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June 20, 2010

Mingle Monday!

To all of you faithful [Life of Meg] followers and to you wonderful newbies - WELCOME to Mingle Monday - so happy to have such fabulous company!

If you are new to my blog or Mingle Monday - Thanks for joining us! Please click on the Mingle Monday tab located at the top of [Life of Meg] for details.

For the rest of you - so glad you're back!
Just a few housekeeping rules...


1) Please include the NAME of your blog as well as the correct URL.

Example: [Life of Meg]

2) Unfortunately, any minglers lacking their blog's name and URL will not be able to be included in tomorrow's blog highlight list. So... please make sure it's included in your comment - this is here to help YOU! :)

3) Also, your blog grows the more readers that follow. In order to get your name out there, we all have to tell our favorite blog friends about Mingle Monday. The more bloggers the merrier!!

4) Remember, the top 3 minglers who post on their blog about Mingle Monday will receive a feature review and recommendation of their blog in tomorrow's post (please see the Mingle Monday tab above for details).

{ Let Mingle Monday commence! }

{ Here we go! }

In the middle of chic San Francisco was a brand new bakery called Sophie's Sweets. Owned and operated by the young and fabulous Sophie herself, the place was definitely the new city hot spot.

Business had been drastically picking up due to great media coverage in the last week, so Sophie knew she needed to higher some help quick! Unfortunately, it was Saturday, and she knew that was the busiest day at the bakery.

Sophie was preparing her signature buttercream frosting when a lady frantically rushed in to the bakery with an emergency request. "QUICK! Can you help me? I need 3,000 of your famous...



{ GO! }

Happy Mingling!


  1. "... mini cupcakes! I am having a fundraiser tomorrow night and all I keep hearing about are how amazing those little bites are! The fundraiser is to benefit ... "


  2. " amazing group of kids headed down to help clean up the oil spill in the gulf. They're headed to Louisiana next week. Do you have any other delicious baked treats that we could serve at the event to get people in the donating mood?..."


  3. ...because we all know that people really come for the food at fundraising events and if I have your special treats maybe the sugar will intoxicate them into giving....


  4. ...their entire paychecks..and possibly their first born....or...

    [OK, Dan]

  5. ...maybe their life savings! Every little cent will help! Please?! It's for the kids!...

    [Sweet Silver Lining]

  6. Sophie knew she could not say no to a benefit for kids who are going to help in the gulf, how could she? it was a wonderful thing.

    "When do you need the mini cupcakes by?" Sophie aske dthe woman.

    "tomorrow afternoon" she responded

    Sophie immediately knew she was in trouble because she didn't have enough help to make all those cupcakes by tomorrow.

    Before she could agree to make all those cupcakes Sophie excused herself and ran into the back room and picked up the phone...

  7. [Monday Morning]

  8. and it was the bakery supply letting her know that the special flour she used to make her cupcakes so addicting was on backorder. Distraught, Sophie racked her brain to think of...

    [The Apple Doesn't Fall Far]

  9. ...what she would use to replace her special flour AND still have delicious cupcakes!

    As if on cue, five of her bestest girlfriends all went into her bakery.

    "Thank goodness you're all here!" Sophie exclaimed. "I need your help!"

    "Of course we're here," replied one of the girls, Aria. "But I hope you didn't forget our plans for today. We're here to pick you up since we are going...."


  10. Sophie, feeling a bit overwhelmed at this unexpected request, had just opened her mouth to answer the frantic lady when suddenly...

    [A Slice of My Life]

  11. Ok, I obviously don't think and type fast enough to keep up with this game! lol

  12. "to the beach to get our tan on!"

    "I can't girls! I just got an order for 3,000 cupcakes and the flour I normally use is all out! You all have to help me!" Sophie replied frantically.



  13. "Us? Help you? You know none of us haven't seen the inside of a kitchen.... well, our whole lives" said one friend. And noticing the agreeing looks from the others, Sophie knew she was in trouble. But she knew she couldn't do it alone so she decided she'd have to instruct her friends on how to......

    [The Simple Sweet Life]

  14. roll up thier sleeves and get baking! Sophie had been baking since such an early age she knew all the tricks to get her friends up to speed on making these 3,000 cupcakes!

    Thankfully Sophie was friendly with the bread baker down the street - so she sent Aria to hunt down some of that special flour.

    Then Sophie got aprons for her friends and....

    Wendy at

  15. ... is supprised to find them already searching for the ingredients. She is almost brought to tears by her friend's willingness to help out, but thanfully pulls herself together and starts giving directions.
    The first thing out of her mouth is "grab the...

    [Diary of a Fair Weather Diver]

  16. ...bag of flour from the bin below the sure not to spill any cause were gonna need all we can get! All of a sudden the front door to the shop flew open and .....

    Dance and Dream 4 Ever

  17. AnonymousJune 21, 2010

    And the baker came running in saying they needed some of this special flour and did she have any to spare...

  18. "You're off your rocker! Go jump in a hole!", Sophie responded. She usually wasn't that abrupt, but tension was running thin due to the circumstances. Suddenly, the phone rang, and who else was it but the lady who started this mess in the first place...

  19. Sophie was so flustered that she dropped the phone as she tried to answer. She wiped her hair out of her face with flour-covered hands and reached for the phone but not before noticing that...

    [This Freckled Lemonade]

  20. Sorry to interrupt this but I just change the link of my blog to -


  21. ...there was somebody at the door. Just as she noticed she heard the knock. Undecided about whether to answer the phone or open the door she picked up the receiver with her flour covered hands and just as she was about to reach the door the voice on the other end of the line said,"

    [More Faith than Fear]

  22. "Listen and listen carefully. I've heard about your problem and we can help. But you'll have to help us in return. Now..."


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