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May 9, 2013

I'm Alive + Life Lately in Photos

Did you think I completely forgot about you?

Who moi?
No way, Jose.

Life has just been a tiny bit busy as of late! Work has been absolutely nuts and I've been traveling a ton this week... phew. I thought I'd fill you in on what's made life awesome as of late...


Sister completely had me rolling when we walked into my parents house for a Cinco de Mayo bash on Sunday. Full blown sombrero and everything. And then we decided to have a little fun with Bella Beast. Muchas cervezas...


So we live within a mile of a Dairy Queen... heaven help our waistlines.
Sunny spring weather just gives me dipped cone cravings, I can't help myself! Thankfully it's not too big of a hit to the calorie bank. Maybe we should actually try walking there sometime to pre-burn those calories... sheesh.


Everything is in full bloom at the Evans household, and I've got green thumb fever! I especially love these happy irises that bloom around our mailbox. So pretty!

Looking forward to buying a hibiscus tree to put on our deck. I also can't wait to plant some pretty blooms in the adorable Crate and Barrel planters we got for a wedding gift. Our front porch will look so precious!


I called my parents this morning on the way to the office from an early cancer board meeting. Those two cute kids were bee boppin' around Kansas City garage sale-ing and asked if they should keep their eyes out for anything for me. I told them that I would love more patio furniture for our deck...

Five minutes later they came across these adorable, colorful, 2-year-old Adirondack chairs (originally $140/each from World Market). I told them I wanted them if they were at a decent price... and for $40 for all, I walked away with a steal of a deal! Thanks Marlo and Juju!

I can't wait to turn our awesome backyard deck into a beautiful patio oasis. Garden lights. Fire pit. Pretty plants. Colorfull prints. S'mores. Brewskis. Yup, spring/summer is well on it's way to being awesome.


Cannot get enough Of Monsters and Men or Alpha Rev. We have this song on repeat at su casa...


I can't believe it's been two months from our wedding today. Best 60 days ever.

Life is crazy. And beautiful.
It's all about the simple things, my friends.

There is so much joy to be experienced, you just have to be looking in the right places...


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  1. I love love LOVE your new chairs! And glad to see you back-I know how crazy life can get, especially when its work related!

  2. Omg that song is amazing! Can't stop listening!

  3. Um that first picture is HILARIOUS!! :)

  4. I love that doggy picture!

  5. Oh my goodness, love the Cinco de Mayo pics! Bella looks so cute!

    I'd be in trouble if I lived that close to a DQ. I have a weakness for their butterfinger blizzards ;)


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