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May 25, 2011

Love Letter

Dear BF extraordinaire,
Thank you for all of the wonderful quality time this weekend. It was so very nice to enjoy the scenic car drive with you, even if we made fun of each other the entire time. Thank you for not lecturing me (too long) when I drove around town on empty and didn't realize it until there was no gas station for 20 miles. I guess I just figured I can't fill the tank up until it's empty, right? ;)

I enjoyed sitting around the fire pit with you and the fam just talking and eating marshmallows. I love the way they look at you and consider you part of the family too. Melt my heart...

Thanks for all of the sweet, unexpected things you do for me, like buy me and my brother lunch, or letting me choose which appetizer we split when we were out for drinks. You are very selfless and nothing short of lovely.

I am so glad that you have chosen to put up with me even when I grumble about how much my heels make my feet ache. The fact that you would go completely out of your way to let Bella Beast out for me or drop an unexpected gift off at my house makes me smile so big.

Thanks for making me feel absolutely gorgeous even when I have damp hair and no make-up on. And the fact that you still send me I love you/mushy gushy/goodnight text messages after I had just been a complete sleepy grump at your house is borderline shocking. BUT I'm glad you've chosen to love little ol' me, grumpy or happy.

Looking forward to a weekend full of spontaneous adventures with you, Buddy!!

Lots of love from the luckiest girl in the world...


  1.'s always so nice to spend quality time with friends.

  2. So sweet, Megs. Love is a wonderful thing and being able to see it and appreciate it is even more wonderful.

  3. aww seriously too cute. he is one lucky guy!
    xo jillian

  4. Awww...too sweet!!!
    I too have a FABULOUS man in my life! Aren't they wonderful and don't they make life so much better when they treat you good?

    Sounds like you two had a great weekend together! :-)

  5. AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    awww. i find this adorable. you are one lucky girl and he is one lucky guy! :-)

    Blurts from a Brunette @

  6. This is so, so sweet! You both are lucky to have each other! He sounds like a wonderful man.

  7. This is so sweet! You both are blessed to have each other!

  8. awe! What a sweet guy!!

  9. Awww, so cute! Hope you guys are really happy together for a really long time :)


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