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October 18, 2010

Mingle Monday

Hello sweet blog friends!
I sure have missed you this past weekend... excited to see how your weekend went!

Do you need a boost in your manic Monday? I know I do! Looking forward to visiting your amazing blogs and reading your super wonderful comments - ya'll make my day!

{ Time for the fun to start! }

.:: Pretty Please ::.

...keep spreading the word about Mingle Monday!

I want to make sure that it keeps growing so that everyone gets new people visiting their blogs every single week!

.:: Helping Has Rewards ::.

See end of post for details on how YOUR BLOG can be featured on
my Weekly Must Reads!


How To Play:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter.

3) Go visit 2 blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the visited blogs and answer the weekly fun fact:

This Week's Q:

{ What is your favorite healthy snack? I need tips!! }


** PLAY FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be deleted. **

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **



Feature Mingle Monday in a blog post for your chance to be featured on my Weekly Must Reads - where I choose 3 blogs of the week to endorse!

Leave a comment with the URL link to your blog's Mingle Monday
post to enter the Weekly Must Reads raffle!

.:: Who wants lots of new lovely followers?! ::.

Hope your day is full of wonderful surprises!


  1. Yay for Mingle Monday!

    I visited My life or something like it. Beautiful beautiful! She did a post the other day about a book called "The Hunger Games". I really want to read that and I appreciate her rave review!

    I also visited Simple Little Joys. She has such a great sense of style that is portrayed so beautifully on her blog.

    Hmm... favorite healthy snack is chopped up cucumbers & tomatoes with feta cheese and Vinegrette. Basically- a greek salad! Yum.

  2. I visited Simple Little Joys. She has a great blog and her latest post has an encouraging verse as well as some anthropologie ey candy :)

    I also checked out My Life or Something Like It. She recently went on a trip to Chicago. I would love to go there someday!

    Both great blogs :)

    My favorite healthy snack...light vanilla yogurt with Special K's new granola with blueberries on top. Yum!!


    haha i'm not really that hyper of a person, i swear! but really...mingle monday is so fun! :) my travels took me to falling off a high heeled life. i really love this blog! and as a HUGE fan of pen pals, i'm totally thinking about joining BLPPC!

    i also visited the gatsby diaries and reading about her half marathon made me want to hurl (but i didn't). good for her!! a very cute blog, can't wait to follow her!

    thanks, meg! i'll see you again next monday! :)

  4. Ok .. my fav. new fav healthy snack (I discovered while in Florida)Archer Farms ~ Sunny Cranberry trailmix...

    Happy Monday ...

    Today I visited

    "My Life or Something" sweet blog and the girl looks Chocolate milk ... YEAH! its my fav too..

    "Simple Little Joys" ~ It was wonderful to read through and discover a young lady that is staying true to her faith!!!

    Pop on over to see two fabulous young ladies!! HHL

  5. I went to visit Gatsby Diaries, and loved readin about hur running a half marathon. That is so inspiring. I love stories like that!

    Then I went by Love like Flowers, and read about her chair revamp. Made me want to updo some of my things! Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. I mentioned Mingle Monday in my post today to be elligible for one of your three blog features. Thanks!

  7. Visited My life or something like that. It was fun to read about her trip to Chicago cheering her sister on in the marathon. Hope I'm the one running that some year soon!

    And Simple Little Joys - LOVE her sense of style. I can relate to putting together outfits that I can never afford :)

    Favorite healthy snack recently has been barley greek salad- barley, feta cheese, peppers, tomatoes and light dressing.

  8. I love mingle mondays. I always find cute new blogs to stalk!

    I visited the pink panda which was super adorable (and kendra made her header all by herself)

    I also visited Houston Hurdles, who's first post made me want to just run to the nearest outlets (thanks a lot!)


  9. I visited The Fashionable Wife and loved her post about the Halloween wreath! It is super cute.

    I also stopped by The Gatsby Diaries and I am super jealous of anyone that can run. I think it's amazing!

    My favorite healthy snack is cucumber slices mixed up with some fat free zesty italian dressing. Yum!

  10. I visited A Sorta Fairytale and she is doing the 30 days of truth! Way to go!
    Also hopped over to The pink panda - and she has started Pink Sundays. Cute idea!

    Happy Mingling!

  11. Hello Meg, once again thanks for Mingle Monday, it's a awesome idea and I love participating mostly because of discovering new blogs!
    Today I visited "I Dream Loudly" and she had a pretty weird night, but she was also able to help out a puppy that was in desperate need of a home, and that just made my day (I love animals!).
    Then I visited "a sorta fairytale" and found out she's starting this 30 days question challenge, she has a nice blog.

