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January 22, 2014

Minneapolis - Recommendations Needed!

I'm off to lovely, tropical Minnesota this weekend where the projected high is a whopping 10 degrees. My cousin, Tracy, says I'm the only one brave enough to visit Minneapolis in the dead of January. 

Good thing crazy is my middle name.

Regardless of the chilly temps, I couldn't be more excited for long talks over coffee, snuggling 6-month-old Norah, baking cookies, and new adventures with my favorite documentary loving friend.

I also really want to check off snow shoeing on my bucket list, so we'll see if we can make that happen. 

So tell me, have you been to Minneapolis/St. Paul before? 
I'd love the scoop on the best of the best that the city has to offer.


Perhaps you know a cozy cafe that we have to try or some great local restaurants/shopping?

Side note...
Anyone who replies will automatically be entered to win a 2 week cruise to the Bahamas, a van full of puppies wearing pink berets, and Starbucks skinny mochas for life.

{or just a really nice thank you e-mail?}

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  1. I have never been to Minnesota, but I too would definitely trek into the far depth of winter for vacation. I am pretty sure my boss thinks I am insane, but she gives me the vacation time. Have so much fun and be sure to have a nice warm down jacket and leggings for under your jeans!

  2. You're crazy to visit here in January- especially during the polar vortex! Ha ha! Nonetheless, you should visit Mall of America if you've never been- it's a must if it's your first go-around in MSP.

    If you can't go snow-shoeing, you should head to Three Rivers parks in Maple Grove for snow tubing- my favorite winter activity! Here is their web site:

    Have lunch at Crave- there is one located in Mall of America, Edina, and one in St. Louis Park (near downtown Minneapolis).

    Have fun and stay warm! Let me know what you end up doing!

  3. I'm pretty sure my family went to MSP when I was about 8 years old. I remember going to a Twins game (not helpful in January) and going to the Mall of America. The logjam ride at the mall was really fun, and I was making a really embarrassing/terrified face on the picture that they take. My brother made fun of me for at least 5 years about that. Also, there was an entire store for left-handed people, which was amazing. So, this is a very helpful comment and you should definitely let me win the imaginary trip to the Bahamas!

  4. You are pretty crazy for coming here right now! It was -27 yesterday with the windchill! I am born and raised Minneapolis girl and I am still not used to this weather!

    You should check out Minnehaha Falls- it's so beautiful in the winter! (

    Go Shopping at MOA!

    Go Snowshoeing here! (

    We have some amazing restaurants here: Check out all of these winners! (

    Drive around the Chain of Lakes- so awesome that we have lakes going through our city!

    Let me know if you need any other recommendations! I'd be glad to help!

  5. AHH! I live here. Oh man, so many suggestions-

    Not to be rude- but we can do better than Crave in Minnesota. Crave is a national chain-- it's great! But we have some better local stuff:

    Sonora Grill is on Lake Street in Minneapolis and I had some life changing empanadas there recently. The pork tacos are also UNREAL. (Super tasty sangria, as well)-- one of my new favs.

    WiseAcre for brunch- I haven't been there yet, but it's high on my list- people just RAVE about their brunch. Also heard fabulous things about The Buttered Tin in downtown St. Paul. My favorite brunch spot though is Moose & Sadies in downtown Minneapolis in the north loop- adorable little 'warehouse vibe' brunch spot. They have some awesome quiche. So does Aster Café right across the river in St. Anthony Main neighborhood. Actually Aster's is better..and I've sampled a LOT of quiche.

    If you want a slightly nicer (and slightly more expensive)-"foodie" dinner I'd highly recommend Bachelor Farmer- one of the top 5 meals I've ever had.

    Sociable Cider Werks- it's a hard cider tap room in Northeast, also. I have yet to go but for someone who isn't a HUGE fan of beer I love the idea of a hard cider room. Yum.

    Shopping- MOA (mall of America) is a good one stop shop. They have everything. If you go on a weekend though- go early. Unless you don't mind crowds. and parking disasters. The West End (in St. Louis Park, just 10 minutes west of Mpls) has some cute shopping stuff, too- mostly boutiques. Charming Charlie has the most obscene accessory collection you'll ever see- it's all color coordinated too which is super OCD and fun :) and Primp boutique in West End has never let me down- it's small, but it's remarkably affordable and I've always left there with something.

    I could go on, and on, and on. I'd browse MSP Magazine's online magazine-- they have a TON of restaurant info. We have one of the best restaurant scenes in the country, many award winners. Now I'm hungry. haha. Enjoy your time here!

  6. I live in Minneapolis, around the downtown area. It's really cold, right now but I'm immune. lol. Just bring you a comfy scarf, glove, coat combo and you'll be good. On the weekends, I love visiting the IDS building downtown for some macarons at cocoa fig and window shopping (or shopping) at Saks OFF Fifth. There are lots of stores in IDS building such as macys, gap, banana republic including coffee shops and such. I would recommend you visit for other ideas. Enjoy your stay here! Oh, I would def recommend Mall of America if you haven't been.

  7. I'm not sure where you're staying exactly, but in Edina area, you HAVE to go try out Chino Latino (you'll need reservations), but it is SUCH amazingly good food and the vibe there is so cool! Go for dinner! It's super yummy!!

  8. Oh sweet girl, it is so cold here right now! Minneapolis is actually is a really beautiful place, even though you won't be able to see anything through all of the layers you are going to have to wear! LOL. :)

    I agree with Jenn - go to Chino Latino in Uptown, and the French Meadow bakery off of Lyndale is awesome. Breakfast or Lunch there you can't go wrong!

  9. I just got back from Minnesota and it was SO COLD. I also live in Chicago, but this cold was unlike anything I've ever felt! I got some great recommendations on bars/restaurants (an extensive list), so if you'd like more details, shoot me an email and I'll pass them along! There's too many to post here :)

  10. I live in MN, looks like you got some good recommendations for places and things to do. If you are still looking for more, I'd love to give you a list - like Rachel - shoot me an e-mail and I'll send over some ideas!


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