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April 22, 2014

New KC Adventures

Way back in January - doesn't that seem like ages ago? - Adam and I sat down after the new year began to create goals individually and together for 2014. Our list could've gone on for days as the great ideas poured in, but we knew we had to narrow our focus down and pick one big adventure or the year...

// Goal:   Eat + Adventure Local //

This was the perfect choice, as we absolutely love our city. Kansas City is bursting at the seems with so many great hidden neighborhoods, different districts to explore, an incredible food scene, and so much culture to discover. So we were thrilled to choose to experience local restaurants and places we have never been to, and get to know our beloved city more.

At first, our goal seemed a little daunting. The planning, the options, the time. But once we kind of let go of structure, we were able to go discover so many amazing places on a whim. So here's just a few amazing things I am thankful that I/we found and love...

Although Adam and I like to adventure together, especially with this goal, we also can add to the fun by choosing new local places we've never been to as we discover them. So, since my office is just over the bridge from this gem, I decided to grab my friend Karen for a little impromptu lunch date. 

We have heard amazing things about Genessee Royale from so many of our friends. It's tucked in this tiny, adorable hole in the wall in the West Bottoms district, and who would've ever guessed something so charming could exist by old train tracks and warehouse lofts. The decor is amazing.

The menu selection rotates with the weekdays as well as the seasons, but we both just died over the amazing pulled pork tacos with fruit salsa.

Next on the list is my love affair with the monthly West Bottoms Antique Stores. Every first weekend of the month, all of the stores that our house in these amazing old warehouse lofts open their doors for people to treasure hunt. It's a great mix of repurposed items, new creative crafts and decor, and beautiful timeless treasures.

My go to shops are Good Juju (which is actually opened weekly as well), Bottoms Up (this place is massive and full of awesome treasures), and my absolute favorite, Restoration Emporium. That fun gold polka dot burlap runner is from RE, and I always leave that store inspired to try a new craft or decorate our home.

So although this monthly event isn't necessarily new to me, I am starting to make plans to go explore every single month. It's food for my creative soul.

 I am praying to sweet little 8 pound baby Jesus that one of you is not from Kansas City, because if a local saw that I had not experienced the amazeball brunch at Beer Kitchen until last month, I may get slapped! How on earth have we not ventured to Westport for this deliciousness before now? 

Well, it's safe to say our lives have been changed forever. If you are in KC and decided to stop by, order the house made Drunken Donuts. These fresh bite-sized poppers are served piping hot to your table, rolled in delicate powdered sugar, and come with a grand marnier chocolate dunk pool that I could have sipped from a straw.

One of my absolute favorite spots to spend a Saturday morning is the City Market farmers market next to the river. Every single stall is packed with farmers and vendors from all over the surrounding states. The produce is cheap, the Amish baked goods are life changing, and they have gorgeous plants out the wazoo for pennies. 

Believe it or not, Adam had never gone with me before a few weeks ago. We were close by and I wanted him to experience the fun - he loved it, duh! I even picked up my new pet, Suzi the succulent, and planted her in a cute Anthroplogie measuring teacup that was sitting in our kitchen. Now she is basking in the sunshine through the bay window and it reminds me of our little local adventure.

Last but not least. we were celebrating a ton of family and friends' birthdays this weekend, so we picked Taco Republic in Westwood to indulge. Holy Casa Margaritas! Those were delish by the way...

The whole atmosphere is fantastic. Everyone sits outside at oversized picnic tables, where the margarita bar is close by, country music is playing in the background, and fun garden lights hang over head. Everything is a la cart and woah... the Del Mar taco and Camarones taco were both unreal. A side of fresh grilled Elotes on the cob was the cherry on top. 

Naturally, since we were celebrating birthdays, we just had to order some brown sugar cinnamon churros so each of us could dunk a little piece in the spicy chocolate dip and swear we were in foodie heaven. And apparently they have $1 tacos from 2-6 PM on Saturdays, so that's where you can find me every weekend - ha!


So anyway, if you plan on sweeping through the KC metro anytime soon, I've basically laid out your entire weekend for you. You're welcome.

Just a few months have passed and so many awesome places have been discovered, but somehow the list is getting longer. So much to see, so little time.

Bring on the next adventures!

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  1. This is great! I can't wait to try Taco Republic. It looks so delicious!

    1. Holy heck, lady - you will love it!

  2. Okay, why have I not heard of the Beer Kitchen?! I must check this out ASAP!! I am so excited that it's finally Farmers Market time!! And Taco Republic - ok seriously am I really from KC?! I will be dragging the hubs out soon!

    1. Ahhh! I love hearing from local bloggers! Definitely need to try both of those - let me know how you like them! :)

  3. I saw that corn pic on your instagram and it looks delish but honestly I got to say when I go to KC, I'm usually there for the BBQ! They took all the amazing bbq out of stl and its all in KC now.

    1. Well you sure can't go wrong with KC BBQ, that's for sure!! :)

  4. Beer Kitchen is our favorite thing ever! It was the first place I ever ate at when we moved to KC :)

    1. How have I waited this long to try it out?? I've only lived here 5+ years! haha!

  5. SO fun! What a great New Year's goal! Kansas City has some great restaurants and shopping and I need to make more of an effort to try a few of these places! Beer Kitchen looks fabulous!!!

    Xo Jana

    1. Absolutely! We are loving our little local adventure challenge and have made some killer memories! :) Definitely head to Beer Kitchen... those Drunken Donuts sound SO good right about now!

  6. haha it's okay, I haven't tried Beer Kitchen yet either. Now I want to though! Love finding new, local spots!! :)


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