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April 25, 2011

Mingle Monday Blog Hop!

Good morning, my friends!
Did everyone have a wonderful Easter? I hope you all had your fair share of chocolate bunnies and celebrating hope!I sure had a blast with my cute fam and didn't want to make the drive back to KC last night.

Unfortunately, now it's back to reality and I am pretty sleepy this morning. Case of the Mondays for sure! Luckily you have all joined me to at least add a little sparkle to our Mondays - thanks for visiting!

{ Who's ready? }


Special Request...

Will you help spread the word about Mingle Monday? I want Mingle Monday to be a quality blog hop with lots of new friends and blogs to discover every week.

Please try to pass the word along in a post today - I am always SO grateful to all of you who keep Mingle Monday fresh and fun by spreading the word! A million thank yous!

Mingle 240


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Answer the weekly question...

** What is your favorite fool proof mascara? **
(I'm in the market and need girly advice!!)


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **

Make your Monday amazing!!


  1. Happy Easter! And thanks for always hosting Mingle Monday :)

    I always go with Cover Girl waterproof mascara. I'm kind of looking to try something new though, I always have smudge issues.

    BTW - I really wish I had seen your post about free Starbucks before I forgot my reusable travel mug and bought my coffee! Next year...

  2. I Actually don't even have a favorite full proof mascara, I keep trying on different ones.
    Looking forward to hearing what everybody else says. Maybe I can steal a few ideas.

  3. I usually go with basic Great Lash...but I found some Almay on sale that was really nice...

  4. happy easter chickadee! i hope you had a wonderful weekend :) my fave mascara is the classic mabelline cheapo stuff (green and pink packaging!) i also like urban decays stuff but its much more expensive :) xoox jcd

  5. Yaay a new blog hop :) I use Lash Stiletto mascara. It is SO awesome, makes my lashes long and smooth, and even have a healthy shine! I have both regular and waterproof ;)


  6. Now that other people have joined in...

    I visited WhitSpeaks, and I love the fun feel of her blog. Can totally relate to final week stress - can't wait til everything is over!

    Also visited Cornflake Dreams. I always love reading this blog. It's so pretty and she does the best photo collages!

  7. I love Benefit mascaras! They're great!

    I visited WhitSpeaks! Her blog is adorable and she just did a Mud Run which is awesome!

    I also checked out Lu3Lus Crossing...she just did a fabulous wedding post!

  8. I like Maybelline's Stiletto Mascara, I rarely repeat buy mascara, but I've bought this one like 3 times.

    I visited Cornflake Dreams, she's got a cute post on wedding venues and a delicious looking Cadbury Egg Brownie thing happening, I had to exit quickly because Cream eggs and I have an unhealthy Easter relationship!

    I also visited Sincerely Jill and she has a really cute post with some swoon-worthy shoes from Target, which makes me really sad because we don't have Target in Canada :(

  9. I went and visited Food Floozie and found the perfect snack for pregnant me! OMG, I love it.

    Then I went to VBH and saw a cute project that she out together. Adorable and very crafty!

    Ooohhhh, mascara, my biggest challenge too. I wish I knew. When you find out, let me know! I need advice too!


  10. Lady! I'm in for my first Mingle Monday, here's crossing my fingers that everyone enjoys. Enjoyed my hop over at Cornflake Dreams and Nest for all Seasons... I'll check back for other minglers.

    Mascara, I love and hate the stuff. Best splurge: Diorshow. It makes your lashes go ka-bam! The waterproof kind is REALLY waterproof almost to the point of challenging to get off at all. Lately I've been using Zu Zu mascara that I found at Whole Foods. It's nice and natural.

  11. Thanks for hosting again Meg! I visited Life on a Stick, who has the most adorable daughter {and another baby on the way!} and Life's Journey with a Smile, who is celebrating her one year blog anniversary.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter my dear!


  12. oh girl-my new favorite mascara is maybelline's stiletto lashes! it's amazing!

  13. I love the Maybelline stiletto lashes too, which seems to be the consensus!

    I visited so many great blogs today, Whit's blog, Cornflake Dreams, Love is Home! All awesome! Thanks for hosting!

  14. Hey! First time here{thanks to Whit's blog}! I'm excited to get my mingle on, thanks for hosting!! I use CG's lash blast in the purple tube...I swear by it:)

  15. As always, love Mingle Monday, thanks for another edition.

    Today I visited Lulus Crossing and she posted about how much she loves Mingle Monday (just like I do!).
    Also visited Bowling Adventures and her blog is great, posted about her weekend, her sister going through some hard times (but hoping getting better soon) as well as movie I am dying to watch.

    Sorry I cannot help with the mascara, I am very allergic and unable to wear any.

