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December 28, 2011

The Slim Down + Cute Gear

You've seen them everywhere.
Plastered across magazine headlines, endorsing products, and on TV. Successful slim downs of real people who look and feel really good!

I can't help but be inspired by the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Osborne! They look so awesome and healthy, and they sure as heck didn't get there by sitting around and eating Christmas cookies!

So if you're like me, and you're getting back on track after the holidays, consider jumping on MyFitnessPal! I absolutely love this free online program! It has a free app for smart phones, and adds major accountability to eating right and working out! I lost 4 lbs easily (before gaining back a few the last couple weeks), so I can do it! If you're joining, friend me: LifeofMeg

{ My healthy photo motivation? Erin Andrews. }

Now we all know we can't jump on the slim down bandwagon until we gain some motivation! Naturally, it's hard to get excited about working out, but it's amazing what cute workout clothes can do...

{ Current Crushes }


Lucy Novelty Propel Knee Pant - on sale $39!

Lululemon Energy Bra - $42

Lululemon Back On Track Tank - $64

GAP gFsat Colorblock Pants - $54

Casio Solar Running Watch - $14

Bondi Band Workout Headbands (They're SO cute!) - $8


So there you have it... my shopping list! One thing I've learned is to not wait until you've reached your goal weight to buy workout clothes - you've got to feel cute and comfortable NOW while you're on your way there!

I'm starting 30 Day Shred tonight for the first time, and I'm really nervous/excited! I may have to place my Bondi Band order super soon.

Adam and I have decided to make running dates for Saturdays/Sundays to help us get ready for our half marathon. I'm going to need something to keep my long hair out of my face. Has anyone tried these? I need a recommendation!

Know of any great workout shopping? Help a sister out!


  1. I tried MyFitnessPal for about a day and then stopped because I couldn't figure out--how do you keep track of your calories when you make something yourself? It works great for frozen dinners and other prepackaged things, but how do you track meals from recipes?

  2. I've heard a lot of people liking Bic Bands. A little more pricey but they say they don't slip. They're on my to get list.

  3. 30 Day Shred will really work you out!! :) Love your list!

  4. I love MyFitnessPal, I mainly use it for logging my workouts though. I am sure if I logged my food too, I would lose weight much faster.

    I am starting a New Years Biggest Loser Challenge. No winners and No Losers just a place to document your workouts and for encouragement :) Check out my blog for my details and spread the word if you want to join. The more the merrier. :o)

  5. Love this post! So excited for you :-) I enjoy my bondi band, it truly stays in place and sort of wicks sweat off your forehead. Only thing is its really wide, so I fold the sides in a bit and I'm good to go. Jm 30 day shred is great too! I also use my fitness pal, but December has been a bit weak on tracking this month. Hairbyadrian is my username, let's connect!

  6. I am trying to get back onto the healthy bandwagon as well. I feel like all I did for 2 weeks during Christmas break was eat! UGH! Now it's time to think about bathing suit season!

  7. Let me know if the Bondi Bands work - I've tried a couple different sets and they always slip off.


  8. I definitely need a watch like that, but most of the ones I've found are super expensive. I'm definitely going to check that one out though! And I'm with you-- (re)starting the 30 Day Shred. I love it but have never been able to finish it.

  9. Love the 30 Day Shred!!

  10. I love those pink straps! Super cute. Love the color too :)

    I just wear what's comfy as far as workout gear, sorry no tips for you :(

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  11. Im training for a half marathon too! my fave thing to do to keep my hair out of my face is to french braid my bangs to the side and put my hair in a pony. it looks cute and stays up for 10 miles no problem!

    good luck!

  12. I have had myfitnesspal for a while, but I normally forget to update it. It's one of my "resolutions" to start and I've started it a little early. I just "friended" you. :)


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