    My favorite healthy snack is probably celery stick with ranch dressing or hummus!

  12. The Pink Panada - I love her pink pictures of the pink cat. She has posted 7 pink pictures on Sunday.
    Also visited I dream loudly - She had an odd night as a waitress and acquired a puppy that needed a home. She sounds like superwoman!

  13. I visited the Pink Panda--suuuper cute blog and she has a picture of a pink kitten! :)
    I also visited a few other blogs including Throw the Starfish Back & I love how she dedicated a whole post to keeping her DVR organized :) :)

    Healthy Snack- anything with protein!

  14. I stopped by Houston Hurdles - a fellow shopaholic! So funny!

    I also visited The Gatsby Diaries - she finished a half marathon! Go say congrats!

    I blogged about Mingle Monday:

    Fave healthy snack: Quaker chocolate granola bites. Only 90 calories per pack. You can find them at Target by the granola bars!

  15. I visited Kendra @ The Pink Panda who has 7 amazing pink themed photos and introduced me to two new weekly link-ups!

    I also stopped by Synfully Delicious, where Syndal shared her recent transformation from blonde to brunette (and she looks great!).

  16. I looked at The Fashionable Wife & Throw the Starfish Back. The first one had me at first site with the adorable dog pictures (a weakness of mine!). Throw the Starfish Back has a really cute blog and she is a witty writer-- I'm a fan!

    My fav health snack- I love fruit. Pears, apples, raisins, oranges, grapes, etc. I've also gotten in a granola bar kick (though some of those aren't as healthy as they seem)

  17. Yay for Mingle Mondays. It's the best part of my day! :)

    First I went to Simple Little Joys. Her blog is adorable. I'm now following her, and can't wait to find out more about her.

    Next up, I went to Synfully Delicious. Another cute blog, which I'm now following as well. I also love her new look, so pretty! She looks amazing as both blonde, and brunette!

    Can't wait to find some more awesome blogs!

    Happy Monday!

  18. Yay! First I went to Synfully Delicious- so cute! She just darkened her hair, which is actually on my agenda for next week! Then I went to Missy Salsa- I admit, because she had "salsa" in her name! And her blog was really cute- she has inspired me to find a bookclub in my area!

    For healthy snacks I eat: greek yogurt with honey, and apple with peanut butter, or a lara bar. :)

  19. i visited "love like flowers" and "mangoes and chutney" today!

    healthy snack? hm. toast with peanut butter OR homemade hummus and veggies.

  20. Mingle Monday is the highlight of my Monday :) Thanks for hosting another one Meg!

    I blogged about Mingle Monday, here's the link

    Today I visited The Gatsby Diaries, and I Dream Loudly.

    Sarah of Gatsby had a new blog up about her recent half marathon, congrats on finishing girl!! She is super motivational with her running blogs. As a newer runner with hopes to finish a 10k before 2011, I will definitely be checking back in to see how she is doing on her next goal.

    Kate of Dream recently had a crazy night at work in heels that made her feet bleed. I can so relate! I have sacrificed comfort for style many times and paid the price too :) She also posted a blog about helping UNICEF to bring clean water to everyone, and I signed the petition.

    My favorite healthy snack is apple slices with Better 'n Peanut Butter, which you can find at Target, Trader Joe's and some grocery stores. It's fiber rich, sweet, crunchy, and pretty filling. It's great for afternoon snacking when you really want a candy bar or a piece of bread of something :)

  21. I visited Julius Journalings and she has a great post with fall pictures. It makes me love fall even more!

    I also visited Mangoes and Chutney. She has a post about Broomstick cookies that are so cute! I'm going to have to make them.

    Favorite healthy snack? I'm not a big snacker but I love fruit and another would be veggies with hummus! It's my new fav.

  22. Today I visited Mangoes and Chutney, and The Gatsby Diaries!

    Mangoes and Chutney had a great Halloween recipe, and Gatsby diaries posted details about her race this weekend!

    My favorite healthy snacks always include fruit! Avocados are a good snack, if you like them. Another great option are pretzels - they are fat free!

  23. I checked out:

    Throw the Starfish Back
    LOVE Emily's stories - they are very funny and also her use of pictures in her blog.

    The Pink Panda
    Pandas and pink, what's not to love? ;) Seriously, Kendra's blog is adorable, go check it out!

    Healthy Snack
    I like fat free pretzels and Laughing Cow cheese. They have a new chipotle flavor that is delish!