  16. I have officially fallen in love with Chanel's Inimitable Waterproof mascara. I just started using it but it lasts forever and still comes off clean at the end of the day!

    Today I visited Joelle at Where We Love Is Home. I love her writing style. She is a true word magician. She always posts the best pictures to go with her writing as well. Definitely a must read!

    I also visited Sincerely Jill. She had a great recipe for shrimp and cilantro lime rice which I'm excited to try out this week! Also I'm more than interested in trying out Chipotle thanks to her endorsement!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!


  17. Happy Mingle Monday Meg! Thanks for Hosting this! I hope you had a great Easter :o)

    I'm excited to tell you about the mascara that I use. It's called "Fiberwig" paint on lashes. I purchased it at Sephora made by a Japenese company. It's like painting on micro fibers onto your lashes. I have found that this mascara does not smear black all over your eyes and doesn't flake all over your face. It's an amazing product. Please search it online and I'm sure they will have more product information.

    Have a great day and I would love to hear what you have chosen :o)

    Nancy with

  18. Happy Easter Meg, thanks for hosting!

    Mascara..... I'm really really bad about grabbing the first one that I see on the shelf at CVS, so I'm not a whole lot of help.

    I visited The Mean Girl Diaries and loved her pictures of her gorgeous daughter. It looks like they had a great Easter :)

    I also visited Greer's Gossip, and she just read Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo! I highly recommend it if you haven't read it yet!

    Have a great week!

  19. For mascara, I use covergirl lash exact, the waterproof one in black. I absolutely love it!!

    I stopped by Virginia Beach Housewife where she posted a REALLY cute DIY wall art design for her son's room. I'm going to think of ways to use that in my new apartment...

    Then I went to Such life in the tropics where she successfully has completed the first half of her project. I wish her luck for the second half!

  20. Hi Meg!! Hope you had a lovely Easter! My favorite mascara is Covergirl lash blast mascara. It's awesome and doesn't flake off or anything. I like to keep a second clean lash blast wand to declump after I apply and let dry.

    I visited The Mean Girl Diaries, she is super sweet and has this adorable 2 year old daughter. I look forward to reading more from her.

    I also visited Cornflake Dreams, she had a post about her wedding venue options, they all looked great! Looks like she is in all out wedding planning mode, and I just love me some weddings!

  21. Hi friend, happy Monday!

    I checked out Urban Corner. Love this blog. I love when back-to-back posts are about french toast and P90X Insanity. Girl after my own heart.

    Also, I read A little Bit of this and the blind date series. It's so refreshing to read a single girl blogging about her world, rather than the mommy/wife life.

    Fave Mascara? I swear by Maybelline Collosal Volume in Black. I have to go waterproof because of my allergies. This stuff is great.

    Have a great week!

  22. one more thing: Mingle Monday shout out here:

  23. no time to visit blogs yet, but I HIGHLY recommend L'Oreal. I honestly can't remember the style name of it, but it's a very simple dark dark grey tube with a gold twist cap for the wand. I switch back and forth between that and CoverGirl 'Falsies' mascara. Both make your lashes look wicked. The L'Oreal goes on very smoothly, too, and adds both length and volume.

  24. stopped by WhitSpeak..shes almost done with a semseter of college and looking forward to summer :) ahhh jealous!

    also stopped by the mean girl diaries. omg. she has quite possibly the cutest kid ever!!!

    annd last but not least stopped by simple.little.joys and rachel had videos up of popular songs from the 90s. sigh. it seriously took me back. too funny!

    thanks for hosting meg! :) xoxo jillian

  25. I use LOreal or Rimmel, I'm super picky about my eye makeup so Rimmels usually my fav although the only eyeliner that works for me is MAC.

    Stopped by Mean Girl's which made me miss easter egg hunts and Simple Little Joys which brought back some memories with old music.

  26. Oooo my 1st Monday Mingle :-)

    Answer- I love Rimmel Glam Eyes and the on with the princess crown picture on the brush lol!! I'm not sure where you can get Rimmel outside the UK though?

    I've stopped by a few blogs and will keep going...

    Simple little joys- A fabulous post to take me back to being 16 again with some fab songs :-) Any post which mentions the BSB gets my attention haha!

    Cornflake Dreams- I loved looking at the wedding venues :-) I may be single but I like to imagine haha!!

    Colour Me Neurotic- I loved some Samsung love!!

  27. I visited Relevant Notes & Lu3Lu's crossing...both AWESOME blogs (:

  28. Hi there! Hope you're Monday got better! I like L'Oreal Full n' Soft...I don't like how some mascaras make your lashes feel so stiff!

    I visited Color Me Neurotic- loved that she listed the Nook Color as a fave and she just finished reading a book I'm right in the middle of!

    And A Little Bit of Everything- she had a bridal shower recap- so cute!

