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September 11, 2012

Engagement Photo Inspiration

With Saturday being a few days away, I'm scrambling a little bit to get outfits together for our engagement photos! I am quite in love with our amazing photographer, Sharaya Mauck, and her beautiful photos, so I can't wait to see how ours turn out.

Despite the craziness and need to finalize outfit plans, I really am loving the inspiration we have put together for our session. We were both wanting something cozy, outdoors, with a nice mix of rustic and modern. It feels very natural, and having them shot around sunset will add a nice romantic feel.

We're shooting for two looks. For the dressier look, Adam will be in a button down and nice jeans, and I'm planning on possibly wearing a navy sundress and mustard cardigan with flats of wedges.

For our more casual "typical Saturday" look, I am wanting to find a flowy, dark colored top that will be both flattering and forgiving in photos. Adam loves plaid, so I couldn't imagine him in anything besides that, Toms/PF Flyers, and jeans. He's pretty cute.

.:: A Few Inspiration Photos ::.

So this is kind of the look that we're going for.

It's very simple, easy, and "us". That time of the day should produce some "yummy light" as our photographer likes to say, so I'm really excited for it.

If any of you have good ideas on what top to wear for the more casual look, or flattering colors that photograph well... please let me know!

Or if you have some personal advice from your engagement shoot I would also love to hear it!
All who give suggestions will each be given a puppy and a lifetime supply of chocolate for your amazing help.

Yup, big spender right here! ;)

Can't wait to hear your thoughts, friends!

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  1. OMG I cannot wait to see how incredible these turn out...y'all are going to be the CUTEST couple ever. Have such a good time taking those pictures..after all, you'll only be engaged once! Enjoy every minute of it :) EEEEK! SO excited for you!

  2. Those photos are so sweet. I want to have professional photos of us taken someday soon, even though we have no wedding plans or anything :-)

  3. So - just a disclaimer - I'm not a lush or anything - in fact, this was our photographers suggestion: have a drink or two (unless it's early am?) before your session. My husband is a total clown, and even he was grateful afterward that we had some margaritas beforehand, because it loosened up the vibe and the smiles were flowin'. You and I are probably used to being in front of the lens, but the boys, well, sometimes they just get awkward. We did it for our wedding too - and hubs did for our maternity photos. He loves taking profesh pics now because he gets to get tipsy. Whatever works!

  4. Love your ideas that you have already! I'll send you some more very soon! I promise! :)

  5. love the inspiration pictures! your pictures are going to come out great :)

  6. Cute! Good luck with your engagements. I'm sure it will turn out great

  7. I love your inspiration pictures. Can't wait to see how your pics turn out!

  8. These are so sweet! I can't see my bf and I doing this, but I can't wait to see how yours turn out!

  9. Congrats to you! My daughter has recently gotten engaged but hasn't had formal pictures done yet. Some very cute ideas.

  10. i love ALL of these pictures... especially the last one. so pretty!

    i recommend just being yourself... try not to worry about the camera and pose very naturally. also, i'd go with classic outfits instead of trendy since you will want to keep these forever!!


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