  24. I visited I dream Loudly, who had to find a home for a cute little bug infested pup! Her story about the evening was funny :)

    I also checked out The Gatsby Diaries, and before I knew it I was reading a quite a few posts back. Sarah is so inspiring with her running, and she's doing it for a great reason. :)

  25. Hello.

    I am a new follower and finder of Mingle Mondays.

    For a healthy snack I make oat clusters.
    Oatmeal and sorta like trail mix.
    Bake it in the oven till it is a little harder then a cookie. Crumble and crunch for the rest of the day!

    First I went to...

    Missy Salsa-- Simply because I love Salsa. But her blog is too cute. In one post she made the cutest cake, and I commented. and I love her header, it is simple yet speaks of her, I especially love the tattoo because I am a lover of tattoos.

    Then I went to...

    A Sorta Fairytale-- It was the cutest so easy to read and easy on the eyes. Very beautiful pictures and I believe her posts can speak to a many of people.


  26. I've read Books and Shoes, which I loved. We seem to have similar taste in music and plenty of other things.

    I also read The Gatsby Diaries. Loved the post about her half marathon! I ran my first half earlier this year so it's fun to read about other experiences.

    My favorite healthy snacks are veggies and hummus, apples and peanut butter or cheese, rice crackers, and edamame.

  27. Hello and Happy Monday! I wandered over to:
    -The Pink Panda: I love her layout and am totally blown away that she did it herself. Super awesome job.
    -Down Time: Fellow lover of Mad Men and all things Pumpkin Spice. Love her taste in everything!
    -Posted about Mingle Monday here:
    -Favorite healthy snacks? Hhere to start...some things I'm loving right now are: rice cakes with natural peanut butter, red pepper slices and hummus, Greek yogurt, Honeycrisp apples

  28. Happy Monday! I visited Fayesbook, and I was so excited to see she is on a trip to Boston (my hometown)! I love it when other people come to visit New England and love it as much as I do! I also visited Poor and Fabulous, and I love her smart, sassy approach to being fabulous! Also, her post about her wedding was so great- it was so personalized and unique!

    My favorite healthy snack is carrots and hummus- veggies with a little extra flavor!

  29. I visited Hair by Adrian and LOVED her sweet puppy addition. I'm such a sucker for dogs.

    I also visited Seeking Starbucks and enjoyed her honest and heartfelt posts. Especially about her dad.

  30. Happy Mingle Monday!

    I checked out Poor & Fabulous and saw her gorgeous new necklace that isn't here just quite yet.


    Books 'n Shoes - and I also drooled over the cuteness that is Anthropologie and entered her giveaway.

  31. I just found your blog, (love it!!) but I can't seem to become a follower?!

  32. I went to down time and her recipe for pumpkin spice cupcakes is drool worthy. BECAUSE A] you can't go wrong with cupcakes and B] they sound perfect for fall.

    I also went to Chasing the Extraordinary, who happens to be my sorority sister. So excited to see her on the blog world. Congrats to her on celebrating 5 YEARS with her BF! Woo!

    I love to eat hardboiled eggs for my healthy snack... :) I also have a fridge full of string cheese and eat crackers with cheese. Works for me!

  33. I checked otu Sassy Shoe Diary---cuz I have a thing for red shoes too---and then I stayed because I like her blog!! She recently went to a wedding and the bride wore red heels. Her weakness is cheese and she hates doorknobs.

    I then visited Kendra at "The Pink Panda", her little girl Haley is freaking adorable!!

    Thanks for hosting!

  34. Happy Monday everyone!
    This week I visited:
    *The Gatsby Diaries: an adorable blog all about the life of Sarah. Her most recent post includes a receap of running a half marathon! Congrats!
    *The Apple Doesn't Fall Far: another cute blog showcasing the everyday life of a 20-something Mom and wife.

    And I guess my favorite go-to healthy snack would be sliced apples with either swiss cheese or peanut butter. A little bit of protein and fruit go a long way.

  35. Oh! My favorite healthy snack is the second one on this page:

  36. I visited Sweet Tea & A Soundtrack and loved that she's also a recent newlywed who isn't *quite* over the wedding bug - I'm obviously not either! :)

    I also visited Chasing the Extraordinary and loved her pictures - especially the fall ones!

  37. I visited love like flowers (Karissa and her hubs are so crafty--I'm impressed!) and Jessica at Stay At Home Mommy Saga. She has a beautiful family and I love the sweet blog!
    As for healthy snacks, I like to dip carrots, cucumbers etc. into fat-free Greek yogurt seasoned with a little cumin and a lot of lemon. It's delicious and is a much healthier alternative to Ranch and a much tastier alternative to light-Ranch or fat-free veggie dips. I'm obsessed!

