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April 13, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 9

My scale won't budge!!
Darn it all to heck, no big news this morning. I half expected it after my brother was in town all weekend and we ate out constantly (ew).

I've been hitting it hard at the gym, so that I can keep pushing through to my next goal. I have told myself this is zero tolerance time. I am in my best friend's wedding in 2 months, so that means I have 8 weeks to get into bridesmaid shape! The fastest way to get there is cut out empty calories, extra carbs, eat fresh and up my workouts!

Due to crunch time, this also means no extras, no junk, no adult beverages, no excuses. There are only so many "my diet starts tomorrow" excuses until you're no longer comfortable in your clothes right? Right! So I'm ready to kick it in to extra high gear!

{ Weekly Weight Loss = 0 lbs }

{ Total Weight Loss = 6.2 lbs }

I really need to keep better track in my food journal of absolutely everything so that I don't forget about those little extras! I mean that glass of wine and that cookie always seem to miss my food journal... hmmm.

I also need to be extra careful and get my workouts in while I'm on vacation this weekend! Healthy snacks are needed for our 8 hour car ride and my running shoes/iPod are coming too!

Any help/tips/advice?
I need to focus and I just know you ladies have some awesome tricks of the trade!

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!


  1. I totally understand! We went out of town last weekend and ate out every meal. Despite my best efforts, I didn't do very well. :(

    I just started using MyFitnessPal to track calories and workouts and I'm loving it so far. I also love that you can have friends on there that are also trying to get in shape, so you can encourage each other.

  2. When I go on long car rides if I don't pack snacks I end up going on a candy binge! I like packing fruit, almonds, crackers, sunflower seeds, etc.

  3. Keep it up- there will always be weeks where nothing will happen! I think it's your body getting used to your new lifestyle. I always work out watching movies- makes the time fly- either on my ipod/ipad or on tv- I can be on the elliptical for 45 min and not even notice :)

  4. Almonds are a great snack! What helps me is chewing gum...I know that sounds weird but it keeps my mouth busy :)

  5. I totally understand! It's so hard to stay focused while traveling! Snacks-bag up some almonds in portion sizes, along with fresh fruit, and WW cheese sticks. WALK, WALK, WALK! I went out of town 2 weeks ago & ate like crap, but we walked everywhere we went & I ended up losing 4lbs! :)

  6. Take a TON of fresh veggies. Pick some up at your destination. I'm a 'bored' eater, so I cut up raw green pepper, cauliflower, and snap peas and go through half a gallon bag a day, easy. Not only is not hurtful, but it's helpful!

  7. Good luck with the project!

    Try food journal, eat LOTS of veggies and fruits, forget everything that looks like fried, and remember portion control. These are my typical advices to my personal training clients who are trying to get rid of some extra pounds.
    Oh, and forget the fast food too. And drink lots of water, also before the meals so don't feel that hungry. Lastly, since the restaurant portions are so huge here, eat only half, and take the other half with you as a dinner later.
    Also, switch from eggs to egg whites, prefer no cheese or non-fat cheese options.

    And then lastly, try to work out at least 30 mins every day. And keep track of your workouts too.

  8. SWIM!
    Swimming exercises every muscle in your body. I usually drop 10 pounds in a few weeks when I start swimming each summer.......

    But, I learned the hard way to NOT reward myself with sugar free candy.
    It gives me (and other people too) enough gas to heat an entire house!

  9. Next time you go out or know your going out try to search the menu that way you know in your mind what would be good, ok, and horrible to put. I feel like on the spur of the moment we make choices because it sounds soo soo goo but if we go prepare we can make better choices.

    Hopefully next week you'll see a lost

  10. After starting Insanity and dealing with some personal issues, my weight loss has kind of slowed. I'm still losing, but not a lot. I think my body just has to get used to the intense workouts first. I can tell a difference in my body, just not the scale! Keep up your work girl!

  11. I just FINALLY kicked my butt into gear. I had used that, "next Monday I'll start" excuse for FAR too long.

    I'm down 8 pounds since April 1st. A lot of it had to be water weight though. I too had family in town and tons of eating out right at the end of March.

    Just keep focus and pack a lot of low cal snacks for your trip. Granola bars, 100 calorie pack items, fresh veggies and fruit in snack baggies. Fat free low calorie yogurt. The easy to eat in the car stuff that's better for you.

    Oh, and one of my "go-to" items that most scoff at, Beef Jerky. I keep a few small pieces in a baggie in my purse at all times. When I am hungry that little bit of low fat protein keeps me going. Lots of low cal snacks are high in carbs which tends to give me headaches. I need protein!

    Good luck!

  12. I don't have any advice but I can offer support and encouragement!! Go Megan you can do it!! You are doing awesome!!! lol Hope that helps! Love and miss you!!

  13. I'm in the same boat girl! I've been eating terribly lately (mostly because of stress) and my scale is showing it! Keep in mind though, you've still lost over 6 pounds and that is AWESOME!!


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