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August 1, 2011

Mingle Monday Blog Hop

Happy Monday, my fraaans!
Unfortunately I woke up thinking it was Sunday... imagine my disappointment when I actually had to get up for work. At least ya'll are here to cheer me up!!

Did you have the best weekend ever jam-packed with super fun activities? My weekend flew by so fast while I was at my parent's house in Wichita. The fun weekends always do, don't they?

Well luckily I am only working through Wednesday, and then I'm off for an amazing lake trip with Adam and my fam! This girl desperately needs to take some time off (...and have it be for a fun vacay and not a jillion weddings for once!). So let's get this week started right, shall we?

{ Time to Mingle! }


Pretty Pretty Please...

Pass on the Mingle love. Tell a friend. Tell your mom. Just spread the word in same way today, and I will buy you a puppy and some ice cream! ;)

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3) Go visit other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Answer the weekly question...

** What is your next DIY (do-it-yourself) project?! **


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **


Hope you gorgeous gals are having a great day already!

Make it a great one!


  1. That STINKS...I HATE when I think it is a weekend and it is not so much...much better the other way around ;_)

  2. hey lady! i hope your monday starts to pick up! i would LOVE to have a longer weekend...mondays can be rough. i would LOVE for my next DIY project to be painting our fiance is not feeling that at all and i am not that motivated to do it myself! ah well :) xo jillian

  3. Hi! First I stopped by Going the Distance where she talked about her last 'free' weekend before school started. Looks like she had fun going golfing!

    Then I went to the Sweet Life where she wrote about her road trip she's currently on. Looks like tons of fun and she also has an adorable puppy along for the ride!

    As for my next DIY project... hmmm... I need to finish my senior year scrapbook that contains my last year of college and all the wedding planning. Does that count?

  4. stopping by and hopping after a long break.. I stopped and checked out the newest blogs. Young girls on a road trip (ahh, to be young again and not road trip in a mini van with two screaming kids) Driving ranges and Medieval Times....makes me wish I were young(er) again. Have a great Monday.

    DIY and paint 4 adirondack next Saturday!!

  5. Hey all!
    I started at Learning Patience, and got an amazing idea for a meal which is going to help with pregnancy cravings! It looks so good!

    Then I went to Cr8ve Journal, which has some incredible artwork. It reminded me that I haven't been very creative lately, and need to get some color on a page.

    My next DIY project is pulling together a baby nursery BEFORE I have this baby. I have under 5 weeks left...counting down!


  6. Happy Monday Meg! My latest DIY are gallery walls. I'm trying to put together two of them!

    I visited This is Something Infinitely Interesting and she shared a preview to the movie, The Vow. I hadn't seen it yet and oh goodness, I had tears. It's going to be so good!

    I also visited The Sweet Life and she shared about a road trip. After my 27 hour drive to our new home, I'm glad for no road trips for a while!

  7. Sorry you woke up thinking it was Sunday, I have done that already and it really is kinda awful!

    Thanks for this great hop, I am enjoying all the blogs and finding new blogs! I am new to this mingle!

    I really love This is Something Infinetely Interesting! Her videos were great but I love the photos in her post on coffee expecially the owl!!! She has a very cute blog and I am now following her!

    I also popped into see The Sweet Life and really enjoying reading about the road trip. I think that blogs that have great photos along with stories are very effective! Loved the puppy!!

  8. Whoops! Forgot the DIY question! Since I design my own jewelry, I am always making jewelry. But I have found a few cute DIY projects on Pinterest that I might take a break and try!!

    Some are very simple such as taking a glass container and glueing twigs up the sides and then putting a candle or candies inside! Shutters painted and picture hangers attached with wire then use on a wall and place favorite cards or picture in the vents. I am thinking of doing that and antiquing the wooden shutter!

  9. cornflake Dreams made me hungry with the blk bean picture and i cracked up at the Canadian quiz on Hockey Wife- my husbands a Canadian so i totally passed...

    I consider all my new recipe experiments DIY projects!

  10. My next DIY is a little art project thingy for my daughter's room! I actually just started it yesterday! :)
    **Off to go check out some other blogs now :)

  11. I visited Learning Patience and she had a yummy-looking stuffing recipe on her site. Mmmm! I might just have to try!
    I also visited The Sweet Life. She is on a road trip right now and passed through the state that I live in! We also share a mutual excitement for the Bachelorette finale tonight!

    My next DIY will involve some kind of recipe to try out. Probably from Pinterest (love that site!)
    Happy Monday!
    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  12. I visited:

    Going the Distance: and her weekend looked so fun!

    Adventures in Amber-Land: She saw Gavin DeGraw in concert and met him. What great pictures!

    A Nest for All Seasons - she's followed my blog for ages and is one of my favorite commenters, so now I'm excited to finally follow her back. She's so creative, I can't wait to see what her little boy's room looks like for the big reveal tomorrow.

    On the Front Porch: She explains why she picked the great name for her blog.

    A Buckeye in Badgerland: She found some cute things on Pinterest!

  13. Oh, and I don't have anything on a DYI list. Just to clean out Grandpa's house! And whatever projects crop up as a result of that...

  14. I visited...

    Love Lucy Locket: She had a picture collage of what she's been up to recently. It included a super cute blue suitcase and Nutella swirls (think cinnamon roll)- yum!

    A Carolina Love: She described the bathroom renovation she's hoping to complete. I loved her inspiration picture and sky blue paint choices :)

    I wrote a little about my next DIY project, so check it out here:

  15. I just covered my dining room chairs and that's actually what today's post is about! Next up...a Menu/meal planner framed to hang in my kitchen to help me organize weekly meals.

  16. My next DIY project is to make a world map so I can pin all the places I've been in the world!

    I visited Adventures in Amber-land and This is Something Infinitely Interesting...2 great new reads for me!

    Amber met Adam Levine this weekend which is super awesome! And Lisa posts great music videos!

  17. I'm not much of a DIY'er, but I did open a store on zazzle and have been having a great time designing t-shirts, mugs, totes, etc...

    This week I visited Going the Distance. The kids at her school are back in session already!

    I also went to A Buckeye in Badgerland: She did a random pleasures post, including all the cool handmade creations she has put together for her wedding :)

  18. I stopped by On The Front Porch. I love her layout and I love how she told us how she got the name for her bloggity blog!

    I also stopped by This Is Something Infinitely Interesting! She has a great August planned with all kinds of goals! I can't wait to check in and see how she's doing!

    My next DIY project will be painting my curtains for my room. I'm going to do a post on it, kind of like a tutorial but more of a "look what I did!" post LOL

  19. I stopped by:
    I Dream Loudly! Loved her post on her preggo pics!


    A litte bit of Everything! She did a post on donating her wedding dress!

  20. Alright so at Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt there are some awesome summer tunes. It reminded me to add a few of the old ones to my ipod!

    Also Lisa at This is Something Infinitely Interesting reposted a video of this boy with AMAZING TALENT!


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