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February 20, 2013

Life Lately in Photos + Sneak Peek

Life has been pretty crazy fun lately!
There is so much going on and tons of fun photos/stories to share lately. I can't believe I haven't been keeping you up-to-date... bad Meg! And when did I start talking in 3rd person?

Anyway... brace yourself for quite the slew of randomness, but there is a BIG secret/surprise at the very end. Totally worth it, or at least I like to think so.

Don't worry friends, just in case you don't follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I have the prime time scoop just for you...

...including a wedding dress sneak peek (!!)

Dang it.
I can't keep secrets very well...

1// Thank you kisses.
2// Hello new iPad!
3// Adam's drink... and I got a Coors Light... (haha!)
4// Sassy Love Day polka dot tights.

So Valentine's Day (or Love Week, as I like to celebrate for 7 days straight) was a fun little whirlwind! We typically don't do anything too extravagant and don't do gifts. We prefer to spend money on an experience and focus on celebrating how much love we're blessed with.

We love to rotate what we do every year, and take turns planning. Last V-day, we went to a nice gourmet dinner at Cafe Trio on the Plaza, and this year we stayed in, cooked dinner, drank wine...

...and then Adam surprised me with an iPad.
No big deal.

 { Wait, what? }

He completely blew me away by generously gifting me an iPad to encourage how much I love to blog.

On a whim.
Just because.

Blown. Away.
{and slightly addicted to my new gadget already!}

I made fudgey heart-shaped brownies that were so tasty, several people asked for my recipe...

...and then I showed them a photo of
the Betty Crocker Chocolate Chunk Brownie Mix box.

Which simply goes to show that if you make things look pretty, and plop them on a nice plate, you can fool anyone. ;)

{I can't pretend to be Martha Stewart all the time, people!}

1// Make-up trial w/ fabulous fake eyelashes.
2// Enjoying lots of sunset runs.
3// "A lifetime of happiness lies ahead of you." {yup!}
4// Our super cute custom guest book print.

Life is going well and we can hardly believe the big day is 17 days away. I can honestly say I am not stressed out at all (which is the best feeling ever), and can focus on enjoying the moments.

Can I just say, we are complete and utter weirdos...

If anyone witnessed the chaos of text messages and emoticons between future hubs and me, they would bring us straight to the nut house.

I guess the good news is at least we get each other. That way I don't have to be loony all by myself.


Meet me furry little nephew, Zeus!

Yup, broski got a Husky/German Shepherd puppy who is an insane little ball of energy and way too cute!

Beast loves playing with him... as long as he refrains from trying to make babies with her randomly. In the middle of the living room. In front of the whole fam.

...get what I'm saying?



** Adam Trembley - this is where you have to STOP reading, por favor! You are insanely wonderful for actually wanting to read my humble little blog everyday, but I don't want you to peek at wedding secrets below... Love your little face off! **

Are you still reading?

Okay we're safe.
Plus he love surprises, so he wouldn't ruin it for himself! :)

And last but not least...

When I was at my wedding dress fitting this past weekend, I posted a teeny weeny sneak peek of THE outfit via Instagram...

I feel gorgeous in my dress, and can't wait to show you more!
17 days... 17 days... 17days...


 Coming tomorrow... my awesome (SALE!) shopping finds as of late!

And stay tuned for Friday... my new blog design arrives!! Cannot WAIT to show you all of the amazing work Joelle @ Something Charming has done. I'm in love.

It's her b-day, btw.
Go wish her a happy day!

PS - Don't miss out on the news! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for the latest exclusive scoops!


  1. GAHHH what a cute puppy! I just wanna squeeze him haha! Yay for ipads! You'll love it! My fiance has one & it's great. Can't wait to see your entire dress, love the lacy sneak peak :) So exciting!!

  2. You two are actually the most precious people of all time. Actually. Really. So happy for your!

    Love the wedding dress sneak peak! I'm so glad you didn't go straight strapless, everyone does that!

    17 days!

  3. Ahhhh! A sneak peek! I'm just so excited!

  4. I just scrolled all the way down just to see this sneak peek! I can already tell that it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! It's so close too!!! SO EXCITING!!!

  5. So pretty! Thanks for the sneak peak!

  6. Great little sneak peek! :)

  7. that dress gave me chills.. and i just saw a peak
    you two texting is nauseatingly adorable..
    yum heart brownies and love the polka dot tights

  8. woohoo!!!! 17 days! wow, that is so exciting! almost 7 months for me and I am excited, can't imagine how you feel!!!!!!! good luck with everything! Can't wait to see the pictures of the big day!

  9. Oh my word! The whole he ordered this drink, I ordered a Coors Light cracked me up! :) I can totally relate!

  10. Lace... this little sneak peak has me beyond excited to see the rest of it! And Zeus is adorable!! We have a German Shepherd puppy named Bella.. they are fantastic dogs! I go emoji wild on my husband too.. I can't help it.. they best translate how I feel :) Hope you are enjoying your new iPad...great gift..major points to the future hubbs.

  11. I love it! I can't wait to see pictures of the entire dress, and hear all about your wedding day! I promise these next seventeen days are going to go by so fast, so I hope you enjoy your last few days as a single lady ;) xoxo

  12. OMG that puppy is freaking adorable. And your dress looks rad, I can't wait to see more! Thanks for the cute update :)

  13. Obsessed with the dress. Obsessed with how cute you and your fiance are.
    Obsessed with you.

    Creepy? Maybe. But you're just too cute! ;)


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