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May 17, 2011

The List

I can hardly believe May is almost over!
My how times fly these days! Well the long Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner, so I was recently brainstorming with BF on some fun weekend activites.

I am a lucky girl and get to enjoy quality time with Adam a few days a week with friends, on our Thursday date night, and Sunday church/mellow time. Life is so wonderfully simple with us.

Most of the time we enjoy a lovely meal, catch up on some DVR'd TV shows or a movie, and just hang out together. We both really enjoy low-maintenance, chill time, but we're excited to spice things up with some new adventures that weekend...

.:: The List ::.

- hiking day trip
- berry picking
- the KC zoo
- picnic
- pool day (mmm!)
- doggie park w/ Bella - aka: Beast
- disc golf (or at least attempting in my case...)
- geocaching
- rock climbing in Missouri
- drive-in movie
- playing put-put golf
- checking out a comedy show
- shooting range
- planetarium visit
- gardening
- scenic drive through Flint Hills
- cooking together


So there you have it folks... don't those options sound so fun?! Of course we will only pick a few, but we have all spring/summer to experience these together or with friends/family.

There is nobody I would rather adventure with than my buddy. Not to mention I'm a pretty wild side-kick! ;)

{ What's on your list? }


  1. My hubby & I are planning on hitting up the shooting range soon! And I love just taking a drive with him. You have such great ideas!

  2. What a great list! My partner and I just did something similar (made a list of things to do this summer) ours included lots of short day trips around Florida..there are so many areas I've never seen.
    Have fun on your adventures!

  3. Memorial Day weekend my hubby and I are hitting the lake with family! Can't wait to fish, cook out, and get in some much needed reading time!

  4. sounds like a really fun list! h and i made a pretty giant list over the winter when we were sad it was too cold to go outside! lots of trips to the farmers market, festivals, free outdoor concerts, picnics, long walks :) lots of good stuff to look forward to! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. Those are a lot of great ideas! I'm going to an amusement park w/ my sis memorial day weekend.

  6. Those sound like some really fun days! I'm looking forward to being in the same town as my BF in 44 days (and counting) so that we can do some of the same, everyday, when-you-live-in-the-same-city things!
    We're trying to plan a summer vacay, but it's hard to plan about potential job interviews, etc so hopefully we'll have time to plan something fun!
    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  7. I love this list! I'm so excited to do some similar things with Dylan this summer!

  8. That sounds like lots of fun!! I have to say I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a drive in movie :-)

    Have fun with whatever you get up to!

  9. Meg - this sounds absolutely fantastic! I must create a list of my own to complete with the future hubs. It's always nice to have some things to look forward to =) Have fun this weekend! xo

  10. Aww sounds like pure bliss!

  11. What a great list! I've been wanting to try geocaching!

  12. The only list we have is our baby bucket list...everything we MUST do before we have babies! So far we've booked a trip to Europe and wine tasting later this year. Other than that, we just try and get out as often as possible with friends!

  13. Your list got me so very excited for my own summer list! Can't wait for picnics, bike rides, hiking, disc golf, concerts and some canoeing! Oh and knowing my hubby I will make a trip or two to the shooting range as well!

  14. Those all sound like great ideas! I say combine geocaching with hiking. Perfection!

  15. They do sound like fun. I started making my list of summer goals but I'm not finished yet. Picnic on the beach is definitely in there though.

  16. I cannot believe May is almost over either! Wow, time is flying. Putt-putt is such a GREAT idea! I was just thinking about doing it the other day with my boyfriend. I'd love to also finally go to a winery.


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