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February 26, 2013

Snow Day {again} + A Facelift


What a cozy day here in Kansas City!
Snow day #3 has commenced, the trees look like they are coated in a nice dusting of powdered sugar, and I'm loving every. single. second.

After I heard the news this morning, I went back to bed to enjoy an abundance of cozy snoozing. I heard Adam shoveling the driveway 30 minutes later, so I decided to burn some calories by lending my massive muscles to the effort.

What would he do without me? ;)

Now I'm curled up in front of the fire just working away on my slouchy beanie crochet project. We have a movie marathon going on in the background and a bottomless pot of coffee warming.

Happy girl.

Are you snowed in too?

I think one of our best friends may try to make his way over here to relax with us this afternoon! We have a crockpot full of chili slow cooking in the kitchen, and a mountain full of snow just begging to be turned into a snow man. Or a snow woman?

Heck, we could make a whole snow family with the 20+ inches on the ground!

Looking forward to a relaxing day in my jammies just knocking out wedding thank yous (blah!), and chilling with The Hogwarts crew (yup, HP 1 down already!).


...And did you notice anything new around here?

I got a little bit of a facelift...
What do you think?

The lovely Joelle is the creative genius behind the new look and I'm just in love! I had a blast working with her, and she absolutely delivered the clean, modern, cheerful look I was wanting!

And talk about affordable! If you're looking for a new design that won't cost you your right arm and unborn first child, she's your gal!

{thanks, Joelle!}

Wishing you a cozy day, lovelies!

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  1. Super cute facelift. ;)
    This photo is beautiful! In Florida I get sunshine but miss seeing snow.

  2. I love it! It's so clean and beautiful!

  3. Jealous of your snow days. We just got a lot of rain last night.

  4. Were getting snow in Chicago again too...but work doesnt give us snow days :(

  5. Cheers to SNOW DAYS! I heard KC got it even worse than we did here in Wichita. Craziness. Good for you for helping shovel. I stayed far, far away from that job :) And love the look for the blog! Hope you have a good snow day!

  6. Ah so jealous of your snow!!! We have had a snow free winter here in Washington! Stay warm!

  7. STL missed this round...for now! :)

  8. Snow days are so much fun! I love getting cozy when its snowing with a big blanket and hot chocolate!

  9. Love the new design! Not snowed in here... just cold & windy! Enjoy your time off though!!!

  10. Happy Snow Day #3! and I hope you don't have to dig out too much when it's all over! Love your new blog design :)

  11. wish we were snowed in! haha kinda...
    love your new blog design!

  12. I LOVE your new layout!!! AHH!!

    And so, so jealous of your pretty snow days. I Hope y'all are having the best time!

  13. You just described a perfect day *sigh*. I'm totally at work :(

    Love the new look! So fresh and clean!

  14. I love your new look! I am also VERY jealous of your facelift! I need one SUPER bad!

  15. Jealous of your snow days! I'd love to stay cuddled up on the couch, cup o' joe in hand with the white snow outside!

    LOVE the new look. It's so pretty! xoxo

  16. Your snow day sounds fabulous! I am LOVING your new look. Emailing Joelle now!

  17. I love that you are so positive about snow! I have a major anxiety attack just hearing the word! It is dangerous trying to drive around town here with snow on the ground! I love the picture at the top of the page. It caught my eye! Love the new facelift also! Very clean and modern :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  18. I always find myself being jealous of people who get snow on a regular basis, its such a treat when it happens here in Houston, but I probably wouldn't know what to do with myself with all of that snow. Love the facelift! It's so neat and clean!

  19. Reading this makes me wish for cozy snow days in California :)

  20. Love the new look! And oh how I wish I could get a snow day! :)


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