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August 7, 2013

Love Letters

Dear Sugar Britches //
Thanks for letting me call you absurd nicknames like sugar britches. Or wubber face.
You make life so fun. I love that you're up for any spontaneous adventure, like when we walked 3 miles to dinner Monday. What's even better? The fact that you've already made a spreadsheet of places within a 5 mile walking distance for more adventures.

Dear Chipotle //
You've come to the rescue once again, I'm so glad you are blocks away. I was so pumped/proud when I prepared my Pinterest-inspired BBQ crockpot chicken yesterday morning... and what a major flop. The guac tasted extra scrumptious last night for some reason... ;)

Dear Boxed Wine //
You are trouble. Pure trouble, and I love you.

Dear Friday Night Lights //
Shame on you for being so gosh darn good. You've kept me up every night this week by feeding my addiction. I mean, how can you expect me to watch just a few episodes a night, when the next one is just a click away after an intense cliff hanger?

Dear Dreamland //
Between dreaming we picked out a red headed baby with hazel/green eyes at the grocery store, horses herding runaway dogs at my cousin's house, and getting sprayed by a skunk who looked like a cheetah, you keep me wildly entertained.

Dear Hubs //
(Yes, you always get two letters) Thanks for pretending like that super dry/burnt crockpot meal was edible. Oh, and for chuckling each morning while I stumbled through explaining my wacko dreams... while I was still asleep. Love your handsome face off.


Happy Hump Day, you little Sassy Things you!

PS - Kitchen renovation reveal coming tomorrow!! 

PPS - Don't miss out on the LaMaLu Boutique giveaway - SO many cute things!

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  1. Its always fun giving our significant other cute "nicknames" lol

  2. FNL - YES! We watched the whole series a couple years ago and it is just so good! Netflix is trouble now, how it automatically starts the next episode, so we don't really have to "decide" to watch another one, it just happens.

  3. You guys are way too fun! I love the idea of walking to dinner each night. Helps burn off those unwanted cals. ;)

    Love chipotle and boxed wine. I think we'd get along just fine! xo

  4. Chipotle ALWAYS saves my life. I know the exact total of what my boyfriend and I get....whoopsies.

  5. Oooooh boxed wine and Chipotle...


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