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August 17, 2011

Belated Blog Hop + Surgery Update

Greetings from the hospital!
As many of you read my post on Monday, I've taken off a week of work to help take care of my Daddy as he's in ICU after throat surgery.

In an attempt to add valuable entertainment while I listen to my Dad snore, I figured we need a little belated blog hop today. Just dying to read your blog posts and have something to do while my favorite patient is snoozing!

For those who have sent e-mails, messages, and comments asking how Dad is doing - thank you from the bottom of my heart. He is hanging in there - but relearning how to swallow is pretty tough, and he's a little discouraged today.

BUT we have done laps around the hospital and he is talking pretty well given the circumstances! Possible discharge for tomorrow, which is great news!

{ In honor of Dad's progress - let's mingle! }


Pretty Pretty Please...

Pass on the Mingle love. Tell a friend. Tell your mom. Just spread the word in some way (any way!) today. If you do, I will buy you your very own snuggly puppy and bake you some homemade gooey chocolate chip cookies!

{ Deal? }

Mingle 240


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Answer the weekly question...

** What is your favorite season and why?! **


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **


Say an extra prayer of thanks for the healthy people in your life today. I truly hope your week has been full of wonderful things!

Love from St. Louis!


  1. Keeping you and your dad in my thoughts and prayers <3

  2. I mingled yesterday!
    Your father is in my prayers!
    My favorite season is a tie between Summer and Fall... So probably around this time of the year, where it is cooler at night and mornings but still hot during the days! Perfect!

  3. Praying for your Dad and family. I'll stop back later to visit more of the minglers.

    My favorite season? I don't have one. There is something I love about all of them. Fresh baked goods, candles burning, and crisp air in the Autumn. Fireplaces, snow, Christmas, and pirogues in Winter. Flowers, bountiful produce, and laying in the cool sun in Spring. Frozen desserts, beaches, hats, and lots of sundresses in Summer.

  4. Thanks for the Monday Mingle! My favorite season is Autumn. Caramel apples. Bonfires. Crunch of leaves. Scarves and open toe shoes. And thanks, Jill, for the great recipes on your blog!

  5. Hi girl! Been sending loads of positve thoughts and prayers your way! My favorite season is fall - although I never get to experience it anymore - I do love summer too!
    I stopped by - Holy awesome Blog - so happy to have found her! Took me down memory lane...

    Also enjoyed some poetry at Purple Pond...:-)
    xoxo from Trinidad

  6. Hello! I'm praying for you and your family..

    My favorite season is spring. Baseball, crawfish, sunshine. It's the best.

    I stopped by Purple Pond and I absolutely love her layout and burlap background. I might even try to find that for myself :)

    I also visited Learning Patience and I am keeping my fingers crossed I win her giveaway!

  7. I'm glad your dad is doing well!

    My favorite season is fall, fall has the best clothes! Sweater and leggings and boots oh my! lol

    I visited Relevant Notes, who has a super cute blog and the same taste in shoes as me lol.

    I also visited Nothing Rhymes with Rachel who had a photo post up documenting the last couple of weeks and she looks to have an awesome time living life.

  8. Swallowing is hard to learn, but the awesome thing: it's possible to relearn! Keeping y'all in my heart as you go through this difficult time.

    Nesheaholic posted a Cee-Lo song that stars (get this): JALEEL WHITE! Yes, Urkel! Awesome. (Do y'all remember the "Do the Urkel" dance from Family Matters? Awesome.)

    I checked out Mom's Bookshelf to Yours (she has over 600 followers...whoa!), who recently posted some beautiful pictures of a baby.

    Kelsie at Jesus Bring the Rain seems like someone I'd be friends with in real life; she is about to start graduate school for speech pathology (totally neat!) and generally rocks at life.

  9. Oh, and my favorite season is spring. Who doesn't love all the flowers and growth?!

  10. My favorite is many fun things to do! Glad your dad is doing well!

  11. Hugs from Alaska! Your dad and the whole family will be in our prayers! Recovery takes time (and is frustrating) but things will sort out....

    Oh, and my favorite season used to be late summer/early fall but here in Alaska I think I like the summer best when it is rather warm, and snow is rather far away. We don't really have fall here but summer turns into early winter super fast...

  12. My thoughts are with you and your family! Hope your dad comes home soon.

    My favorite season is definitely fall! I love the clothes, the holidays, the beautiful weather and changing of the leaves.

  13. Praying for your Dad! From what you've said about him he sounds like a really strong guy. I'm hoping he recovers fully from surgery soon!

    Favorite Season is coming up, Fall! I'm so over summer and so ready for Fall. All my favorite things.. Hoodies and jeans and long sleeves shirts and scarves and boots! Pumpkin Spice Mochas and Peppermint Mocha's from Starbucks! Cold weather! That bonfire smell! Halloween! Ahhh can't wait!

  14. Keeping your father and my family in your prayers!! Sending Hugs your way!!!

  15. Checked out Go Grow Give and Purple Pond for a dose of courage...

    Prayers and good wishes for your Daddo...

  16. Summer is definitely my favorite season. I just love how happy and cheery everyone is!

  17. I love the good news about your Dad! He's in my prayers!

    ~Autumn is DEFINITELY my favorite time of year! Cooler weather means jackets and sweaters and boots and jeans and hot cocoa and pumpkins and ... :) I'm so happy it's getting here!

  18. Visited My Sweet Life and we're reading the same book.

    Fall is my favourite season. It's not too hot and not too cold. Plus no rain or humidity so my hair doesn't frizz :)


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