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October 22, 2010

Sweet Weekend Wishes

Sweet weekend wishes to you, dear friends!
I saw this delicious spiced carrot cake on Mary Ruffle and just had to share... perhaps a decadent, rich carrot cake will be my next culinary feat?

Anyway, I am so happy that it is Friday and thankful for so many wonderful things...

+ morning puppy kisses
+ seeing my sweet family
+ my wonderful BF who takes care of me
+ ricola cherry & honey cough drops {go away yucky sickness!}
+ our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk event
{almost done... I can see the light!}
+ going on my San Francisco getaway in t-minus 5 days
+ casual Friday
+ FB wall posts that make me smile
+ good friends
+ another amazing weekend!!

.:: What are you up to this weekend? ::.


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  1. We have a Gala for Breast Canacer on Saturday and then just relaxing the remainder of the week-end.. if its nice weather we will take our furbabies for walks on the property.. xo HHL

  2. Um, that cake looks just wonderful! Yum, I love adore carrot cake! I should make one..perhaps this weekend.
    let's see I have a super busy Saturday ahead of me tomorrow. It all starts with a 9 mile group training run (YIKES), meeting two old old friends for lunch (Haven't seen them since 2003) and then a fun concert (The Temper Trap) with another old family friend at night! Whew! I will be exhausted by the time bed time comes but I'm excited!

  3. Super yummy picture. Now Im going to go downstairs to get fatter (i mean to buy something sweet). Lucky you with your SF trip soon. I hope you feel better soon

  4. Carrot cake...yummmm!!! I would love to be able to make a yummy carrot cake with delicious icing! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  5. Wheereeeee is Mingle Monday!?!?! My Mondays just aren't the same without a little bit of Mingling! Hope everything is okay, sweet girl! Can't wait to hear from YOU!

  6. Hi Meg! I have to say, I love your blog but have been a little disappointed lately :( Last week I missed Mingle Monday because I was out of town - but I participated the week before, and even featured you on my blog ( )! That week you didn’t even do a "must read list" - I was certain that my post about your great blog would at least get me a small mention. And now today, there is still no Mingle Monday. I know how busy life is, believe me, mine is crazy! Just want you to know that your readers love what you've been doing here and get a little heart-broken when you don’t come through :) Keep up the great blogging meg - and stop forgetting about Mingle Monday's - we love it!!

  7. That cake looks sooooo good...but where's my mingle monday? It's alright, girly, just letting you know I miss it :)


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