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March 4, 2010

Anywhere But Here

It's a busy, but quiet day at the office. Most of my wonderful co-workers are either MIA or have appointments over our usual intra-office lunch date. So today I decided to close my office door and eat my lunch in the peace of my own blogging thoughts.

Trying to de-stress from a jam-packed morning, I just wanted to let my mind wander wherever it pleases, and today it keeps taking me back to lovely San Francisco.

Ever since I moved back to the Midwest after living in SF, I miss that darn city on a daily basis! The beautiful scenery, gourmet food, live music, street vendors. San Francisco is packed with so much culture in 7 square miles that it almost doesn't know what to do with itself.

Mmmmm... I love it!

Calm and relaxing. Let it take you over for a minute.

On a beautiful day like today, I am pretty sure I would rather be anywhere but here in my office. Picnicking in the huge grassy area in Alamo Squares with the Painted Ladies to admire in the distance. Watch the puppies wrestle each other and the mamas chase their babies all over.

On my days off work, I loved Strolling along the rocky shore line at Baker Beach, or taking the Powell-Hyde Trolley to get a chocolate ice-cream sundae at Ghirardelli Square. Some days I'd hop over the Golden Gate Bridge to do some shopping in quaint little Sausalito, and be back in just enough time to catch the gorgeous sunset over Crissy Field.

"my" lovely 'painted ladies'~San Francisco

I even miss my teeny tiny 400 square foot studio apartment nestled in the Mission District, or that 90 degree Santa Ana heat wave that took over the whole city. Who knew SF didn't have air conditioning? I remember going home to my stifling studio, changing into my swimsuit, and laying on the tile floor to cool down until the sun set over the city - haha!

And I knew that little artsy Mission neighborhood like the back of my hand! I went from barely being able to to get on the BART subway, to waking up at 7 a.m. with the locals to snag a fresh pastry at Tartine Bakery before they were sold out an hour later.

I miss working across the street from the Pixar studio in Emeryville, where there gates are covered in gorgeous blush rose bushes all the way around the campus. Where the day they released Wall-e we could hear their al fresco party celebration.

Everyday on the bus I would play a little game with myself to try and guess who worked for Pixar, and wait to see if they got off at the Pixar gate. Just a hunt... if they are wearing holey jeans, a slouchy beanie, and wearing a canvas one shoulder bag with a sketch book sticking out, chances are you will be right! ;)

Yes, San Francisco has stolen a piece of my heart and I guess I'm going to have to return to the Bay Area to get it back... or fall in love all over again. *sigh*

Although San Francisco is one of my very favorite places to be, I wonder what new city I will discover next. This spring/summer is the perfect time to travel somewhere new and find another amazing place! But where should I go next? East coast? Up to the mountains? Somewhere exotic? Now my mind is really going!

Where is your mind taking you today? 
Are you craving some travel and a new adventure like I am?


  1. I didn't know that you lived in San Fran! Very cool! My mind is thinking of Croatia, where Don & I plan to travel soon for a relaxing week or so together on the sand! And it's my job to find our hotel! I love that part :)

  2. Yes! I lived in the Mission District while doing a public relations and event planning internship. It was heavenly!

    Oh my goodness, Croatia! That sounds so unbelievably amazing! Is he going to be on some kind of block or leave time? That sounds like another honeymoon-style exotic getaway for you guys, but I bet it helps when you live in the middle of lovely Europe - amazing traveling at your fingertips!

    Is Don away right now... I saw your cooking for one FB post! If so, hang in there girly!

    Your comment makes me smile! I hope you will keep us posted on your fun Croatia hotel possibilities!

  3. Meg, where to next? I hate to say it, I took a short trip to St. Louis and it was enough. I think KC has made me complacent and St. Louis made me realize how much I miss the culture, the food, the good life.

    The southern coast of Croatia has some beautiful beaches, would love to go there but I'm thinking Turkey next.


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