothing. I got highlighters and book about Aspergers (since we have suspicions about my son). It actually made me cry LOL I was just a huge Grinch on Christmas so we'll just leave it alone :)

    I stopped by Throw The Starfish Back. I loved reading her survey that was kind of a "get to know you" about her and her man. I also really enjoyed her next post about how terrible Christmas songs really are. I highly recommend reading it!

    I also stopped by Virginia Beach Housewife. It looks like she had an amazing Christmas. Her next post was about the redundancy of the morning shows talking about watching your figure through the holidays. She brought up a good point-who really watches what they eat/drink on the holidays?

    Thanks for hosting such a fun blog hop Meg!

  10. This is such a great idea!
    Hmmm christmas presents - shoes! the cute kind and the super comfy kind. love :)
    I visited 'Mutual Weirdness' (love the name) and love her quirkiness and like everyone else, the unique idea for christmas present! putting that on next years wishlist.

    I also visited 'Love is Home' to find that we both are inspired by pretty things :)

  11. Hi! I'm a newbie to mingle monday (and to blogging!) I'm so excited, this is such a great way to find other bloggers. I checked out:
    mutual weirdness - it was so fun and I loved all the pictures. I love the unique things she talks about and takes pictures of. She's definitely not boring!

    simple little joys- her nyc pictures made me miss the city so much (I've only visited once, but I want to go back sooo badly). I was also laughing at her comments that her camera and sd card "fell off santa's sleigh".

    I definitely found two new blogs to follow!!

  12. Happy Mingle Monday everyone!

    I checked out Life's Experiences and have a new project this weekend - Oreo Balls! YUM!

    And checked out a Steady Stream of Chatter's Jegging situation. :o)

  13. I think...I forgot to answer the weekly question. So I'll do it now ;)

    My favorite gift{s} were my sewing machine{!} and a gift card to Sur La Table for a cooking class. I blogged more about what I'm planning on doing with both:

    Thanks again!

  14. I forgot to answer too! I got brand new appliances for my kitchen - I'm swooning over my french door fridge. What grown up gift...haha.

  15. Hi Meg! I have to say that I think I love your Mingle Mondays! This is my very first time doing one of these, because I'm a newbie to the blogging world - I think I love it!

    I went over to Throw the Starfish Back - what a great little story! I really enjoyed her blog and got an eye opener on some Christmas songs! She's funny!

    I also stopped at Simple Little Joys - What a sweet person. Loved her Christmas story about getting off of work and going to see her family.

    So far everyone that I have visited have all been kind, friendly and sweet. And for the big answer on my favorite Christmas gift this year is..... That my youngest daughter, who is 9, was diagnosed with Legg-Calves Perthes when she was 5 years old. We went to the doctors on Dec. 21st and he said she is good and her femurs have grown back to close to perfect and round. Perthes is when the blood supply to the femur is compromised and the bone dies. But it rebuilds itself. Some people have surgery but we decided against surgery. We are blessed that she is healed which according to the doctor is rare. This was the BEST gift ever! :o)

    Love your blog and thank you for your Mingle Monday!! :o)

  16. I loved the running info on watch mego run and I can't wait to read more! My favorite gift are some lovely hoop earings from my mom. Simple and elegant and classy! Hope you had a great holiday and have a great new year!

  17. Hi Meg!! This is my very FIRST Mingle Monday!!!

    My fav. Christmas gift was a sapphire necklace my lovey gave me! SOOOO Pretty!!

    I stopped by Watch Mego Run which gave me a great pizza topping to try: spinach and broccoli!

    I also stopped by Casa de Cowan and learned about sliders- an interesting burger, my mind is surely on the food, haha!! !

    Happy New Year Meg!

  18. Hi Meg and friends! Hope everone had a great Christmas with friends and family!

    I visited a couple of blogs today:

    -- Mutual Weirdness

    -- Simple.Little.Joys

    -- Throw the Starfish Back

    My favorite Christmas Gift -- I got a cute key charm from Tiffany's from my man friend, and I got a bunch of fun cookbooks that I am eager to start cooking from!

  19. I love new friends <3, New Follower

  20. Love this idea- I visited Classy Career Girl and Dream Dance- super fun!

    My favorite christmas gift was my bloggie touch :) now I can easily add video to my blogs :)

  21. Hi Meg-

    I stopped by Watch Mego Run---this girl is blogging about running 1,000 miles! She is amazing!
    and A taste of T--So cute, she just found out she's having a baby girl! love it....

    Favorite xmas gift this year--diamond studded hoops from the bf!

  22. How do I become part of this mingle Monday thing? So fun! :)

    I follow you. :)

  23. Thanks again for hosting this! I love getting to look at so many new blogs (although it tends to take me a few days to actually write this comment up for some reason)

    I checked out Amber's Adventures. I love how honest and blunt she is...a girl after my own heart.

    I also checked out My Urban Corner, and loved her DIY candle idea.

    My favorite Christmas present was definitely my new's awesome and totally dumby-friendly (which I need). I blogged about it today if you want to check out the make/model

  24. I just found this blog and love the idea of Mingle Monday! I visited ClassyCareerGirl and CasaDeCowen and found two new great blogs!

  25. Mingle Monday, the best day of the week! This week has been crazy busy, and I usually visit all of the new ones, but this time I've only gotten to head over to two: Keeping up with Courtney and Bird in Boots! Keeping Up with Courtney's layout is so cute and caught my eye right off the bat! I can't wait for a little break to sit down and read both of these. Bird in Boots is right up my alley, and her Christmas present recap made me totally J of all of her fab new goodies! Love it. And love YOU, sweet Meg! Hope your week is going wonderfully. Keep us updated on the medical situation...prayers headed your way :)


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