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December 9, 2010

Church To Picket Elizabeth Edwards' Funeral

The Westboro Baptist Church, well-known for their anti-homosexual, anti-war views and protesting the funerals of soldiers, has issued a press release stating that they plan to picket Elizabeth Edwards funeral this Saturday.

Elizabeth Edwards, estranged wife of politician John Edwards, passed away in her North Carolina home on Tuesday after her 6 year battle with breast cancer. Edwards was a best-selling author, lawyer, and was well-known for her advocacy of universal health care. Uniquely representing the nation's cancer patients, she was the voice of the sick and needy.

The Westboro Church released the statement below and plans to protest using signs of "Thank God for Breast Cancer" to communicate their belief:

If there was any possible way that I could communicate to you how angry and disgusted this makes me, I would. Trust me. As a proud daughter of a breast cancer survivor and a staff member of the nation's largest cancer society, this simply breaks my heart into a million pieces.

Just the thought of Fred Phelp's church to disseminate such false and hateful information on one of the hardest days for the Edwards' family and friends just completely disgusts me.

My one prayer is that the world will not categorize Christians as they do the example of the Westboro Baptist Church members. Call me crazy, but I can't imagine Jesus standing at the funeral doing anything but weeping with the devastated, comforting the lonely, and loving the unloved.

At the end of the day, Westboro Baptist Church is neither Baptist or a church. They're nothing more than a hate group with tax-exempt status.

**Steps off soap box**

My heart truly goes out to the family and friends of Elizabeth Edwards. May you feel the true comfort, peace and healing that only God can offer broken hearts.

"Don't be afraid, for I am always with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you when you are hurting. I will hold you in my arms."
- Isaiah 41:10


  1. I had a similar reaction of outrage when I heard about this. Any form of hate is unacceptable at a funeral, much more so at such one honoring the inspiring role model Elizabeth Edwards. The Westboro crazies need to have consequences for their hateful actions and how they are able to even release such a press release is outrageous.

  2. It makes me sick reading things like this. It hurts my heart!

  3. I have the same feelings of outrage. Although I am not religious and do not believe in hell (so to me, their arguments are futile at best) I feel that all humans deserve respect. This is disgusting and a prime example of how brainwashing (what I believe is happening in that church) can tear people apart and make them do horrible things like this.
    I hope that this drives even MORE people to attend her funeral in memory of her life to counteract the disgusting individuals who will be there.

    this is devastating to read.
    it is so sad that there is so much hatred in this world.
    thank you for sharing this-it will help spread positivity.

  5. This makes me so angry. Beyond words, angry.

  6. Ooooh, I could not be any more disgusted with them. Every time I hear something like this I get more angry, especially after losing my grandmother to breast cancer. And the fact that they're from Kansas just makes it even worse. Bahhh, SO sickened by them!

  7. Republican, Democrat, supporter of universal health care or not nothing about this group is justified or moral. It is so sickening that the wear the fake label of "Christian". They are so far from anything Biblical. Recently, my family was at a funeral of a young man who was innocently shot and killed. The pastor reminded to the congregation to not hate the killer but hate the evil. I'm trying to work on not hating Fred Phelps but hating the evil and sin in this world. What a testimony it would be if he ever saw the light. I wonder if he could be the modern day Saul? I've never felt the need to do this before because I've hated him so much, but tonight I'm going to pray for his salvation and the potential his testimony could have.

  8. Is this the same church that's always doing insane things? You know . . . they're hateful beyond belief, of course. But part of me wonders how much of this is sort of a publicity stunt . . . could any human being *really* feel this way? Could a whole congregation-worth of people feel this way and then somehow come to find each other (at this church)? I don't know. They're outrageous and monstrous and I'm sad for any breast cancer survivor who has to witness this.

  9. As a Christian, Fred Phelp's and the Baptist church he leads is quite disturbing. It really does put Christ followers in a bad light. As if being a Christian in today's world isn't hard enough! I guess we best put our big girl panties on and be a biblical example to the lost!

  10. That group makes me so mad I could scream. I am a Christian and I don't believe these people have anything to do w/Christianity! If anything they are turning more people away from true churches. I hope someone is able to stop them.


  11. People such as this group ... we can only feel sorry for them, pray that they find the peace they so seriously are lacking.

    God, is not cruel!! Yes, we feel pain when a loved one goes "HOME" to him... but thats because we have yet to learnto turn that pain around to happiness that our loved completed their work here on earth and has returned Home.

    Having experienced all that I did when I was in a coma ... I know this earth is just a temporary stop... when I complete my purpose and get to return home ~ I want people to celebrate myself and that we were part of each othesr lives.

    I didn't know nor I know much about Mrs. Edwards and her causes ( I live in Canada) ~ but something tells me that she was choosen by God to help so many others. She completed her work here and is now Home.

    Meg ... you may need to make a little more room on your soap box ... thank you for your post ..xo HHL


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