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November 28, 2011

Mingle Monday Blog Hop!!

Holy mashed potatoes... I think I am still full.
Do anybody else's pants feel a wee bit snug this morning, or am I the only one? After an amazing Thanksgiving weekend at my parent's house, I am back to the grind! One thing is for sure... I will be forcing myself to hit Zumba class tonight to work off that extra piece of pumpkin pie! Yowza.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I hit Black Friday hard, and now have 80% of my holiday shopping completed! Anybody find some good deals? What about Cyber Monday?

So with quite a hefty break from regular blogging, I have several fun things planned for the week, including my Healthy Turkey Pot Pie recipe for all of you stuck with leftovers! So I hope you stay tuned!

If you're new to [Life of Meg] or Mingle Monday... I want to welcome you from the bottom of my heart! I am so very happy to have you join us today and I look forward to discovering new blogs!! :)

{ Let's Mingle! }


Pretty Pretty Please...

If you could find it in your big heart to pass the Mingle word along... I will love you forever and ever and ever.

In all seriousness, I truly appreciate each one of you who take an extra minute to go the extra mile for me. I cannot thank you and your sweet generosity enough!

{ Many thanks! }

Mingle 240


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Answer the weekly question...

** What was the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal you got? **


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **

** Open until Friday at noon! Spread the word! **

PS - Looking for great inexpensive holiday gift ideas?

Check out Scentsy! I bought my mom, sister and BF's mom a Scentsy warmer and bars last year and they LOVE them! Yummy scents that will make your whole home smell like Christmas! My office smells like Pumpkin Roll as we speak!

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$100 purchase - Get a FREE Plug-in Warmer

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Happy Monday, dolls!


  1. I got a bunch of clothes during Black Friday. They were needed since everything I own is much too big for me right now. I also picked out Christmas presents for my MIL to get me. We are making things for our family this year and then buying presents for kids in foster care instead of exchanging presents. I will visit more blogs as more people join!

  2. Happy Monday, Meg! I visited A Body That Won't Break, and Desperately Seeking Starbucks. Both were too cute! I actually did not even leave the house on Black Friday. Things get a little cray cray here in L.A. (Did you hear about that psycho woman pepper-spraying people in Beverly Hills?)


  3. Hey Meg! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful :)
    I visited "the next chapter" ( and loved it so much I started following! I also visited "on the front porch looking in" ( and followed her too!

    I didn't go Black Friday shopping this year, I was in New Mexico spending time with the fam!


  4. My pants are more than a little snug, they are super snug!! Salads and gym for the whole week. But it was sooooo worth it.

  5. I went out at midnight for some new brown boots! Then on Friday afternoon, I got some Christmas shopping done.

    I went to The Beginning of Everything - so jealous she is going to London next month. Such a fun city!

    Also visited The Next Chapter - she has a cute garter for her wedding.

  6. I did most of my shopping the weekend before! The sales were great! Especially at kohls!

  7. I was super excited because Ann Taylor had 50% off everything. I had done a little damage a few weeks ago, and got everything price adjusted!

    Other than that, got some super cute shoes at Macy's and jeans 60% off a GAP for hubs! Yay!

    I checked out Desperately Seeking Starbucks and found out we have the same music taste


    The Next Chapter and saw one awesome bridesmaid dress!

  8. I scored a new handbag from Kate Spades crazy online sample sale - whoo hoo! Bright Red...awesome!

    Went to RachelDillard and got in the Christmas her holiday post!

    Stopped to check out hollietakesnotes - cute blog - love her layout (aka taking notes now) :-)

    xoxo from Trinidad

  9. No black friday or cyber monday for me! I guess I'm lame! Checked out Seeking Starbucks and Big Grins today. Both are cute chicas with cute blogs!=) XOXO

  10. I checked out "big grins make me laugh" who sounds like she had a fab weekend! I also headed over to "on the front porch looking in" and love her idea of putting "in bed" at the end of a fortune cookie message - that's one for next time I have a Chinese meal :)

    We don't have Black Friday in the UK so I got no such deals, but I have joined the Cyber Monday rush an finished my Christmas shopping! No bargains, but a load of my mind none-the-less.

  11. Sadly, I had a super busy weekend that included NO SHOPPING. I'm hoping I can still get some good deals around.

    I checked out Learning Patience, who recently went on a Segway tour, something I would recommend to everyone for a really really fun time.

  12. I went to Big Grins and Life of Love. Both blogs are new to me and I loved them! Love discovering new blogs! Life of Love now has me on the Ann Taylor Loft website!

    My best deal this weekend was a $200 peacoat from JCPenney on sale for $50! Bought online!

  13. I scored Mad Men (4 seasons of it!) at Target on Friday for $8 (EIGHT!) each!

  14. new here :) I joined mingle monday-love the idea btw. I skipped black friday, but hit cyber monday at midnight! Couldn't list deals because some readers are gift recipients ;-)

  15. I really didn't shop that much on black friday. =\

  16. so i didnt go too crazy on black friday...but i did go to victoria secret to get my free tote as an excuse to buy tons of new underwear haha :)


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