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October 4, 2010

Mingle Monday: Join the Fun!

I'm back and ready to mingle!
My weekend was amazing just spending time with BF and celebrating our anniversary together {more to come soon...}!

For you Mingle Monday newbies, let me extend a very warm welcome to you - so glad you could join the frenzy!

{ Let's get this party started! }

.:: Pretty Please ::.

...keep spreading the word about Mingle Monday!

I want to make sure that it keeps growing so that everyone gets new people visiting their blogs every single week!

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How To Enter:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter.

3) Add a cute picture and your blog's name.

4) Voila! You're ready to mingle!


How To Play:

1) Go visit 2 blogs!

2) Leave them a comment saying hello from Mingle Monday.

3) Come back and leave an encouraging review of the visited blogs!

4) COMMENT FUN FACT (new weekly feature!):

Question: { What little thing never fails to brighten your day? }


** PLAY FAIR -- all enter & runs (not commenting) will be deleted!**

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **



Feature Mingle Monday in a blog post for your chance to be featured on my Weekly Must Reads - where I choose 3 blogs of the week to endorse!

Leave a comment with the URL link to your blog's Mingle Monday
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Have a Lovely Monday!


  1. Without a doubt, I will be off and visiting your blogs as soon as you arrive - ya'll make my Mondays so very happy!

    Favorite little things that make my day happy?

    - Good morning texts from lovely BF.
    - Sweet puppy dog kisses from Bella Beast.

    ...Mmmm :)

  2. Thanks for hosting again! Always a fun time!

    Favorite little thing? Waking up to a sunny day! I love the sun!

  3. So happy its Mingle Monday again!! Thanks Meg!!
    The thing that never fails to brighten my day? My sweet baby Buddy!! He's the best pup in the world!

  4. I like when I receive simple encouraging texts. They always seem to make the day better.

  5. Once again it's wonderful be part of your Mingle Monday, so far I visited:

    1. "Tica Embracing the Globe" and what a wonderful surprise to find a fellow Costarican in blogger world, can't wait to meet and learn more about her!

    2. "Synfully Delicious" where Syndal posted about coffee which is a passion that I share with her, looking forward to try on of those Dunkin Donuts coffees she recommends!

  6. Oh, I almost forgot, my blog link is

  7. Hey everybody! Happy Monday!

    I visited Life with the Edwards where Rebekah shares her world about married life, and random happenings. I also visited Kimchee Chronicles, where focus is fashion.

    The thing that never fails to brighten my day? having good bus and train karma (when I'm walking to the bus stop and I don't have to wait)- in NYC, it's something to be thankful for!

  8. This is my first Mingle Monday and I loved getting to read all these wonderful blogs! The two I visited today (Synfully Delicious and Life of Meg) were entertaining and interesting to read :) They come highly recommended from me. As for things that brighten my day? A caramel macchiato on a fall day makes me pretty happy :) It's the simple things.

  9. my two puppy dogs always brighten my day! my husband has to be out the door by 4:30am every day, so we are both up at 4am. but i love getting to go back to bed and snuggle with my dogs.

  10. Today I visted ....
    Such life in the tropics...
    She made the cutest little lion, makes me want to start a craft project.
    I also visited An Ally Abroad and read about her celebrating her flatmates brithday. Looked like alot of fun!

    hmm what never fails to brighten my day... Probably starbucks :) Its my go to mood booster

  11. I visited A Life of color-she's got loads of surveys about her, and they were so much fun to read!
    I also went to Life with the Edwards, and her blog is just stunning.
    Loved these, Thanks Meg!

  12. I visited "Such Life in the tropics." She has the BEST pictures of the island (so pretty!) and a really cute new hobby of crocheting little stuffed animals!

    Then I went to "An Ally Abroad" and I really lik her title with the little car and her list of what british people think Texas is like (spot on!) lol I wonder what they think Pennsylvania is like?

  13. Yay Mingle Monday!

    I visited Life on a Stick, which features an absolutely adorable little girl and will be added to my list of blogs that I look at to get my baby/toddler fix. :)

    I also stopped by A Pretty Plethora (cutest blog name ever!). She has some lovely pictures!! And she made herself a skirt out of ties. Ah-mazing. :)

    Little things that brighten my day: fresh flowers, my sweet husband when he makes funny faces, grabbing Fall-colored peanut M&Ms out of my pumpkin candy dish, my red KitchenAid mixer (which I recently evicted from the cabinet and proudly displayed on top of my fridge!)

    Also I stuck a Mingle Monday blurb in my blog post from today:

  14. This is great! Glad I found it :)

    I visited A Life of Color and A Pretty Plethora. I really like A Life of Color's name and banner. And I also liked a Pretty Plethora's post on take a breath it's friday back in September. Both great blogs!

    What brightens my day? When the baby I nanny naps so I can check up on all my blogs I enjoy reading ha

  15. My first mingle monday and wow. There are some great blogs out there. I stopped by:

    Body Won`t Break - She touches on things that I can definitely relate to in life. Great writing!


    Can`t Google Everything - where her weekend to Harry Potter world was recapped.

