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April 20, 2011

Royal Wedding: The Obsession

It's safe to say I'm officially obsessed.
The countdown 'til this amazing Royal Wedding is drawing to a close and I get more and more excited every day!

I think my obsession culminated yesterday afternoon after seeing the awesome Royal Wedding memorabilia on Poodleism - one of my faves!

When I thought things couldn't get any better, my cousins called about amazing Royal Wedding watch party plans for next Friday!

So apparently, Union Station Kansas City is having a huge watch party with festivities beginning at 3 a.m. until the royal wedding is broadcast on a jumbo screen in the middle of Union Station at 6 a.m.

{ Isn't Union Station gorgeous? }

The watch party is free admission and includes a yummy breakfast. There will be several awesome giveaways going on that morning too!

While we wait for Kate and Wills, we can view the new Princess Diana exhibit (including her wedding dress and her diamond tiaras!), exclusive to KC. Ever since the exhibit opened in March it has attracted thousands of people and I seriously cannot contain my excitement!


On another note...

I'm tossing around the idea of throwing a small royal wedding watch party/celebration reception that evening with my cousins and maybe a few friends.

{ Royal Wedding Party }

fancy tea + fresh english scones + strawberry champagne
cucumber sandwiches + mini wedding cakes
girl chat + wedding on repeat
= amazing evening!

Too fun right?!
I think I may buy some princess crowns and fake bling rings at the dollar store for us to glitz around in all evening!

In case you aren't excited enough, check out this AMAZING t-Mobile Royal Wedding spoof! The actors look exactly like the royal family - love it!

.:: Do you have Royal Wedding plans? ::.



  1. Those cupcakes are too cute! And Gosh, wasn't Princess Diana just beautiful? I can't wait to see this shindig go down!!!

    This was a fun post, I enjoyed reading it!


  2. I'm trying to have wedding plans, but no one here cares as much as I do!!! I was raised on the royal family -- my mother is Canadian. I watched Princess Anne's first wedding, Charles and Diana's, Andrew and Fergie's, Edward and Sophie's; I remember the day William was born, with frenzied phone calls back and forth to my mother in the pre-internet age when we hoped that one or the other of us had heard SOMEthing on the radio or t.v. No one else wants to get up early enough to watch, especially since you can watch it 854 times online and in reruns now. Bunch of party poopers here ... :(

  3. I'm excited to watch! Coverage here starts at's gonna be a late night!

  4. What a fabulous commercial! haha


  5. I think I've just caught royal wedding fever too, but I won't be up in the middle of the night to watch - I will definitely be recording it.

  6. I am soooooooo excited for the Royal Wedding!!! I cannot wait to watch it all night and wee in the morning. I am doing blogs about it =) I love that video too funny

  7. None for me, I need my rest... My wedding is the next day!!

  8. Yep- Having a cocktail/garden party BBQ (Weather permitting) to make a big deal of it. We also have Union Jack bunting, flags, party poppers etc and I am going to attempt to make a red, white and blue cake haha!! In the UK most people have a day off work for a public holiday woo!! Hope you enjoy it (despite the crazy early time it will be for you!).

  9. I am so excited I can't even TAKE IT! 9 days!!!! I am so jelly that you get to see Di's wedding dress! How amazing!

  10. Oh man, I wish that commercial was how their wedding was actually going to be.

    That strawberry champagne looks so good! And I love the Brit cupcakes! (I also like how the person above me uses the word jelly for jealous also. I thought I was the only one!)

  11. i love the tea bags! so cute and funny! also, i'm so jealous you'll get to see princess diana's dress!

  12. i'm not obsessed with this wedding but that ring... OMG... looove it!

  13. Hey, can I come to your party?

    Thanks so much for the shout out, sweet blog fried! Have a super Thursday!


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