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December 27, 2011

I'm a BIG GIRL Now!

Alrighty friends, I'm back!
Thanks for all your sweet messages wondering where I was. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off for Christmas, and it was a much needed break from being so plugged in!

Did everyone have a good holiday? Did Santa come visit you?

Well, I had an awesome Christmas with my family. Adam and I drove down to Wichita to enjoy time before the holidays together at my parents house. He left right before Christmas Eve to head back to KC with his family.

If you were wondering if I was a good girl this year... well I was! I was absolutely shocked to have received this beauty from Santa...

This is something I definitely didn't ask for, but was very appreciated! I feel like such a big girl, especially because I've only had the same ancient TV that I got when I was in 7th grade. Seriously.

My shiny new addition is currently sitting on the world's smallest beat-up wicker table. It's GOT to go! Now all I want to do is go furniture shopping for a cool table for my pretty TV to sit on. This is my current inspiration...

I would love an over-sized table/console that can not only house my TV but pretty decor too! Naturally, I'm in love with all things Crate & Barrel/Pottery Barn, but that may be a little too pricey. There are a few local shops having good sales this week...

Anybody have any other suggestions?!


  1. So fun! I surprised Dylan with a tv 2 years ago and we love it! I would love the look of an old table but we just don't have the space and with moving so often, spending a lot when it could potentially get broken isn't realistic. We found one at Walmart that is pretty nice and we'll hopefully get it soon!

    Good luck on your search! You'll find the perfect one that fits your style!

  2. We need a new TV stand thing too. Our TV is old and huge, but the baby has started getting into the stand we have and I need one with doors! Those that you chose are gorgeous! Hope you find what you're looking for!

  3. I want an oversized console also! They're so expensive though.

  4. TJ Maxx! I've gotten so many good deals on furniture pieces, and you might be able to find a cute coffee table or dresser!

  5. I LOVE the black table! It's so pretty!

  6. Oh girl, that TV is a great gift!! Two suggestions for a good but inexpensive console: 1) Pier One, 2) Hobby Lobby (for realz!) We have found two pieces of furniture for the living room at Pier One and actually purchased our bedroom TV console at Hob Lob!

  7. What an awesome gift! I LOVE that first photo...everything looks so put together, but casual at the same time. Win!

    Happy New Year (in a few days)!!

    megs [at] Shine On

  8. Ahhh such a beauty!! Congrats on being a good girl and getting a fancy new tv.

  9. I got my pretty TV stand at Target-- they have some gorgeous stuff.


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