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August 27, 2013

On The List

It may be the weather, the fact that my 4-day weekend is around the corner, or that September means vacation time, but I am just one happy girl. So many things on my list that have made me smile.

Just a few obsessions that I absolutely cannot get enough of lately...

1// Fall Cooking + Baking

Have you seen my Pinterest boards lately? I am dying to bake anything and everything Autumn themed. Focus on seasonal fruits and veggies, and make my delicious homemade gooey cinnamon rolls. Soon enough!

2// Great Deals

As I said earlier, September marks our big trip out to the East coast to see my sis/bro-in-law. Both Boston and Cape Cod are promising cool evenings, so I've been on the hunt to find a cute flattering jacket to tote around with me.

Well, I should've know LOFT would have exactly what I was looking for! I found this awesome khaki jacket with a super flattering cinched waist... and for 40% off, I knew it had my name written all over it. Getting better at buying quality wardrobe staples!

3// Al Fresco

I'm obsessed with being outside. I've been making myself wake up early just to feel the wind in my hair as Beast and I go for a nice morning run. Dying to open the windows and let fresh air sweep through our little abode. Granted, I would prefer the temperature to stop creeping up into the 90s, but cooler breezes and lots of evening on the deck our coming our way soon.

4// DIY Projects

With fall baking comes fall fever, which simply means that I'm ready to break out autumn decor, make a nice monogram burlap wreath, and take on some easy home projects. Not to mention getting my Cozy Couture Etsy shop back up and going. Ready to knock out some crocheted chevron baby blankies like the one I'm working on now!

5// Thoughtful Hubs

Yesterday was an emotionally hard and exhausting day at work. Came home to flowers and one of my favorite chocolate bars. Someone give this guy a medal!

6// New Toms

Yup, I've got my eyes on this pairthis pair, these wedges, and this pair. If I can meet my workout goal several weeks in a row, I'm totally going to treat myself... to one pair. Don't think I could get away with 4 pairs on the debit statement ;)

What exciting things have made your list lately?

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  1. Love the jacket! That will be perfect for fall and spring. I'm eying the gray version now...

  2. How much are your grey, double button head wraps in your Etsy shop? They are TOO cute!

  3. I baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday, I need some home baked cookies!

  4. How much will the blankets be?? I considered messaging you back on Instagram to see if I could persuade you to make me one instead of me attempting to learn! Lol

  5. Fall stuff is super exciting!! I just had a mini stay-cation and have to go back to work tomorrow, but on my list it's 1) new exciting opportunities, 2) getting back into my workout schedule, 3) new books to read, and 4) dinner dates with friends! :) Hope you're doing well!

  6. I want it to be fall! But with today's high being 94... it's hard to get in the mood for sweaters and jackets and boots. :(

  7. Girl, we think the same way! I'm so ready for some fall decor, baking, and my new TOMS were delivered last week ( . :)


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