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September 21, 2012

Friday Letters

After posting some little heartfelt letters last Friday, I realized this is something my bloggy friend Rebekah does EVERY Friday. She's such a fun gal with great ideas, so I may follow her awesome lead and write Friday some letters pretty regularly!

Thanks for being awesome, Rebekah! :)

Without further adieu... here are some love notes for life this week.

{ Dear Pokes } I sure hope that you are taking your off week seriously. Rest, recover, and build some mega muscles. We're taking on the Longhorns at home next week, and I'm really going to need to pull out a big W, mmmkay?

{ Dear Dancing Shoes } You'd better dust yourselves off, because we're going to boogie tonight! I know I've neglected you since the last wedding rager, but we can celebrate Alex and Jordan's big day doing the Cupid Shuffle like nobody's business. Deal?

{ Dear Mr. Evans } You're a pretty good forgiver, and I admire that about you. I know I may be hard to manage some days, but you choose to love me unconditionally and deal with my cray-cray pretty well. Save a slow dance for me tonight? And maybe a glass of wine... or 3. We're going to have fun.

{ Dear Comp Time } I am wildly in love with you. Especially when I get to use you to make my Friday seem short. Despite the early morning meetings with high school kids, or dinner meetings with volunteers, you've kept me going strong and I can't wait 'til 2 p.m.

{ Dear Scale } I am determined to make you move in a good direction. Those extra sweat sessions at the gym and good WW food tracking will make you proud VERY soon.

{ Dear Gorgeous Wedding Dress } You arrive in a few months, and are putting things into perspective... please see { Dear Scale }.

{ Dear DIY } Why must you taunt me with your seemingly easy projects on Pinterest? Now all I can think about is how I need to find a sweet wooden pallet and some yellow paint to manage this masterpiece.

{ Dear Weekend } I am so pumped you have arrived after the longest week ever, and despite tonight's celebration, you are not jam-packed. I can't wait to be spontaneous, brunch, relax, and enjoy.

{ Dear Future Hubs } You get two letters, because I extra love you. Thanks for giving me that neck rub after a long day yesterday, for telling me I look pretty when I least expect it, and for just being fun. I catch myself smiling while I stare at you from across a room full of people. Still. After 3 Years. Can't believe you chose me.


What are you looking forward to this weekend?
Need to write a letter too?

Catch you for the Mingle Monday blog hop next week, and stay tuned for Tuesday... Fall Frenzy blog swap going up!!

Wishing you that favorite-song-on-the-radio-blaring kind of good day...


  1. Love that masterpiece!
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. i love dear dancing shoes!!!

  3. Wooo!!! Enjoyo getting those dansing shoes in use again!!

    I am sorry I have neglected you this week with the long hours. I WILL let you have some sleep this weekend and I promise not to fall over this weekend and leave you battered and bruised again.
    Missy xoxo

  4. Love you so much sweet friend! I love these. Enjoy your weekend and have an amazing time dancing the night away!

  5. I really like the blog posts and pictures here. I have been here a couple of times earlier as well and I like the information that you share here.


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