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August 2, 2013

Let Bestie Weekend Commence!

See that sassy lady?

Yup, that's Lindsey.
My bestie.
She lives in Oklahoma.

Feel free to call her "Yins", "Yinsanator", or Linds if you'd like.. I don't think I've ever called her by her real name. :)

Isn't she stunning?

I met Linds at my very first big girl job when I lived in Oklahoma City and we clicked right away. Even though we only lived in the same city for 10 months, we developed an amazing friendship that we've kept up long distance for more than 4+ years now.

With a 5 hour gap keeping us apart, I am so ready for a reunion... and today's the day!
Adam and the dudes are hitting the road for a cabin weekend, which leaves us girls to party hardy.

Here's a little glimpse into our overly girly weekend...


// Friday
I can't wait to bust out of here like a bat out of hell coem 5 p.m.! If it doesn't pour cats and dogs, I have a quick blog photo shoot, and then we're off to dinner on the town. Linds loves Blanc Burgers + Bottles, so we may have to go there.

Later tonight? Crafting, girl talk, Redbox, chocolate, and wine. Lots of wine.

// Saturday
Umm... sleeping in. Thank goodness that girl likes to sleep in - I'm le pooped! Once we roll around, we'll probably take Bella Beast on a super long walk or hit up my favorite Zumba class for a sweat sesh.

The afternoon will consist of a gross amount of outlet shopping (we've been know to cause serious damage), baking for my big girls night party, and crafting!

Saturday night, all the girls are coming over to my casa for a Favorite Things Party (recap next week!) - I can't wait! I've been working on lots of cute crafts, decor, and party favors!

// Sunday
Since we go to evening church, we may hit up the theater for a super cheap morning movie or head to brunch somewhere sassy.


More than anything, I can't wait to just catch up, relax, and enjoy how effortless and easy it is to be around such a beautiful friend. Love her and can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans we get ourselves into!

What are you girls up to this weekend??

// In Case You Missed It //

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PS - I totally lied about posting my kitchen renovation! Dues to rainy weather and poor kitchen natural light this week, I plan to post next week! Stay tuned!!


  1. Have a great weekend!!!! Outlet shopping=best thing ever.

  2. Were those your bridesmaids dresses? I just wore that for a wedding I was in!

  3. Hope y'all enjoy your weekend!


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