  38. Hi everyone.

    I just checked out Casey at Poodleism. I had an instant connection with her blog as we are both die-hard Mad Men fans. I really loved Casey's writing style and her snazzy blog presentation.

    I also visited A Red Heel State of Mind. She just won an award for her blog. You should visit it, too, and you can see how cool she is as well as find a bunch more neat blogs to visit.

    Cheers, Bloggers!

  39. Oh yeah, and my favorite healthy snack is popcorn. But only the old-fashioned-cook-in-a-pot-on-the-stove kind. With a spray of 0 calorie I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

  40. Really enjoyed THE LUCKIEST IN LOVE. I am such a ROMANTIC. Anytime I read about couples and married couples in love on blogs I automatically just love everything the author has to say! So I am a bit biased but her blog is full of adoration towards her husband and their new life together and that is such a blessing to be able to read in this day and age!! please take a gander ladies and (gents?)

    Next I took a look at

    CASA DE COWAN was an exceptional read. The post inspired me and reminded me of things that I often think about myself. It was nice to see a like minded post and also it overly inspired me cuz I left a long note of a comment on her blog... oops :)..

    great start to TUESDAY of course at the LOVELY MINGLE MONDAY hop! Thanks for letting me be apart of another awesome MINGLE :)!

    be blessed everyone


  41. Linky Tools wouldn't work for me I think it dislikes me so i couldn't join in...however I'm enjoying the blogs anyway. Thanks Meg x

  42. Hurray Linky likes me again. I visited Kendra at business of creating and she has a great post about seriously a very good interesting post go look at it and Feed the birds which is a lovely site and the post is all about standards of common decency being less obvious today. I enjoyed them a lot. Healthy snack well you can't beat sunflower seeds or soya beans in salt yummy!

  43. Hey Meg! I blogged about Mingle Monday:

  44. This week i visited two really awesome blogs- The Gatsby Diaries and The Apple doesn't Fall Far. I love both of these blogs!! The Gatsby Diaries is really cute- she just completed her first half marathon and I am so impressed because I really want to run a half marathon. I really enjoyed reading her blog. Then I visited The Apple Doesn't Fall Far. Her two daughters are PRECIOUS! And her blog in general is wonderful. I can't wait to read more from both of these lovely ladies!
    As for a healthy snack... I enjoy eating apples with cheddar cheese. And strawberries.

  45. I visited Sassy Shoe Diary! I read the first three posts, and let me just say...weddings and cheese are 2 of my favorite things, so I loved them!

    I also visited Downtime. So cute, creative, short, and simple. Currently obsessing over this blog.

    My favorite healthy snack is deep fried oreos. Oh, wait...that's not healthy? Hmm. I usually go for raw veggies (sans dipping sauce). Carrots and celery are my favorites.

  46. Yay! Mingle Monday!
    I checked out faye'sbook, which was way cute. Her honesty about her Boston adventure had me cracking up.

    Poodleism was my next blog...way adorable photos of her and her dear as little bitty ones :)

    Healthy snack of my life: pepper jack cheese with red grapes!

  47. This week I stopped by the following:
    A Good Life - cute lifestyle blog, even cuter baby! (I love the sock monkey pictures!)

    Facing 50 with Humour - quiet enjoyable empty nester blog. Her writing is quite entertaining. :)

    As for "heathy snacks"... I eat baby carrots with homemade ranch dip and love grape tomatoes.

  48. Let's see...Mingle Monday again! Love it.

    I visited "A Good Life" first, and I love the simplicity of her blog. And seriously, her little one is SO CUTE. I could look at pictures of him all day long. Love her blog, can't wait to keep reading.

    Second, I visited "Simply Sunshine and Daisies"...cute, cute, cute blog. I love her short little posts with just a little thought. Enough to make you smile :) Excited to read more!

    Hmmm....healthy snacks. I'm on a healthy kick at the moment, so it's all about the raw veggies and fruits. Trying to eat lots of those! And surprisingly, I enjoy it :)

    Happy Wednesday, sweet Meg!

  49. Hi! Looks like I just made it! Love your Mingle Mondays! I found you from Jill at Life after College.

    I checked out Dani at Ok Dani because, well, she shares my name! But her blog is super cute- vlove her Mind Righ Mondays- seems like a great way to start the week (other than Mingle Mondays, of course!) and she and her hubby remind me of me and my bf.

    Also checked out Holley at Sweet Tea and a Soundtrack. I love lyrics, and teh fact taht she starts off her posts with them is awesome. I like that she also is an optimist (Half Full Fridays) and asks her readers questions.

    My fave (healthy) snack...hmm...granola bars. Perfect for on the go and tasty!


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