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November 9, 2011

Calling All Yogis

Have any of you ever practiced yoga?
I've been tossing around the idea for a while as a source of extra relaxation after work, and a change in exercise. After weeks of shopping around, I was extremely excited when there was a Groupon for unlimited yoga at the studio close to my house!

Well, after a long afternoon of work yesterday, I was feeling extremely stressed out. Unfortunately for me, whenever I stress it triggers the beginnings of intense migraines. I rushed home to take my Rx, and then I thought I would check out the yoga class schedule for the evening... I was in luck!

I officially attended my first yoga class in KC last night and I completely loved it. It was challenging by deeply relaxing. I absolutely loved the deep stretching and breathing exercises throughout my 90 minute class... I'm hooked.

When I left class, my mind was at peace, I worked out my sore muscles from Monday's run, and my body felt like a big pool of melty butter. When i woke up this morning, I felt like it helped me sleep much better and deeper than normal, so I'm feeling great this morning!

Haven't tried yoga? I encourage you to buy a one class pass to try it out! It was a super non-intimidating environment, so I felt encouraged and motivated. Self-esteem boost? yes, please!

{ Any yogis out there? }
What do you love about yoga?

Also looking for recommendations on where to buy cute yoga tops/pants, and what brand of mat to buy! :)

Namaste... ohhhmmmm


  1. I love yoga! Lululemon is of course the premier shop for yogi apparel but it's CRAZY expensive! I actually buy a lot of my yoga stuff at Old Navy! It's affordable, washes well and super comfortable! Gaiam is the best company for yoga mats but again, they can get expensive! I have one but got lucky and found it at Marshall's for $5 complete with a bag and water bottle to match!

  2. I've been doing yoga for about two months now AND I LOVE IT! My body screams at me now when I skip a day. I have really bad back problems, and it always feels soooooo good after I'm done. I'm not part of a class, but I have a great book (that's actually from the 1960s!) which was an awesome introduction and now I have another one called "Yoga Bliss." It helps me to relax and calm my mind and body down. YAY for being new yogis!!!

  3. Also- I got my yoga mat at Target for about $15 and lucky for me, my sister works at Victoria's Secret and sometimes she lets me use her employee discount, so I plan on getting some cute yoga pants there! :D

  4. Yoga is amazing. I've been practicing at a studio for about a year and a half. Since becoming pregnant, I practice prenatal yoga and it is AMAZING! Yoga has not only given me strength and flexibility, it has also given me peace. I did a post recently on why I love yoga so much and some prenatal stuff I particularly love.

  5. I love yoga! I would say invest in a good mat, I got a cheap one that I need to replace now just months later.

  6. Oh, yay! This makes me very happy. Like you, I became addicted to yoga after one session. It has changed my body and can always calm me down after even the worst day! My mat is a cheapie from TJ Maxx (for now) and I've found some decent clothing there as well (Green Apple brand is good) but someday I'm going to go crazy at Lululemon, lol. A few of my yoga friends have Jade mats and I have heard good things about Manduka mats as well.

  7. Love yoga!! I was so happy to find a place offering Restorative Yoga (less demanding on the body)so I could take classes again. Pre-accident I found Ashtanga yoga quiet beneficial after a long day at the office!! ... My choice for yoga clothes in Lululemon..xo HHL

  8. I like yoga okay...but you should try HEATED yoga. Not only do you get the great benefits of regular yoga as far as soothed joints and relaxation but you add the heat/humidity to it and you are on a whole different level. I have NEVER felt better after a workout than after heated yoga! I could go on forever about how my skin looked brighter, etc...

  9. I love yoga. I've been doing it on and off for about 10 years. It's wonderful. I especially love Bikram yoga (hot yoga). It's INCREDIBLE.

    I get most of my yoga and other fitness gear from Target or places like Ross, TJ Maxx, etc. Nordstrom Rack has great stuff, too. Not sure if you have one in your area.

  10. I love Yoga too! I haven't been to a REAL Yoga studio before, just at my local YMCA... I need that deep stretching! I love it!

  11. Just found your sweet blog! I love yoga and love hearing when other people discover it! I do hot yoga - mainly Bikram, and adore it.

  12. I get all my yoga gear from Old Navy and Lululemon. Old Navy just completely overhauled their active collection. Following from Mingle Monday!


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