    Great blogs! And I hope to visit more this week!

  16. Today I visited Synfully Delicious who shares my love/hate relationship with fall.

    I also visited Tica Embracing the Globe who enlightened me with a guest blog on virtual books. I myself am more of a real book fan... but it was interesting nonetheless!

    What never fails to make my day?
    New followers, of course, and hugs from my hubby. :)

  17. Little things that make my day:

    when my favorite songs come on my iPod on the way to work, when I get fun texts and tweets early in the morning (not too early people), and when I make it to work on time!

    I stopped by A Life of Color - I read her Wee Bit of Me Wednesday post and would have answered the same to every single question. So how can I not like that?

    Also visited Synfully Delicious - I have the same dilemma with these "sexy" halloween costumes (even discussed it today on my blog!).

    Both were very fun blogs!

  18. I visited Keeping up with Courtney and Synfully Delicious. Both adorable blogs! Synfully made me want to run out and get my fix of my beloved starbucks pumpkin spice latte.


  19. I've visited Synfully delicious. Such a cute blog, I feel like sometimes her & I are the same things. (Some of the things she writes I think/say)

    Faye'sbook. I loved her post about her halloween costumes.

  20. Love Mingle Monday! Thanks for hosting!

    Favorite little things that make my day happy?

    - Seeing my daughter smile!
    -Waking up next to my pup!

  21. I visited pretty much visited every single blog this week!
    I really liked Rebekah's blog - Life with the Edwards. Her blog is absolutely adorable. I love the layout, the font... everything! And she just bought a really cute navy blue cardigan from Nordstrom that I am really jealous of ! :-)
    I also visited Katie from Spirals and Spatulas. She posted a recipe for Lemon Blueberry Scones!!! Yum. I think I will make some of those in the next coudple of weeks!!

  22. hiiii~

    so far I've visited Spirals & Spatulas and Kimchee Chronicles. I loved Katie's layout and her recipes are to die for!

    Kimchee Chronicle really incorporates pictures into her blog posts which I love. Her video of the week is also to die for~

  23. Yay!!! I love mingling. I shall be back with comments gotta go visit.

    Chocolate always brightens my day

    I also wrote about mingle monday on my blog entry

  24. Thanks for another great Mingle Monday! So many great blogs out there. This week I visited (and am now following!)...
    *A Pretty Plethora: great posts full of quotes, ideas and fun lists.
    *Synfully Delicious: all about the life of a nurse who is trying to balance school and life...something I can completely relate with!

    And for the little things that make my day? The sleepy things my husband says when I kiss him goodbye in the morning. And how excited my dog is when I get home! :)


  25. website should read:

  26. Today I checked out:
    Life on a stick - omg her little girl is adorable and her blog if great!

    I also checked out Life in Color - I love the layout and the fun pictures she adds to each post. Glad I found both blogs!

    My favorite little things about Monday? Well mingle mondays (duh!!) and Monday night is when I do alot of my baking, I love creating new cupcakes to share with my readers. Have a great week!

  27. Went to create meaning and body won't break. I love create meanings pictures and her list. Body wont break is an interesting blog.

  28. Hi all! I visited 2 new blogs this week and am proud to say, I now follow 2 more blogs!

    I read We The Gingers and am SOOOO excited to try some of her new recipes.

    I also read A Body that Won't Break and Loooove her super cute layout and her pups :)


  29. HI! Yay for Mingle Monday!

    I visited We The Gingers -- love the look of the blog and her recipes sound delicious!

    Then I visited Stay Calm, Have A Cupcake - omg it made me hungry!!!


  30. Happy Monday! How the time flies, I feel like we just had Mingle Monday yesterday! Today I checked out:

    -We the Gingers: Freaking tasty recipes. I'll def be trying some. Also, someone who can ice cupcakes that beautifully should be on TV! Love meeting another Dallas-ite in the blog world!
    - Synfully Delicious: Love her comments on pumpking coffee and slutty halloween costumes. Couldn't agree more, definitely a kindred spirit!
    -Mingle Monday Shout out Here:
    -Comment Fun Fact: Any day, any time, cuddles from my poodle bring a smile to my face. There really isn't anything like the unconditional love of a pup

    Have a super week everyone!

  31. I visited We the Gingers and she has a lot of great recipes up! They look really good. I also visited This Life of Ours. Very cute blog! She has a before and after post of her husband's "manroom". Very cool!

  32. Officially Hungry! I visited We the Gingers and Spirals and Spatulas. Now I must go buy shrimp and make scones! I'm soo hungry!

  33. I’m totally digging Poodleism. Between our shared affinity for fair food and love of A Christmas Story, not to mention her fun Friday Newsflash, I think somebody’s found a new blog to follow…

    Also, Font Girl and I share the same mantra that baked goods can fix anything. Winner, winner.

    Come visit me for Project Runway recaps and a regular dose of snark at

  34. I haven't done mingle monday in a while but its good to be back! I see a lot more people have started to come! The one thing that never fails to brighten my day is waking up to the sun shining through your window. It makes getting out of bed so hard, but its so perfect!

