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April 21, 2014

Mingle Monday Link-Up!

Oopsie! I apologize for the little glitch in auto-posting this morning - I planned for the post to go live at 6AM CST, but that apparently didn't go through. Sorry!
I am going to blame it on a case of the Mondays...

Nevertheless, I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! We had a blast celebrating undeserved grace and unconditional love and I couldn't be more thankful. Easter Sunday at our church was absolutely fantastic, and then we hopped back and forth between families.

I should have worn stretchier pants... haha!

So, I am glad you stopped by for some blog networking and fun. Despite my MIA status lately, I have lots of fun things to share this week, including a delicious recipe for cookie bars... omg!



 ** Only 3 easy rules - that's all I ask! **

1) Link-up your blog below.

2) You must share a link to Mingle Monday on your post or the Mingle Monday photo.
3) Answer the weekly question in the comments section below and have FUN!
** What were the highlights of your Easter weekend? **


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Have an unexpectedly GREAT Monday, y'all!

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  1. The Highlight of our weekend was the Easter Service we attended at our Church! There where over 1,000 people who attended!!! What a Blessing!!! He is Risen indeed!!! Happy Monday Y'all!!

    1. Oh wow - that's incredible! He is RISEN indeed!!
      How cool. We just really enjoyed our church's service too - so powerful and
      so much to celebrate!

  2. My highlight was definitely spending time with our church community!

    1. Absolutely! I couldn't agree more. So thankful for undeserved grace. :)

  3. Always go with stretchy pants :). I loved spending time with family and trying out different Pinterest ideas for the holiday. Also our church had great music for the holiday :)

    1. You can't go wrong with trying out new Pinterest recipes! Fun! Any keepers?
      Oh my goodness, my heart loves good worship music!

  4. Our Easter service was incredible this year. So moving!

  5. I'm sitting here enjoying Easter leftovers - not quite as yummy as Thanksgiving leftovers, but close! ;-)

  6. Relaxing and spending time with family!! :)

  7. My highlight was going to Keeneland with friends who came in from out of town. So much fun!

  8. We ate A TON of food and I spent most of the afternoon relaxing outside in the sunshine. It was glorious!

  9. Happy Easter! A family walk was one of our highlights:)

  10. What my high light was for the weekend of easter was getting a Scholarship; got a email on saturday and said I have gotten one! I'm soooo excited! Also tons of having fun with friends and family and a fun photoshoot!

  11. The highlight of my weekend was some quality family time and relaxing on Easter with family and friends.

  12. Thank you for hosting this link-up Meg! We spent the weekend in Charleston, SC and met up with my hubby's college friend. It was great exploring the historic town and it gave us a lot of family time too.


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