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March 20, 2014

{Anniversary Trip} 7 Days of Disney

This post has been a long time coming ever since we got back from our 1st anniversary trip the second week of March. So needless to say this is going to be a major mega post with an insane amount of photos.

We had the best vacation ever and it was so nice to finally be in the same state as each other for more than a week! 

The first day was a blur of excitement, adventure and fun as we hopped on our plane, made it to Sheraton Vistana Villas where we were staying, and made the impromptu choice to head straight to Magic Kingdom.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and much different than our snowy KC weather...

Our little suite was perfect and we felt right at home. And that bed was to-die-for - so fluffy!!

Here we are on the ferry to Magic Kingdom - so excited to start our big kid adventure.

The famous Dole Whip lived up to our wildest dreams. Definitely get the pineapple soft serve and not vanilla!

A blurry photo of the Magic Kingdom close to midnight or so - we stayed so late the first night!

And I found the perfect bow... that LIGHTS UP!

Here I am getting KILLED by Adam at the Buzz Lightyear ride... womp womp...

Our next day, we decided to sleep in a bit and then head to Epcot for a fun day or trying cultural food and seeing the sights! We got lucky and went on the first day of the Flower and Garden Festival, so there were many statues made entirely of plants!

We had lots of fun in Norway waving to Elsa and Anna from Disney's frozen, being angry vikings, and loving the delicious "School Bread" filled pastry. YUM!

I had to include this blurry photo because it cracks me up! On the Spaceship Earth ride it take your photo and then transposes your face onto a synopsis of your life in the future. Apparently we're going to be excellent scuba divers!

Excuse the crazy look on my face, but anytime a cast member saw our anniversary button, people said congratulations, sang to us, and gave us special treats - crazy surprise!

The best pizza ever at Via Napoli in the Italy area of Epcot! So good, we ate there twice.

Animal Kingdom was a favorite as we got up close and personal with animals on a safari, went to awesome Broadway quality shows, and rode some crazy rides. 

I know you can't see it, before the Kali River Rapids ride, Adam's shirt was a very light gray. They weren't kidding when the sign said "You WILL get wet!".

For your enjoyment I have included our photos from these thrilling rides so that you may simply get a good belly laugh at our expressions! Adam's face was priceless of the dino ride and I am still laughing weeks later...

One of our favorite days was our time over at Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure. We had an insanely good time in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and I am dying to go back again! There attention to detail is unreal (more to come on that). And in case you were wondering... I had two frozen butterbeers - omg yum! 

Universal was one of our favorite parks. They had faster paced rides focused for older kids/adults and the Harry Potter ride through Hogwarts is insane. We also rode the roller coaster that is Tri-Wizard tournament themed and had a million loops and corkscrews 4 times before deciding we looked like we had consumed to many adult beverages and tried to walk afterwards. I was so dizzy I was staggering off the roller coaster - haha!

I saved Adam from getting eaten by a dino...
(you're welcome.)

We had too much fun paying a few cents to spray rafts with water guns while they were going along the water ride path. I mean we were belly laughing at people's reactions to getting even more drenched... slightly sadistic or just plain fun? Don't worry, karma rolled around when we were on it too! :)

We celebrated our anniversary at Jiko, which is at the Animal Kingdom Resort and it was great! They gave us special treatment with our fancy dessert, which was such a fun surprise!

And finally, one of our favorite things to do was relax on the boardwalk by Disney's Boardwalk Inn. The sunshine felt so great and we could've stayed out there for hours talking and joking. That man is too fun! :)

And last but not least, we visited the Orlando brewery that makes my favorite Wild Blueberry Ale. It was so good that I bought a 12 pk of it to smuggle back in my suitcase since we can't get it here in KC! Yum yum yum!

All in all, it was such a wonderful trip with my love. Quality time together was amazing as we experienced the true magic of Disney, rode way too many rides at Universal, and soaked in the Florida sunshine!

Stay tuned, I will be sharing our top Disney tips, food, and rides with you soon!

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  1. looks like you two had SO much fun!!
    and meg, i love your hair!
    xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. oh man, this looks like so much fun! I've never been to Disney World and it really needs to happen!

  3. Looks like such a great time... never been to Disney before, one day my future self will have to take my future kids there and pretend it's not because I wanted to go!

  4. Looks like an amazing trip! Animal Kingdom is my fav too and of course all things Harry Potter! I see you skipped Hollywood Studios which in my opinion is the park to skip if you need to cut something out. I love love love the other 3 Disney parks but Hollywood Studios was kinda "meh" to me and felt like a kiddier version of Universal.

    Love your faces on Expedition Everest.. that's pretty much my face too every time I ride :-P

  5. This trip looks amazing! I am dying to go back to Disney after seeing how much fun "grown ups" can have. And I can't wait to see more on Harry Potter!

  6. I'm so jealous! I want to go back!

  7. Looks like you guys had so much fun!!! My face was so similar to yours on Expedition Everest- I absolutely HATE roller coasters, so how my family drug me on that ride was beyond me! Of course after it was over, I wanted to go on again! Ha. Happy almost Friday :)

  8. This looks fantastic!! I'm dying to go back to Disney-- I haven't been since I was a kid, and my husband has never been! Where did y'all stay?


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