  29. Ahhh I can't seem to find a great mascara! I hate when they are all clumpy! Hoping to see some good ideas on here! :)

  30. I stopped by Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls and found a fellow lover for UFC fighting!
    Simple Little Joys had some awesome music videos from the 90's, it was a great blast from the past.

    And if you find a good mascara, let me know please! I have yet to find a good one.

  31. I like that old classic Maybelline Great Lash.

    I visited A Buckeye in Badgerland and agreed with her stance on the importance of unnecessary belts.

    I also visited Faster than Forever, who has an adorable little kitten named Bert. So cute!

    Happy Easter Monday everyone!

  32. Oops, sorry ladies! Bert belongs to A Buckeye in Badgerland. Faster than Forever had a bee situation on her patio, but her man came to the rescue :)

  33. Geez...good mascara...I wish I had one to reccomend...I can't wait to see what everyone else says.
    This week I visited Sincerely Jill...she had an awesome cilantro rice I can't wait to try
    I also visited Bowling Adventures. She has a really cute blog, but I was more struck by her sister's story. I can't even imagine going through what she and her family are right now, so they are definitely in my thoughts and prayers

  34. I visited...

    Kelsie at Jesus, Bring the Rain: Her birthday was last week so go give her some belated well-wishes!

    Christy at 25 Before 25: She has Newsweeks Top 100 Books List on her page. I hope to read through this list in the next several years! Her "love/don't love" post is cute and creative :)

    Renata at Desperately Seeking Starbucks: First of all, her blog title is awesome. Second, she lives in WI!

  35. I love the giant orange Covergirl mascara -- the one from the commercial with Drew Barrymore -- :-)

    So, this is my first time at Mingle Monday! Such a great idea!

    I visited:

    Where we Love is Home. Such a sweet and girlie blog look!

    Bless this Nest. I am IN LOVE with the bird banner at the top. I would steal it for my blog if I were the blog stealer type!

    Sasta. Very beautiful photos of the great outdoors - my favorite place to be.

  36. Mascara- such a difficult topic for me. :) I use the volumizing Bare Escenutals mascara. It's just okay. I like it, but it clumps a lot, so I have to use a comb. Sometimes I just use a defining mascara with it, which works. Big impact. Just a lot of work. Let us know what you choose!

    I visited The Mean Girl Diaries, which I really loved! Pretty Easter photos.

    I also visited On the Front Porch Looking In, which I'm glad to have found! Sweet blog. She had a crafting tutorial, which is always fun for me.

    Thanks again- Mingle Monday is such a great way to find new blogs!

  37. I *just* bought new mascara and I really like it! Tarte Lights, Camera, Action

    Today I visited A Little Bit of Everything--she just had a bridal shower *and* is finishing up school. She's a busy girl!

    I also went to On the Front Porch Looking In. She turned an old t-shirt into necklaces--so clever!

    Happy Monday (night!)

  38. Hi Meg, I posted earlier about the mascara and had to wait till the kids went to bed to post about the two blogs I Visited..

    I visited "A Little Bit of Everything, such a happy day for her with her bridal shower!

    I also visited "25 before 25" Great blog! We had several things in common like an injured hamstring and running! *a new follower*

    Have a great week!

  39. I'm a sucker for all things Maybelline. It's honestly the best drugstore make up of all time. All time.

    Any Maybelline mascara is great, depending on my look I use a few different ones. For my everyday look, I like the yellow one/voluminous, it's great for making my lashes look thick and fake; great for under eye circles. For nights out I like the purple/falsies one because my lashes look longer, making me feel more "lady like." And finally, I love the classic pink/green one in blackest black.

    I never remember the exact names, but I love Maybelline. Their new Fit Me make up is great too.

  40. First Mingle!

    Really enjoyed the recipes on Domesticated Diva and AOG!

  41. Hello!

    I visited Bless this Nest. She took us down memory lane and posted some great pics.

    I also visited sincerely, Jill. She posted some of the crafts she did for an engagement party. Loved the cupcake flags!

    I don't wear much mascara but I've liked Clinique!

  42. Thanks for hosting mingle Monday, Meg!

    I visited mercurialmutt and yellowromancandles which are really awesome blogs!

    I haven't found the perfect mascara, but I generally like the Mac ones!

  43. sorry for the 3 entries! it kept telling me it was a failed attempt =/
    off to browse through blogs!

  44. I checked out Domesticated Diva & Simple little Joys

    Very happy with both of them!
    DD had me drooling with all her delicious looking baked goods, seriously - I need to get on that and find me a man.
    Simple little joys had me grinning, aha one word: HANSON.

    ahah thanks for this!

  45. I heard about your blog and Mingle Mondays from a friend and I just had to become a follower! Good job you doing, hey.

    I'm just starting out, please check me out --

    - PJ


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