    This week I visited A Sorta Fairytale. Its a great blog and shes a very talented photographer as well! I'm not following her and I'm excited to read more :)

    I also visited Keeping up with Courtney. Today she posted a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe which makes me super happy. I can't wait to try it out.

    Happy Monday everyone!!

  35. Hi Meg .. what a wonderful way to start the week!!! I visited to fantastic blogs today , who both are facing fabulous wonderful changes in their lives..
    Books and Shoes just added a new kitty to their family... and A Beautiful Ride, just changed her hair ... both great reasons to visit and congratulate them!!! Happy MOnday to you Meg...HHL

  36. I first checked out An Ally Abroad which was tons of fun because I love London! Also, my friend did study abroad there and I joined her for 10 days and it is quite the experience!

    Then I checked out Thanks for That Info and it was great to read her weekend recap as I live in L.A. and love hearing what others here are up to!

  37. Happy for my firs Mingle Monday.

    1st blog " Stay Calm, Have a Cupcake".. I loved the candy corn cupcake ideas... candy corn is one of my favorite things about the fall, guess it is the colors.

    2nd blog "Life on A Stick".. her blog about being a new sewer sounds like I wrote it..ha. I try so hard and seem to never get any where.

    Fun fact: the little thing that never fails to brighten my day is a great big hug from my 4yr old.

  38. I went to visit Casa De Cowan, which reminded me of my own hubby and our relationship. Adorable! Im a new follower.

    Then I went to Faysbook, which I love because it got me thinking about my own Halloween costume. I loved her past ideas.

    Whew! Great reads!

  39. Mingle Monday again, and I am so happy it's here.

    I visited Synfully Delicious and Spirals and Spatulas.

    Such cute blogs. Blog designs are what catch my eye first, and if I like yours, I'm more inclined to keep reading...and both of these are super cute.

    Spirals and Spatulas' first post was about Lemon Blueberry Scones...seriously yummy. I want one real bad now!

    Synfully Delicious posted about my current favorite thing...pumpkin spice coffee. LOVE it. And so glad she shares my obsession.

    I will be following both of them :)

    Sweet text messages/wallposts/voicemails/comments on the blog brighten my day. I have the best friends ever.

    Annnnnnd, I included Mingle Monday in my post from today :)

  40. I visited Love Like Flowers and loved her blog! She had a sweet story about her husband's grandparents' 50th anniversary. I love finding other newlyweds! :)

    I also visited We The Gingers and loved her blog too! She's another newlywed and she recently posted about her fall decor, which you know I love! :)

    I added a link to Mingle Monday in one of my posts today!

    And what brightens my day? Snuggling up with my sweet husband and cute puppy every night. :)

  41. Mingle Monday is a really cool idea! This is my first week doing it. Love the blogs I found!

  42. Hi! Just checked out "We the Gingers" and "A Beautiful Ride". Love all of the recipes Anna from gingers posts, can't wait to try them out! I was so happy to see the Harry Potter post on Allie's ride site!! I love HP and it's awesome to see all the trailers for the next installment. Loved that she posted her hair cut photos and also polled her readers for suggestions :)

  43. Yay for another Mingle Monday! Today I checked out:

    Fate of Amber---I was drawn to it because we share a first name, and I am sticking around because she rocks! She's interested in nursing (I am a nurse), we share the same name, and same thoughts on mean kids that our children encounter. Great blog!!

    You Cant Google Everything---she just got back from a fabulous trip to Florida, and looking at the pics made me crave a vacation! New follower of hers and looking forward to more :)

    Thanks Meg!

  44. My husband makes me happy every day, even from thousands of miles away! ♥

    I visited Hair by Adrian: Great Chocolate Caramel Cupcake recipe! Mmm, better not make these while I'm home alone!

    I also visited Feelin Kinda Crafty: She recently made such a cute personalized frame for a friend's birthday! She's crafty indeed! ♥

  45. A laugh and a smile from my 3 yo daughter never fails to brighten my day!

    I visited synfully delicious and she inspired me this morning to go get some coffee! I also visited Dani - love the Mind Right Mondays!

  46. This week I am following:

    An Ally Abroad: I secretly wished I lived in London so this blog is perfect! I loved her last post on language barriers. Awesome :)

    A Pretty Plethora: She teaches you how to make flavored butter. A girl after my own heart. :)

  47. This week I read Synfully Delicious and We the Gingers. I love both of these blogs!! Both of them look so cute. Plus We the Gingers recently posted some great recipes! And Synfully Delicious wrote about one of my fave things- coffee!

  48. Hey Meg! I gave a shout out to your site and Mingle Mondays in my post!

  49. Ok I am back. Took me a while to have time to check out blogs. i looked at several blogs but the two thatreally struck me were

    1) Ally Abroad: I love the fact that she is studying abroad in England. She has some awesome stories and I can't wait to read more about the culture and her experiences.

    2) Thoughts & Other Useless Stuff: The name drew me in,the layout made me want to read it, and the writing and B&W photos of some of my favorite places made me want to follow. Yet another great blog


  50. Hey Meg, I tagged you in something on my blog: :)


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