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March 16, 2010

Top 10 Fashion Faux Pas

Holy cow... what on earth are people thinking?

Inspired by a recent fashion post that I read on my daily fave, The Bright Side Project, I have decided to declare the top 10 fashion faux pas of 2010. Seriously though, for the love of Pete, why on earth did we think bringing back shoulder pads was a good idea?

If we have to bring something back, that means it died out at one point, and for a very good reason - u.g.l.y!

So for your viewing pleasure...

Top 10 Fashion Faux Pas of 2010


10) Thigh High Boots
- Unless your name is Julie Roberts and it's 1990, you can't pull this off.

9) Rompers
- Sorry, Blake Lively, you might need a new wardrobe... eeek!

8) Hippie (Fore)headbands
- I refuse to even comment. Ugh, gross.

7) Shoulder Pads
- I mean maybe for some freakish sci-fi musical?

6) Anything Neon
- Nobody, yes I said nobody, looks good in neon. Ever. Ever.

5) Colored Ray Ban Sunglasses
- Are those 3D glasses?

4) Uggs and Booty Shorts
- Perhaps these people are habitually indecisive about their day plans? I mean I have a hard time choosing between snow shoeing and beach volleyball too.

3) Bump-its
- People must see some girl's hair and wonder if she has an oddly shaped head or has stored her lunch leftovers under her hair. It's just weird...

2) Crocs
- I don't care how comfortable and amazing some say these shoes are, they are hands down, without-a-doubt ugly.

1) Leggings as Pants
- It doesn't matter how skinny you are, tights do not = pants. Seriously.


Well, when all is said and done, I know there are far too many terrible trends still circulating in the world. So tell me... What is your biggest fashion pet peeve?


  1. meggles, i agree with every single thing you said!

  2. You just made fun of my entire wardrobe!!! Seriously?!!? hahaha kidding! i meeees zuuu!

  3. oh my gosh, did you write all the comments for each fashion faux pas?! they were hilarious! nice work, you cracked me up this morning! :)

  4. Why hello friends - thank you for reading and for your posts!

    Miss Amanda, I did create the comments for each one - it was such a good time! ;) I'm still wondering what 2 plans Britney may be deciding between... gee golly! So happy that I could bring some more laughter into your morning!


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