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August 22, 2011

Love Story

Today will always have a special place in my heart.
Two years ago today my best friend, Courtney, and her boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to the love of my life. People ask me about that day all the time, so I figured I would finally share with all of you on such a special day like today.

After 2 years, who would've known that we would end up here?!

{ Our Little Love Story }

Back in August of 2009, I was an independent single gal, freshly out of college, and fully submerged in the joys of big girl world. After a rocky break-up with a college boyfriend that spring, I had sworn off dating and just wanted to focus on myself for a while.

I was planning on heading to Wichita, KS, where my parents live, for a weekend to celebrate my grandma's birthday. I let my best friends know that I was going to be in town with the hope of grabbing some coffee, having some girly chat, and catching up.

Low and behold I was a little rattled by a phone call from Courtney (my bestie) and her boyfriend a few days before. As I recall the conversation went a little something like this...


C: Hi hunny! I hear you're coming to see me this weekend - we need to get together! Want to do drinks on Saturday night or something?

M: Yeah, let's do it! Just so you know, we're celebrating my grandma's birthday, so I won't be around until after 8ish...

*whispering with her BF Matt*

M: Court?

C: ...oh yeah! Yup, I think 8ish will work perfectly! So, umm... Matt's cousin is going to be in town that weekend too.

M: Oh, that's cool.

C: So we were thinking that you guys would really hit it off. I mean he's a super nice guy - plus he's really cute. He has a great job, I think he's a banker?, and heck, I'd date him!

*I remember hearing a "You would?!" from Matt in the backround - haha!*

C: So we're thinking the four of us should all do drinks Saturday. Sound good?

M: Court? No way. I'm not about to get set-up on a blind date with some guy that lives in Kansas City?! I live in Oklahoma City, remember? I don't do long distance... plus blind dates are creepy. Nope, sorry hunny, I'm not doing it.

C: But Meeeeegggg! he's not random, because he's Matt's cousin! I promise you will like him - we've actually had this in mind for a while. What if we just got the gang together and all went to grab drinks together? Would you go then?

M: I would think about it... actually I probably still wouldn't go.

C: Stop being a pansy! We promise we won't make it awkward at all. If you end up chatting and hit it off - GREAT! Our plan will have worked. If not, it's no biggie and we're there with everyone.

*She begins to whisper into the phone* I will let you facebook stalk him on my account so you know what he looks like.

M: Deal.


Court called me back 30 minutes later and let me log in to her facebook. Upon telling me about Matt's cousin Adam, she guided me to his page... this was the first glimpse that I got of this "super cute nice guy"...

At this point I proceeded to freak out (obviously). Finally the very confused Courtney logged in and saw his recent FB picture... it wasn't even him.

LUCKILY that photo was a complete joke, and was just a random picture of a guy that Adam set as set FB profile picture. I don't think he had any idea that I was facebook stalking him... we still laugh about this photo! *phew*

Thankfully, a few days went by and I warmed up to the idea. In all honesty, I wouldn't have changed a thing about it! I showed up a little late to Granite City and was introduced to this handsome ginger-haired man...

This is an actual photo snapped that very evening!

You know what? I wanted so badly not to like him. To prove my friends wrong... but I just couldn't. I was pretty captivated by that cute smile and liquid brown eyes across the table from me.

After our drinks at Granite City, our little group of friends back to my parents house to enjoy time around the firepit in their backyard. We talked for hours, and the more I knew about him, the more I couldn't get enough. I love that we both have photos of ourselves from that night...

With my best girlfriends... can you find me? ;)

Good grief, it still makes me smile to think about that night! From that night on we were inseperable. We did the long distance thing for several months until I accepted my dream job in Kansas City, a job I had applied for the week before I met Adam. Now we are both here in the gorgeous KC, and we love living 5 minutes from each other.

{ Doesn't God work in the most mysterious ways? }

We are planning to re-create our first meeting tonight at Granite City... and I just love the idea. To some it may sounds cheesy, but to us it's very sweet and special to celebrate our "meet-iversary".


To You, My Love,

Thank you for the best two years of my life. So very grateful to have met you that night, and so very thankful every night since then. It has been one beautiful adventure, and I'm looking forward to what the next few years have in store for us. Thanks for sticking by me, good days and bad. I love you so very much, Bubs.

- Your "Little One"


If you are waiting, your knight in shining armor is out there - I promise. I found mine as soon as I stopped looking for him. Take heart and cling to that hope.

In the meanwhile try to discover who you really are, live life to the fullest, follow your heart, take chances, and be comfortable loving youself first. Your love story will just unfold before your eyes when you least expect, and I can't wait for you to share when it does! :)

Isn't love grand? ;)

PS - MINGLE MONDAY will be delayed since the Linky Tools web site is down today. Sorry for the inconvenience!!


  1. you have no idea how your last kind words just warmed my heart :) everyone keeps saying it'll happen for me when i least expect it, but after a rough breakup i've had such little hope. you just made my day, happy anniversary :)

  2. Congrats on 2 years!
    You are so right that love comes when you least expect it. Long distance is so hard too, but if you both are dedicated to making it work, it can.

  3. Super cute story! Glad to hear that some blind dates to work out. Kudos to your friend for setting you up with a good guy.

  4. So sweet & such a cute story! It feels amazing when you find the right person :)

  5. What a sweet story! And the picture is hilarious!

  6. So sweet! I need to stop looking for love and let it find me. Thanks for reminding me of that!

  7. This is SO sweet! Happy 2 years to you both!

  8. Great story! Adorable! xoxo from trinidad

  9. everybody now...awwwww....

  10. Happy two year anniversary. :) I am a softie for "how we met" love stories...yours is so sweet. And YES - Love finds you when you aren't looking!

    Have a great week, pretty lady! xo

  11. I love Love. I love that you are in love. I love that you are happy. Congratulations sweet friend!

  12. Yay! I love this story. It reminds me of how I "met" Adam. We knew each other before we started dating, but we started dating after I broke off an extremely long relationship and was gung-ho to be single. I totally agree that the right person comes into your life when you stop looking. :) Enjoy your date tonight!

  13. Okay, I love this!! Seriously, I just broke up wiht my boyfriend and this gives me all sorts of inspiration and hope! Im so glad you found a good one - happy meet-iversary

  14. Very sweet!
    And true! I met my husband when I decided that I was going to just focus on me... and I tried to resist dating him, because I just knew he would be the last guy I ever dated :)
    (Oh! And I love Granite City!)

  15. I love your story! How Sweet.
    It's true. I found my husband when I stopped looking as well. It is amazing how things work out.
    Happy 2 years :)

  16. aw i love the meet-iversary! what a sweet story!

  17. sooooo cute :-) i just love how once you stop looking, someone appears!! and he's the best :-)

  18. Aw, I love this story!! It's funny how you can find people at just the right time in the weirdest of ways. :)

  19. I just love this post. It seriously brought some tears to my eyes! What a precious little love story...I love hearing stories of how people met and fell in love. You deserve nothing less than a fairy tale, sweet friend! Still praying for your dad, btw. Give us an update! MISS YOU!

  20. Oh my, that story is so lovely! You're so lucky to have found him :) Enjoy it! And have a great night tonight - Happy Meet-iversary!
    And I really needed to read those last words, so thanks :) I hope I will be as happy as you one day soon!
    ps - I hope your Dad is doing well :)

  21. I love this sweet story!


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