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June 9, 2010

Want More Followers Instantly?

Yep, I knew that would get your feathers ruffled!

Welcome to the very first [Life of Meg] Mingle Party! I know all of us want to increase our blog traffic and followers, so I thought why not introduce all of my favorite friends to each other?!

Here is how it works:

You don't know how many wonderful blogs you're missing out on until someone introduces them to you! So I think I will!
PLUS nobody knows how fabulous YOUR blog is until your name is right
there in front of their faces! :)

How to play:

1) I begin a ridiculously goofy story and leave it hanging.

2) YOU leave a comment and pick up the story (1-2 sentences).

3) Don't forget to leave your blog site link at the end of your post!

4) Visit the blog of the person who commented before you and leave a comment!

5) The person under you has to do the same for you!


** Everyone who leaves a comment by today [Thursday] at
3 p.m. will have their blog highlighted in a list, along with
a long wonderful recommendation, on my blog! **


** BONUS **

If you want to be personally featured on my blog tomorrow, I will choose the top 3 over-achievers at random - raffle style - and blog specifically about their site in detail! (Details below.)

* * * * *



1) Make a blog post about the [Life of Meg] Mingle Party
and leave the link!

2) Re-comment on my blog afterward and leave your link!

3) Wait in anticipation to see if you are a top 3 blogger!



There once was a bubbly girl named Gigi who absolutely adored the sweet summertime. Gigi was quite the fashionable lady and did absolutely everything in style!

One lovely June morning, Gigi woke up to the warm sun shining through her window, and she suddenly got the BEST idea... - "I should throw an amazing summer celebration for all my friends!" - Gigi had a niche for planning fabulous parties and was so excited to get started! She rushed off to the store to grab all of her summertime party essentials...

[ GO! ]


PS- If all goes well, Monday's will turn into Mingle Mondays! Hope this helps your readership and more importantly... have fun!

Happy Mingling!


  1. On her way to the store, Gigi passed by a man in a red polka dotted suit playing a saxophone in the middle of the sidewalk. Intrigued by his song, she stopped to drop a dollar in his saxophone case only to be stopped and told, "I'm just playin' a little music to make your day brighter. You have a nice day."

    Excited about her party and with a glowing smile, Gigi continued off in the direction of the store...

    Great idea!

  2. The first stop on Gigi's list was the grocery store. She eagerly checked out the produce section for some amazing, fresh fruit. While carefully selecting the perfect watermelon, Gigi heard a familar voice say "Hey, you."

    Gigi gingerly turned around to see...

    LOVE this

  3. ...her long lost childhood friend, Mimi. As they greeted each other Gigi invited Mimi over to her summer party. Of course Mimi accepted and even offered to help setup for the party.
    As they finished shopping for the all deliciously divine edibles, they headed back to Gigi's house.
    As they were getting things set up for the soiree, Mimi turned and said to Gigi,"Hey, remember that time we...

  4. ...we made 500 delicious red velvet cupcakes and gave them away to all the cute boys at school?"

    and Gigi said, "Yes I do, that's how I met my first boyfriend, Ernie, who did the some of the weirdest things....
    (cutest freaking thing I've ever heard)

  5. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    ... ran away for a day? We only made it to the next town before the police found us. those were the days. I loved the thought that we'd run off to Hollywood and make something of ourselves on the big screen. Do you remember that screen play we wrote? It was called.....


  7. (Since Casey posted first I'll begin from hers but visit both blogs above!)

    ..."Like smuggle Lucky Charms straight from Ireland and hunt ducks in the pond because he thought they were a danger to society. Silly Ernie." Gigi said with a life. Mimi laughed too before saying, "Well he wasn't as bad as my boyfriend Jasper who use to do that one thing..."

  8. AnonymousJune 10, 2010

    "Remember he used to collect twist ties from bread bags and make bracelets out of them?" said Mimi. "oh yea! exclaimed Gigi,"what happened to him?"......

  9. "Actually", Mimi started, "he married my step-cousin Chloe and they own a farm where they raise peforming...

  10. Chickens!! But if you think that's weird wait to you hear this. I ran into the happy couple at a family affair a few weeks back and when I began making small talk with Jasper he said...

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. ..."Chloe & I have been invited to show our performing chickens in Paris! Can you believe it? Apparently, some famous choreographer has created the perfect routine for farm animals & our chickens have been chosen as the best of their kind from all around the world! We are so proud!"

    "How weird," Gigi said. "Maybe we could get them to perform at my party!" The two girls started laughing & got on with their party preparations. Next up? ...

    {Great idea, Meg!}

    * *

  13. "We should start making a list of all the things we'll need to make this party fantastic." Said Gigi to her friend.

    "We can make cupcakes and margaritas and anything else you'd like since you are really the guest. But only this one time - I'm not that nice! Next party, will be at your place!"

    They both laughed as Mimi started thinking about her ridiculous list for Gigi.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I love this idea. Hopefully my blog friends will come take part!

  16. "Well, we obviously need some fun toys to play with at your party, and with it being so nice outside, we definitely need a slip and slide," Mimi said excitedly. "And, you can't have an outdoor party without having a pinata!" Both girls fell into fits of laughter....

    This brought them both back to Mimi's birthday party in 6th grade when the most embarrassing thing happened...

  17. Mimi was going at the pinata and somehow got all turned around and ended smacking her crush straight in the head, leaving him with a concussion. The party only went down hill from there.

    "Maybe we should rethink that pinata idea," said Gigi.

  18. After laughing some more about the pinata fiasco, the girls decided to ditch that plan. As they headed out of the toy department, they passed the liquor isle.

    "My friend Cici makes the BEST margaritas. Let's pick up some supplies," said Gigi.

    "No margaritas for me," responded Mimi. The last time I had tequila...

  19. As she went at the store, she met a guy who also plans a party for his friends as well. So they talked and mingled a little. Little did they know that it was already a start of something new. Awwwww! :)

    i also got an on going story on my blog please do check it out. and I FOLLOW BACK.. ^_^


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