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November 9, 2014

Mingle Monday Blog Link-Up!

I'm baaaaaccckkk!

Thanks to all of you who dropped by last Monday while I was on vacay. You set a record for highest number of participants linking up! I hope you had a noticeable increase of blog visits and found some new great sites to follow. Eeek! I am so excited.

I hope you will take 15-30 seconds today to spread some Mingle Monday love! Any effort is appreciated, even a quick Twitter shout out or tiny mention in your blog post. The smallest effort means more to me than you will ever know!

Stay tuned, coming up this week...

+ vacation recap in photos
+ birthday wishlist
+ my latest workout playlist

...and more!

And if you missed yesterday's post... I need your help/advice in choosing our Christmas card. 
Check out my 15 must have options and cast your vote! :)



 ** Only 3 easy rules - that's all I ask! **

1) Link-up your blog below.

2) You must share a link to Mingle Monday on your post or the Mingle Monday photo.
3) Answer the weekly question in the comments section below and have FUN!
** What is your favorite thing about the month of November? **

(Mine?  My birthday, pumpkin pie, and decorating for Christmas!)


Have a fantastic week!

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  1. Thanks for hosting the link up Meg.
    I checked out your cards and I am a big fan of cards with photos... this might be because as a kid I only ever looked at the cards our family was sent if there was a picture or letter inside. :)

  2. hooooray for birthdays! :) i love thanksgiving and i cant wait to visit family and eat some pumpkin pie! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Thanks for hosting the link up!

    November is incredibly busy in my neck of the woods. We've got a ton of birthdays. However, my most favorite thing about November is Thanksgiving. I love all the sides. :)

  4. iris popescuNovember 10, 2014

    I love November because it's a month away till the semester is finished and I can rest till the next one. Also, I love thanksgiving and love helping people in need during this time of the year. Giving back is my plan always whenever November starts till about February! :)

  5. Thanks for hosting. My favorites things...I love lighting the fireplace and hunting season; it just seems like a family magnet.

  6. Robin HardemanNovember 10, 2014

    This November looking forward to my first road trip with my two besties, shopping, dining, and more shopping and dining!

  7. One of my favorite things about November is all the love that goes around the day of Thanksgiving via social media, texts, hugs with family etc. Of course I love the food,and agree that decorating for Christmas is the best! Thanks for hosting Meg!

  8. November is the month of my dad's and husband's well as one of my favorite holidays..Thanksgiving. However, I am cursing November this morning, as we woke up to SNOW today!

  9. Family at Thanksgiving and apple pies.... Yay!

  10. Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.comNovember 10, 2014

    I love Thanksgiving!!! Mostly because I feel like it starts the holiday season and I love family recipes! It has been so fun since I got married to incorporate family recipes from both sides into our holidays, and create a few new traditions of our own!

  11. I love everything about November! The bright colors, the crispy air and especially Thanksgiving food! :) Thanks for hosting the linkup! xLauren

  12. Aww thanks! I always love hearing from friends and fam, and getting fun mail! So we always try to do the same to add some cheer! :)

  13. You can't beat a great Thanksgiving feast. Bring on the pumpkin pie! Thanks for mingling :)

  14. I like that November still has the potential for gorgeous surprise days like this one!

  15. You're so sweet - you are very welcome! I love hosting! :)
    Oh baby, Thanksgiving sides are the best! I think I could eat mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole until my sides hurt! Hahaha

  16. Thanks for mingling :)

    How thoughtful of you! The holidays are a great time to lend some extra help to those to need, so I am sure they will definitely appreciate your generosity!

  17. You are very welcome - thanks for linking up!
    Oh my goodness, the smell of the fireplace the first time you light it up is definitely one of my favorites! So cozy!

  18. Oh my goodness - Roadtripping?! Where are you headed, lady?! I love trips! :) Thanks for dropping by today!

  19. YES! I totally agree with you! Everyone gets so excited to kick of the holidays and there are so many fun things going on. I can't wait! Of course, it's my pleasure to host - thanks for coming by!

  20. Well, November is the world's best month to have a birthday in after all! ;) That sounds so fun - lots to celebrate and be thankful for this month! Oh my goodnes... SNOW?! Yuck! Too early!! I saw snow on the KC forecast later in the week and I'm hoping it's a fluke!

  21. How fun! Do you host Thanksgiving at your place or meet up with the fam somewhere else? Either way, it's just so fun all being together. Mmmm apple pie? I might need to add that to our menu this year - sounds so yummy!

  22. Absolutely! It's definitely the kick off of the entire holiday season full of good food and family time! :) Thanks for dropping by to mingle :)

  23. You're very welcome - hosting is so fun, I'm happy to do it!
    I can't agree more, that crisp fall air and delicious holiday food is incredible!

  24. YES!!! Isn't today so beautiful in good ol' KC? I cannot wait to get my booty outside!! Thanks for dropping by to link-up, friend!

  25. Robin HardemanNovember 10, 2014

    We are headed to Jacksonville/St. Augustine. Any restaurant suggestions?

  26. My favorite part of November is the cooler temperatures we get in Arizona! It's still in the 80s, so it's not your typical chilly fall weather, but it is such a (literal) breath of fresh air after the long summer!

  27. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is, of course, Thanksgiving! I love mashed potatoes, turkey, and cranberry sauce SO SO SO much! :)

  28. I'm so jealous! Our cooler temps in KC are a whopping 20 degrees... come on down for a visit!! :)

  29. Must. Buy. Stretchy. Pants! :)


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