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January 15, 2016

Currently Loving

Happy Friday, lovelies!
Is it just me or do these normal 5 day weeks sure hurt after working short weeks during the holidays. I swore from Wednesday on that I thought it was Friday when my alarm went off. Woof!

But the good things sure kept me going this week, including the reminder that TGIF means more than lounging in PJs and binge watching Netflix. It's girls weekend! I'm going to snuggle babies and spend much needed time with my best girlfriends (we've been friends since elementary!).

And on that note, a little snapshot of what I'm loving lately...

Invest in a really wolly pair of socks for indoors when you're chilly, wrapped up in bed with a cuppa coffee:

...up a new adventure. You know when you get in the groove of traveling, the second you get home you are already dreaming up your next adventure. Well, I've got the travel bug (and finally new PTO days!)! We had an insanely incredible last year of traveling to Nashville, Seattle, Portland, Orlando, Jensen Beach, and New York City and I'm ready to go again! Where to, my friends?

...I don't get a speeding ticket this afternoon as I gun it down the highway - while belting out Adele in my jeep - on my way to see the besties 3 hours away. Girls weekend! #leadfoot #tooexcited

...I completely nerded out yesterday. I went to the local library, got my library card, and felt so excitedly geeky. I even sent a text of my new library card to my family, who was slightly less enthused for me than I thought (ha!), which leads me to the next point...

..."It Was Me All Along" by Andie Mitchell. After sharing a small snippet of my journey and how up and down this last year was for me in this post, I am on the up & up and this book is so good for my soul.

...The Bachelor and trying to pick my jaw off the floor after every crazy/rude thing Lace says. Yes, I know their names and my obsession has reached an all time new (shameful) high. Who is your favorite? Hubby and I both like Caila... and yes I "make" him watch it with me (read: It's totally voluntary and I think he is more into it than I am!).

...that my Christmas tree is still up. I have a problem. I just couldn't bring myself to do it the last few weeks with the twinkle lights and general holly jolliness, but we've reached an embarrassing level and I finally need to break up with my Christmas tree. *sigh*

thinking// newest beauty buy - Olay Regenerist Recovery Night Cream - is a miracle in a jar! The cold winter months always seems to really suck all the moisture out of my skin, but in just a few uses my skin is SO much softer and ever looks better. No joke... in days. Somebody should pay me to be their spokeswoman!

...on documentaries. I totally love them so much and my latest faves have been Iris, The Short Game, and Chef's Table (completely in love with this series and ready for season 2!). Do you nerd out on docs too? Any recommendations?

...homemade lattes left and right. Adam got me a Nespresso machine for my bday/Christmas last year and I love that thing. When you are trying your best to be a responsible adult and have limited to only treating yourself to a fancy latte from a coffee shop twice a month, you gotta get your fix somewhere! I especially love making mochas with this Fairlife Chocolate Milk that my nutritionist recommended (almost twice the protein and 50% less sugar!). So good. So "thrifty". I feel like such a successful adult.

...every second of this hilarious Carpool Karaoke with Adele & James Corden. So much yes.

using// Plum Paper planner. I seriously happened upon this life changing planner on Etsy and for the last 3 years my type-A, OCD heart has been in planning heaven. I love it so much that 3 co-workers and numerous friends have bought one too. Game changer.

What are you currently loving?


In case you missed it...

(travel, food, movies, memories, etc.!)

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