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May 27, 2015

Viva Nashvegas

Last weekend's trip to Nashville was the
Some highlights included...

Getting lost looking for antique stores in Franklin
Sipping grapefruit shandy in our favorite beer garden
Hands down the best burger + sweet potato fries we've ever had
Randomly stumbling across Musicians Corner outdoor music festival in Centennial Park
Long walks through the dreamy 12 South neighborhood looking for MIA T.Swift
Sweet tater pancakes at The Pancake Pantry
Checking out the famous Honky Tonks on Broadway
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams grand re-opening {holy Brown Butter Almond Brittle!}
Pretending to be Elvis at RCA Studio B
Scoping out Belle Meade for our dream southern mansion
Drowning ourselves in whiskey caramel lattes and hipster vibes at Barista Parlor
Taking in the hiking views at Lake Radnor State Park
Playing cards while waiting for our turn to fried chicken it up at Loveless Cafe 
Driving through Percy Warner Park forests, windows down, taking in smells of oak and hickory


Nashville, we see you! They don't call you Nashvegas just for the heck of it, and you sure didn't disappoint. Thanks for the memories - The Evanses will be back {with boots on} soon! 

A very special shout out to the following awesome bloggers who tookt he time to e-mail me awesome suggestions. You will each be receiving a puppy and a lifetime supply of Jeni's! 

Megan @ Chasing Davies
Candace Zarcore
Julie @ Wally & Jules
Rachel @ The Easley Family

What fun trips are YOU excited about taking this summer?

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  1. This looks like the BEST vacation! You guys did some great stuff and now I can just use your itinerary if we go there! Hope you're having a great week, friend!

  2. You mean WHEN you go visit!! ;) It really was the best time - I want to move there STAT!

  3. I love exploring new cities. Looks like you really enjoyed yourself! I always heard Nashville was a fun city to visit. Digging the peace sign picture - well done.

  4. Julie LovelessMay 27, 2015

    Sooo glad you took the Loveless Cafe - the wait is totally worth it :)

    You're making me want to go back...again and again!

  5. I love exploring too! And when I start to indulge my travel bug, it only makes me want to adventure MORE. We were sitting on the airplane and I was already talking about the next! :) And thanks, I was feeling groovy! haha...

  6. Definitely loved it! So so so good! And of course, you should go back and visit STAT. I'm already to go back too! ;)

  7. Ohhh now I have to go to Nashville! It looks like such a great time! Glad you had fun!

  8. You guys did so much! I love all of your photos :) I'm so glad you had a great time, Meg!

  9. This is on my list for weekend getaways, it looks amazing! We're heading to Minnesota this summer and I'm pumped.


  10. This looks like so much fun! Nashville has been on our list of places to visit for a while, so when we go, I will definitely be coming back to this post, and emailing you for more recs! :)

  11. It was the BEST time! Thanks, Shea!

  12. We sure did - tried to see as much as humanly possible in 4 days! Thanks Jess!! :)

  13. You would LOVE it, Elle! Oh wow, MN in the summer will be so fun and beautiful! What part will you be visiting?

  14. Yay yay yay! You definitely need to finally get there and adventure - always happy to send you plenty more recommendations!! :)

  15. ...and now I desperately want to go back. Fortunately, that's my fiance's hometown, so we make a trip there at least once a year! I still haven't been to The Pharmacy, but it's next on my MUST list. Glad you had an awesome time and ughhh those pancakesssss....

  16. I'm so jealous!!! I wish I had a must visit reason other than the fact that I'm obsessed with Nash! Yes, you HAVE to go to The Pharmacy... and then drop a burger and some sweet taters in the mail for me ;) (ew...)

  17. Maggie KeelJune 02, 2015

    I'm going back to Nashville in August and I'm DEFINITELY going to have to check a couple of these places out! Tell me more about those pop tart looking pastries?! Were those from Barista Parlor? The whiskey caramel latte sounds so delicious!

  18. Ahhhhh! Can I go WITH you?! ;) Ye, those pop tarts are from Barista Parlor and are heaven on earth! After trying both the strawberry and the cinnamon sugar, we both decided the strawberry is best! But don't miss their homemade donuts or their biscuit breakfast sandwiches... wowza!!


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